Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G


The Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones [$49.95 - iMore Store link] for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are great for enjoying your music on the go. Whether you're on your daily jog or spending some time in the gym, these headphones are the perfect fit that will not hurt your wallet.

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I'll be honest and say I have never been a fan of Bluetooth stereo headphones but Motorola's S305 has recently made me a fan. All of you active people out there can put these headphones to good use. Heck, with what these headphones actually bring to the table, you can take full advantage of them while lounging around your home.


In the box you get the S305 wireless stereo headphones, microUSB travel charger, and getting started guide. Syncing to your iPhone is a breeze and once you are all set up you can enjoy your music and phone calls with high performance and remarkable wireless sound up to 33 feet - priceless.

For those of you who are not a fan of in-ear earbuds, you are in luck with the S305's very comfy setup. These headphones are extremely lightweight and fit comfortably with the out of ear 1.2-inch pods. On the outside of one of the pod's housing you get some controls - audio track navigation, volume, and call controls. Along with the comfortable fit you also get a excellent battery life. Expect a talk time of up 6.5 hours, music time of 6 hours, and standby time of up to 4 days.


The Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are not too shabby. With their very low price point of $49.95, you can't go wrong.

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Reader comments

Motorola MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G


This site is becoming more and more about "reviewing" merchandise you sell in your online store. I know you have to pay the bills but isn't the 1/3 of this forum that is occupied with ads already enough?
It's very difficult to take the "reviews" on products here to heart when you are harking them in your store.

Can someone tell me when A2DP will be implemented with iPhone 3Gs so voice command via Bluetooth will work? I have read a ton of reviews for BT headphones that don't work with iPhone. Is 3.1 update the fix?
Also, anyone hear rumors of Apple bringing out a new BT headphones?

Sorry you feel that way. We run one (1) product highlight, done by a writer who's free to write anything they want, good, bad, or ugly, and run it on the same day every week -- Wednesday -- out of 70-140 regular posts. We work very hard to create the best experience we can while still "paying the bills" as you put it.
Rather than "more and more" we're doing considerably more with less, and will hopefully continue to improve.

Your product "spotlight" is also a little missleading. These are in no way "made for iPhone" honestly they barely work with iPhones. The track navigation you mentioned WILL NOT WORK ON IPHONE. Does not work with voice control. It will play and pause and change volume. And changing volume must be done on the headset as the iPhone can't control stereo bluetooth volume.

My dad has this for his blackberry storm(i know dumb move by him) and it is incredible how much the device clarity is from phone calling, to listening to Pandora. I must buy if your into bluetooth headphones/earpiece combos.

Just a note from an actual active person who goes to the gym. Headphones with fabric covers that rest on the ears will last you about 3 weeks. The fabric dissolves SO quickly when it's soaked with sweat.
Also, if you actually work out (which means lots of motion as opposed to sitting on a stationary bike for 40 minutes and pretending that's a workout), you need in-ear buds or you're going to be spending all your time adjusting them.
These headphones look fine for sitting at a desk or maybe driving, but for exercise they're utterly useless.

@JoeH no problems with the fabric here as well. Some people prefer the in ear style. I simply don't.
@Evilhomer - if anything that comes my way sucks - I'm honest about it and I'll say they do. Trust me. For the cost of these, excellent pick up.

@Jeremy/Rene: If it's only one post a week then I suppose I am guilty of exaggerating the quantity. It just seems that when you do review a product it's, from what I remember, always in your store and I can't remember the last time I read a post where the product was given an extremely bad review.
Perhaps you are just very careful not to write about the really bad ones from your sponsors?
Anyway, thanks for the response and I'll watch the product reviews a little more closely in the future before commenting. My memory just ain't what it used to be so I may be unfairly judging you.

Maybe that fabric has been improved lately but in my experience it ALL dissolves after a depressingly short amount of time.
I just ordered the Sony Ericsons ... hopefully those earbuds will fit unlike the Uhura-earpiece shapes Altec Lansing ones!!!

