iPhone Risk Domination: Apple to Launch iPhone 3G in 70+ Countries!

iPhone 3G to Launch in 70+ Countries

What is best in life?

An iPhone 3G in your pocket, the wind in your hair, and 70+ markets to roam in?


To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their handset users.

Thus Apple dropped the Steve Jobs Keynote BOOM! On the first round of iPhone Risk with news of over 70 regions signed on to carry the all new, all spectacular iPhone 3G. North America and much of Europe are currently set to get the next generation universe dent'er on July 11, with the rest "Coming Soon"/

Blanketing almost all the known continents (sorry Antarctica, see you come 4G!) and countries (with the huge gaping exception of China?), iPhone Risk, post WWDC edition, is now soundly under the "Epic Win" column, even as the scorecard strains under the map-bending load, which we include after the break.

Launched: Austria (T-Mobile), France (Orange), Germany (T-Mobile), Ireland (O2), UK (O2), USA (AT&T)

Announced: Africa (Orange), Argentina (America Movil), Australia (Vodafone / SingTel), Austria (Orange), Belgium (Orange), Brazil (America Movil), Canada (Rogers), Chile (America Movil), Columbia (America Movil), the Czech Republic (Vodafone), Denmark (TeliaSonera), Dominican Republic (America Movil/ Orange), Ecuador (America Movil), Egypt (Vodafone / Orange), El Salvador (America Movil), Estonia (TeliaSonera), Finland (TeliaSonera), Greece (Vodafone), Guatamala (America Movil), Honduras (America Movil), Hong Kong SAR (Hutchison) India (Vodafone / SingTel), Italy (Vodafone / Telecom Italia), Jamaica (America Movil), Japan (Softbank), Jordan (Orange), Latvia (TeliaSonera), Lithuania (TeliaSonera), Macao (Hutchison), Mexico (America Movil), New Zealand (Vodafone), Nicaragua (America Movil), Norway (TeliaSonera), Paraguay (America Movil), Peru (America Movil), Philippines (SingTel), Poland (Orange), Portugal (Vodafone / Orange), Puerto Rico (America Movil), Romania (Orange), Singapore (SingTel), Slovakia (Orange), Spain (Movistar), South Africa (Vodafone), Switzerland (Swisscom / Orange), Turkey (Vodafone), Uruguay (America Movil)

Rumored: Netherlands (?),

Note: Extent of America Movil and Orange Africa deployment not yet fully mapped.

Perplexing personal note: Apple Canada is directing "where to buy" queries to Rogers/Fido. Here's hoping that, come July 11, I can deal with Apple, and not the local GSM monopoly at least as far as acquisition goes...

What's happening in your non-US market?

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iPhone Risk Domination: Apple to Launch iPhone 3G in 70+ Countries!


Awesome Conan quote that made me smile after reading on engadget that att will be bumping data up to $30 a month for the iPhone 3G. Todays got its ups and downs I guess.

I see Qatar flag there in the picture (2nd from bottom left) but its not included in the list, Rene can you confirm that iPhone is coming to Qatar ?

You forgot to add Verizon and T-Mobile to the list of countries not included! :D
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