Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Now in iTunes App Store

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Yep, you read the headline right, after many days of anticipation, and a few minutes of is-it-or-isn't-it, Facebook 3.0 [Free - iTunes link] for iPhone (and iPod touch) is now live in the iTunes App Store. Go download it now, or check out Chad's preview if you're still on the fence... (Why would you still be on the fence, it's the biggest social network in the 'verse and it's for free!)

Note: It's not showing up for every user in every store on every device yet, so be patient, try searching, try iTunes on your PC or Mac, try it on the iPhone, or just wait a bit and it'll be all good...

If/when you do get it, let us know what you think. Finally better than the WebApp? Better than the full on web version? Hit the comments below or drop us a line on our Facebook page!

[Thanks to everyone who mailed and tweeted us!]

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Reader comments

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone Now in iTunes App Store


It came out at 5:50 EST and it's great. it about time, took too long if you ask me but it's a nice app and i like all the updates

The overall layout makes it easier to read but it's still missing a huge function of being able to delete posts!! Maybe it's there and I just can't find it but I think it's ludacris to have to login to the normal site on the phone to delete something.

Is it not out in the US? I click on the link and takes me to the old facebook in the app store. I've searched for it on the AppStore and it doesn't say it's the new one compatible with 3.0

It's very pretty as expected. And sooooo functional. I keep forgetting that all I can do all of this now cuz of the update. I love it.

"Note: Even if it says Facebook 2.5, it is actually Facebook 3.0 due to caching. Delete the old app and reinstall or wait until Apple updates its cache.

It's fantastic, great UI, I love the home screen and the fact that you can customize it.
Pervasive landscape mode is a very welcome feature, basically it looks like a brand new app, everything is different and better now, incredibly more usable.

Love the new UI. Wish I could view groups too. Can't wait till push comes out(though I'll only have it set to show badges rather than alerting me for every notification)

Wow, fantastic update! For those of you finding it hard to update, just delete the app and reinstall it, that worked perfectly for me.

Oh yeah, this is every bit as good as I expected. And I do actually like it more than the full web version!

What an improvement. Much snappier and I like the addition of being able to view pages and have favorites too. News feed seems more like the web version than the randomness of the previous App version.
I could not find it on my iPhone but then I hit the link in the post and the App Store went right to it. Odd

Works very nicely. If not getting the update in iTunes you can delete it off your iPhone and download again, you will get the 3.0 version.

wow... I'm loving this on my ipod touch. Now I'm even MORE jealous of some of these apps that I don't yet have equivalents for on my Pre.

Looks good.
I like the "add to favorites" and other new items.
I hope it's more reliable than 2.5 - that was my main gripe.

Finally. I wish the developer(s) had more incremental updates instead of one massive update. I like my new features to trickle.

Wow it is fantastic my iPhone is truly complete it is just as good as website now on desktop kudos to developer

app wont load...
i updated it, but now when i touch the icon, it goes to a white screen, then back to the home screen

got the same thing here. Uninstalled, Reinstalled, rebooted, opened app, got the white screen, app shut down on it's own, opened app again, got white screen, set phone down and walked away, came back 3 Mins later and it's worked perfect since then!

I love this update! I've already gotten used to it, it's running great no problems! Kudos to the developer!

Everything works great, but youtube video launching was removed. Would like to be able to add and remove friends and fan pages too. Maybe next time. Only real complaint is the youtube issue. Friends post a lot of videos and music that way.

So facebook and flixter submitted after spotify are out? Something political happening with it? Changes to the app maybe, I wish spotify would update us if it is the case.
Facebook, even on iPhone 3G. Is soooooo smooth. Joe hewitt is great. Love all the features. Don't really see the dire need for push. Sure it will be useful when it comes.

This app is incredible - Fantastic update - I will absolutely use this way more than the web version. Great UI, Great Speed, Great job!

If you view your notifications on facebook.com, they still show up as new on the 3.0 app. Annoying bug. Other than that it's great so far.

Told my wife to update the Facebook app. She did. Her phone froze and wouldn't startup anymore. Tried to restore from backup. The phone froze and wouldn't restore. Now the phone won't restore and, of course, it's my fault for telling her to update.
Thanks Facebook app...

It wouldn't update for me until I opened the old version of it on the phone, closed it, and then went back into to update. For some reason it wouldn't show as an update until after I opened and closed the app. That trick worked for me and my wife's phone. Good luck! I love it!