I love the product reviews, this honestly got my attention and will likely get me to buy these, the only thing missing from the review was would these fit a Barry Bonds' sized head? Like mine

I just ordered these headphones due to this blog post, as they've gotten very high customer reviews elsewhere on the internet.
@evilhomer and others...
God forbid if TiPb plugs their own store. You guys really need to relax and get out more. It's a website that has a store and is trying to make a little money. It's call "free enterprise" for God sakes. :|

It's up to a site to do "faked" or "biased" reviews.
Do it enough, and people get burned.
Burned people don't visit your site.
So...that being the case, do you guys/gals think they're going to risk it with BS reviews?
I don't.
I hope not.
I was in the market for this exact item, and I was glad to see it here.
If they suck, I bring the site down ;)

I have had the Motorola S9 HD Bluetooth stereo headphones for a couple months now, and have been very pleased with them. They are semi in-ear without blocking the ear canal like true in-ear headphones do.
I have run at least 30 miles with them, and have worn them while vigorously working out with weights at least a half dozen times. Yeah, I also agree that the stationary bike is a 'less than optimal' workout.
I use them with a 3GS usually while streaming a podcast (sometimes tiPb podcast). Don't have an armband yet, so hold the iPhone in my hands while running. At the gym, I'll rest the phone in a central spot of the gym and workout without fear of crushing the phone. In both cases, I've been amazed that the iPhone can both stream audio and rebroadcast to my headset without missing a beat.
Volume is strong, and clarity is very good, though not as good as some of the better wired headphones, such as my $175 B&O's. But for the money, I don't know of Bluetooth headset that is as comfortable, clear, easy to use as this design is.
The only downside is that they aren't designed for listening while lying down with your head on a pillow. For that, I use my B&O's. But I find that I use these about 95% of the time, and I just leave the wired B&O's by my bed.

These are the same headphones that got a pretty poor review from Derek at for sound quality so is it just that BT audio quality isn't that great, is the Pre BT audio quality not that great, or is this review just not that critical about sound quality?

I got the plantronics voyager 855 off of amazon and i have to say the are the best and lightest bt headphones that i have used. But the call quality is faily poor. If you are just looking for a good sounding set with a few calls that might come in i recommend them.

@Dexter: I find it very hypocritical for someone posting on a board to tell another poster of the same board to "relax and get out more".
I posted my opinion and if you don't like it, you need to relax and get out more. I don't think I'm in the wrong in insinuating that writing positive reviews about products that you sell could be considered biased. Whether they actually are or not depends on whether you agree with the review after buying the product. The difference between you and I is that I've actually purchased and returned this product to Fry's. I think the ONLY good thing about these are the price point. IMHO, they do not sound that great and are not that comfortable. So, after my PERSONAL experience with the headset, I'd say it's overrated here.
That being said, I purchased the new Jabra HALO and found it to be an amazing product. Had this review been about that product, and they wrote as positive review, I'd have been less suspicious about them promoting their Store over a fair, unbiased review.
As I pointed out previously, at least 1/3 of the space on this site is an ad or link back to the TiPB store, so I don't think they are lacking properly promoting it on their site, nor am I begrudging them the right to do so. I simply pointed out an perception that I had formed when it comes to the product reviews.
So, if that bothers YOU enough to come running to their defense, which I believe the author has already adequately done, and take time out of YOUR day to post your issue with my statement, I would suggest that you follow your own advice and "relax and get out more".

I've had these since just after the 3GS came out. They're pretty good. The over-the-ear design appeals to me. And no the fabric covers haven't dissolved yet despite a lot of use working out in the gym (the main place I use them). I do have trouble occasionally pairing them (seems like they pair and then unpair if I don't press play quickly enough) and ocassionally the play/pause button is unresponsive (likely an iPhone failing). As mentioned above, the track change buttons don't work with the iPhone and you can't change volume from the iPhone itself. My pairing problems may be related to the fact that I often try to pair just shortly after turning off my car- which pairs with my iPhone via the Hands free profile. The audio quality seems good and I enjoy using them at the gym.

