$1000 Japanese Hand-Crafted iPhone Cases Anyone?


Would you pay $1000 for a hand-craft, culturally symbolic iPhone case?

Crunchgear says they're intended "to show how Japanese warlords from the Sengoku period would probably use their iPhones if they lived today":

The so-called JAPAN TEXTURE [JP] series consists of a total of five cases with different designs. Created under the supervision of a historian, SoftBank says each case is covered with special lacquer and gold dust. It takes three to four weeks to make one, which kind of explains the price.

Given the prices for lacquer bowls, tea sets, and other object d'art, maybe $1000 is no barrier? What say you?

[Picture credit - Nobi]

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Reader comments

$1000 Japanese Hand-Crafted iPhone Cases Anyone?


I'd definitely get a case if I had those kind of funds to burn, but you would think for a $1000 you could design your own and not just be limited to 5 designs...

It's interesting that Japan has even accepted the iPhone and iPods imo. When I was there, they had much more capable devices and streaming live TVs and such and made most of teh other countries look stone age.

Yeah if I had the funds but with a thousand dollar case I would get another case for my case. Wouldn't want to drop my iPhone case. :P

Man that's sick! But the case cost more than the phone! Instead of having the case to protect the phone I'd have to find a phone to protect the case!

"lacquer bowls, tea sets, and other object d’art" are timelessly useful and beautiful.
the case here becomes 'out of date' the moment apple changes the form factor on their newest iphone release.

Ther is a case for the case. I read about it on another site. The 2nd design looks pretty cool.

Honestly. Japan and High Tech are a myth. Been here 27 yrs. Gagets up the yin/yang. So what! No wifi anywhere and if you are lucky enough to find a signal it isn't free. Sure the iPhone made it here, but Softbank? Third rate network! No locals will be buying the cases either. Samurai. Who gives a crap!

Doosh says: I can easily paint a iPhone case similar to those
Then what are you waiting for, ya Doosh!

Are you sure these aren't leaks of the fourth gen iPhone? :-) come on Steve! Enough of the whole minimalist thing...

Paper or plastic?? Neither..looks like high class corrugation to me. Or maybe its the ivory of an elephant.

Instead of wasting a grand for this, why not just go to a customization shop n get ur iPhone custom painted. A lot cheaper by the dozen