I never saw the new update either, and I had no App Store updates badge. I just clicked INSTALL on the old Facebook and the new one instaled. Sounds like some people went through a lot of unnecessary trouble for nothing.

Issues!!!! Ugh. It looks great, but it's hit and miss as to what actually shows up in the newsfeed compared to web interface. Updating status is easily confused with posting to own wall. Can't tell if push is active or not. Haven't found settings for it yet. Leaving the first comment on a note is easy enough, but trying to get back in to see what others say after you is not so easy. When someone comments on your status (when updated in app), it says they commented on your "post." But when they comment on your status updated from web, it acknowledges it's a "status." I think those are the only things so far. Also couldn't use chat, but that really doesn't bother me. It's spotty even on the web. I'm really not trying to whine, there are a lot of cool features!!!

mine has landscape mode for most functions. is that supposed to be like that because i thought landscape was coming in the 3.1 update

Fb 3.0 crashed on me on first start-up (white screen then back to home screen) but since then it has been smooth sailing on my 3G! Everything about it seems great. Faster, smoother, and I even got a real-time notification when someone posted a comment on my wall. The whole UI seems so much cleaner and not as cramped. Awesome update!

Installed it via the post's link... did a reset on the phone and it crashed my phone... i had to do a system restore
Did the same thing on my wife's phone and it crashed her phone too... in the middle of restoring her phone as we speak...
anyone else with this problem?

This app is smooth by far the best FB app I've worked with the last gave u limited things to do I would have to log on to the website for alot of things....
Now since we finally got this hopefully AT&T will drop the 3.1 so we can get MMs lol

I'm glad you babies finally got your update. Now may you all will stop crying. Then again I doubt it!

Is anyone else noticing that Facebook chat no longer vibrates to notify you when someone replies? I checked the settings tab and it's set to "on." Must be a bug?

It looks good but seems to screw up the birthdays for all my friends. Says everyone is only 8 years old and doesnt show the actual dates properly - anyone else get this?

When on the Updates tab of the Inbox, even though it technically "allows" you to delete the updates, they pop right back up.
My wife isn't keen on how they organize who's online for chatting, but other than those two, we're both pretty happy with this!

C. J: if u don't give a shit why r u wasting ur time posting on here?!!! Why don't u go to another article or forum and post some abuse on there instead!!

My friend with a brand new 3GS has a different icon for FaceBook than I do on my 2G and is getting badges when he has a notifications. What's the story? Anyone else notice that feature? I thought that was not available yet!

Definitely better than it was, but I still get errors on certain screens - for example, when there's a friend request and I click on the link to "friends in common", there's an error on the friends in common screen. But, I do love the main screen with the grid of icons that show little red-numbers if there are updates.
Still a little clunky, e.g., doesn't seem to be a way to "like" someone's photos or updates, but then the web app is also clunky, still, and needs an overhaul.

Great app! I love all of the improvements and the fact that it now looks closer to what I see on my PC. Cudo's to the developer for this one!

It all seems good except that for me the notifications will not display. I just get an error message! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

great update for a super great app for an even super great device ... my beloved iPhone LOL.
I see more an more people using the mobile feature of facebook! Facebook is already a popular site, ad I can see this app hitting the top.
Kick Butt

I deleted the old facebook application on my ipod touch because it wasn't working properly so that i could re-install it, but the old one is not there so i went to install the new one wont because it doesn't have the iPhone 3.0 software update.
What can i do to get it to work??
I'm always on facebook, please help me LOL x

For whatever reason, my notifications aren't popping up at the bottom of the news feed when I log in. When the new update first came up, I remember them popping up at the bottom and I could access them that way instead of having to access the notifications by clicking in the upper left corner and then selection "Notifications" at the bottom. Is there a reason for this? Is it something I can turn back on?

Standard models of comparative advantage indicate that pushing specialization up the product scale in this fashion would be bad for an economyos health: it would simply distort production and create es ciency losses. ,

the real story isn't that the iphone is downloading phone numbers from facebook but that facebook is uploading phone numbers from the iphone. doesn't anyone else see that as an problem? i'm not going to install this and send facebook all of my contact information but certainly many people i know with iphones are going to be sending facebook MY phone number without my permission.