Let's get real folks.
I have cans that cost $500.
I've got some that cost $29.
At this price-point, anyone expecting greatness is dreaming.
Good enough, or suitable for an iPhone may well make this product a 5-star one.

With the Iphone tech bein so up to par, why Apple wouldn't make bluetooth headphones that uses all the voice, an ablilty to change beyond me but I realize 4th quater is on the way an I'm sure ya'll are on the case....Iphonefan!!

I have used the S305's with my 3GS for about a week, now. I generally like them. However, I have had trouble with the connection starting and stopping and stuttering soon after pairing. Once I get a good pairing they are great. They are light and comfortable and the sound quality is good enough for my ears. For "A1by" above, I may not have a Barry Bonds sized head, but my hat size is 7 7/8 and they fit me fine, whereas some others I have tried been too tight. I was able to use them for voice dialing just fine. It WOULD be nice to have the "next track" feature.

@jtz5: I think you were thinking of the Bluetooth handsfree profile, not A2DP, A2DP is for stereo music playback only. iPhone OS 3.x supports A2DP playback fine, but neither the control buttons nor the microphone would work..yet.
If you just want to listen to some music I bet any Sony Ericsson stereo phone would work, I have a Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 and my iPod Touch works fine with it.

Sound quality on this pair of speakers is really quite good, especially for the price and the fact that it is wireless. Noticeably better than the Logitech Wireless Chat which itself is not that shabby.
Pairing with Nokia 5800 Xpress music is the best, the forward/backward controls work, volume control can be done on both phone and headset (a good thing). Also, talking on phone works great, with both speakers working along with the mic, unlike some devices for which you only get one side working.
Pairing with iPhone 3GS also good, but supposedly the controls don't work. Volume control is exclusively on the headset, a bit awkward.
Pairing with Windows 7 x64 (on a Macbook, ymmv on other devices) is an exercise in frustration. It just wouldn't work, even though the OS reports finding the device.
Pairing with OS X just works, BUT... you can only use either the headphone profile OR the microphone profile, so you can't use it to listen to music and voice control. The headphone profile gives the correct sound, but the headset profile gives terrible sound which is probably what the poster above is complaining about. The headset profile will allow you to listen and use the mic at the same time however.

By "unlike some devices for which you only get one side working", I mean unlike the MOTOROKR S9 which reportedly only uses one side of the headset when doing phone calls...

I just recently purchased the Motorola S9-HD and I have a T-Mobile MyTouch phone and pairing was fine but will only work for phone calls. I can't get the music to stream to my headphones. Anyonme know what the problem could be?

have had the 2 sets of Motorola S9 HD Bluetooth stereo headphones for a couple months now. Both sets experienced problems. When I tried to charge them a red light constanly flash. I would never buy another set like this

I bought a pair of JVC bluetooth headphones back in 2002 and HATED them. They were bulky and heavy - completely useless for running. It's now 8 years later & I saw a deal on the Motorola S305 bt headphones for $24. I figured for that price, I could give 'em a try. I have been AMAZED at the quality of these headphones! I can put them on and run for miles and often forget that I even have them on. They are very light and comfortable and the sound quality is great. I've had them paired with a Blackberry and an iPhone 3GS and synching was a snap. I can take calls if I choose while listening to music and they are crystal clear - both for me and the other party. The side controls worked great when paired with the Blackberry. When paired with the iPhone 3GS, however, it seems like I can play and pause music but not skip songs. Some other things that could make them better:
1)The fabric has held up for the past few months, but once a little tear happens then it's all over, I'm sure. It IS comfortable on the ears though.
2)The plastic loop connecting the earpieces sometimes gets a little lopsided when carried in a gym bag. I'm not sure if using a solid metal strip is the answer here - it would just add to the weight. It's a minor annoyance & I'm just careful not to stuff them in a place where they are going to get crushed.
I like these headphones so much that I bought a second pair to keep at work & one for home. I recommend these to anyone.

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