Hands on with the iPhone 3G!

iPhone 3G

Both Engadget and Gizmodo, those lucky [redacteds], got some hands on time with the new iPhone 3G. Ushered into a secret, dimly lit back room and likely surrounded by storm troopers, they came back with the following:

The Good

  • 3G is faassst! 2X EDGE on quicky test, and can be Settings disabled (for those who won't spring for the extra $10?).
  • Better phone quality.
  • Flush headphone jack for realz!
  • Camera software improved, same megapixels, better images.
  • Build quality, even on the all new, all plastic back, felt okay. Lighter, better fit, and design-wizardly thin. Bonus points for Jony Ive!

The Bad

  • Oh, cut and paste, where art thou? C'mon Apple! You nailed this with Mac 1.0!
  • Chrome buttons are for realz as well!
  • No WiFi 802.11n! This, the iPod Touch, and the MacMini are still the only Apple devices to bring down your network speed.
  • No sign of video iChat, or video recording.
  • No sign of A2DP stereo Bluetooth, and no comment on whether its in or coming.
  • Dock now sold separately. Guess that $199 price point gotta hit us somewhere?!)

The Ugly

  • The predicted after-market for your old iPhone 1.0 (though if you manage to catch some people stuck on non-Apple signed carriers who want a jailbroken iPhone, given the new activation policies, there could just be a resurgence...)

Can't wait to get your hands on the iPhone 3G? What are you looking forward to most? What's still missing for you? Let us know!

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Reader comments

Hands on with the iPhone 3G!


I can't wait to get my hands on the new IPhone. Glad they included GPS. I hope it has voice commands with it. Either way, I will own my first IPhone on July 11th.

Apple loves to slowly release updates to their customers. It keeps people hooked while they wait, at least in theory. That said, cut/paste, video recording, MMS and a few others could still be ushered out over time.
Yeah, they should have been there today, but they weren't, so the hope must continue. When has Apple ever released an "all eggs in one basket" update though? Especially for things that can come via software.
Why are the chrome buttons in the cons? I actually think they look decent in contrast to the rest of the device.

Umm lets not forget, NO ABILITY TO RUN PROGRAMS IN THE BACKGROUND.... They play it off by picking on another phone,making multi tasking seem like some impossible dream and saying its a foolish idea. Yet my Curve will run many programs in the back ground with ease.
Granted I will buy the iPhone "3G", only because and I sold my iPhone 5 days ago in lue of this event.
Give me safari, give me exchange with HSPDA and GPS. That will make me maybe smile, give me the simple function of MMS and multi tasking and this mystical feature some call "Copy and Paste" and I might have a heart attack.
VPN software but no copy and paste, jesus what were they thinking.

In his close-to-two-hour keynote at the WWDC in San Francisco, Steve Jobs discussed the new iPhone 3G, its new price points (very nice!), and highlighting some of its new applications (available soon via the developers website that is due to be launched shortly), which are sure to get iPhone and Apple enthusiasts in general excited about what is coming out this summer. One way I think they could certainly improve the iPhone in light of these new development kits, is to include speech and/or voice activated applications. In today’s world where hands-free laws and sheer convenience seem to be putting a heavy demand on a user-friendly interface, what is easier than using just voice to control your handset? If you can dictate text messages, emails, conduct searches, dial from a contact list, play music and discover hidden applications just by speaking your request, I would think this would be some of the most sought after applications on any phone – especially the iPhone!
Both embedded and downloadable applications from Nuance Communications can do all of that and more...and they all work on the iPhone. The human voice is a powerful thing, and we think it is the next big step for improving the mobile device. We are excited to see what is next for the WWDC this week!

The 3G iPhone was more about the hype that was created. 3G and GPS functionality is good and i was even impresed with the enterprise support but when it comes to multimedia it fails. I think in the next version, ricj multimedia is one area where Apple should focus. Yesterday Steve compared the 3G functionality of Nokia N95 and the 3G iPhone but can he compare the multimedia functionality that Nokia N95 provides with that of the 3G iPhone, I think he cannot as Nokia phones are way ahead when it comes to converged multimedia experience. I like Nokia, but the reason I am supporting the fact that Nokia is way ahead in multimedia is, there are many Nokia handsets out there that have changed the way we use to loook at internet, gaming, entertainment and music.

So, I've heard that if you buy an iPhone now, you can take it in July 11th and trade it up for a 3g iPhone. Good idea, Bad idea, what?

Well, Yes Apple will be dominating the market, but a thing Apple are not good at is there consumers. lets just talk a bit about the old iPhone. thousands of costumers has been asking for copy / paste or cut / paste, but nothing happens. Even the new iPhone will not be able to do this. Why ? I personally have no idea, why they do not make this. It is a vital tool for any that has to communicate with a lot of people, and not share all the info. I have had the iPhone from when it came out and I'm still using it, many would say, " if you are not happy with it, get another phone ", but it is not that simple. Cause the phone is good and I love the mail ( it just doesn't support spam, so all your spam will go to your inbox, if the server you use is not a special kind ) and web browser. those things are great.
Why did the the iPhone not go well in europe. Well Europe is light years in front of USA, so it is easy to please US. To sell in Europe and Asia you need to have a "super phone" and to be honest the old iPhone was nothing close to that.
The new iPhone, will still have a hard time cause the technology is still old. 3G has been around in Asia and Europe for at-least 7 years. Europe was doing video calls on cell phones 6 years ago. Why do we not get that. why is there still no video camera function ?
Apple is great at hyping products and to make them work so well, you just need to have MOBILE ME. Apple is perhaps just for me a bit to "smart".
So conclusion on my long comment is that I do think Apple will sell a lot, but I hope that Apple will start getting up to the beat of the consumers and LISTEN to them, cause they don't

One complaint that I kept hearing about was typing on the virtual keyboard, with that in mind why not cut & paste? There alone will be a HUGE upgrade from the 1st phone!

I've been baffled since iPhone 1.0 that Apple can get so much right, but miss the huge gap of no copy/paste. I think it would drive me crazy to not have that functionality... use it all the time.

A2DP -stereo bluetooth is still missing. From a cie that brought us the most popular music devices, its a non-sense...

Another dispointement: no voice dialing.
Starting this year, its illegal to manipulate (e.i. dialing) your phone in Canada (like many countries) while driving. My girlfriend's two years old crappy phone can do that...

It is important to take care to look after your hearing, I actually like looking after my hearing and whilst I do agree with the above poster and I really hope I do not get shot down for saying this, but I guess it is essential to take all things in moderation.

I know this is going to sound a bit old fashioned but, I in reality like taking care hearing and whilst I do agree with the above-named poster and I really hope I do not get shot down for stating this, but I believe it is important to take all things in moderation.