Win an iPhone 3G, $100 iTunes Card - Wait-a-Thon Continues!

If you haven't heard, we're planning on giving away an iPhone 3G as soon as it's available. You can find the full details of the contest here, but the short version is this: if you made more than 20 posts1 in our iPhone Forums before July 22nd, we'll enter you in the random drawing. Of course, Apple decided to throw us a curveball by requiring in-store activation -- so we'll either try to buy it the old fashioned way for ya or if push comes to shove we'll get a way for you to get it on your own on our dime. Shame on your Apple.

The other thing that didn't get released yesterday? The iPhone 2.0 software update. That means that the iPhone App Wait-a-Thon continues! Anytime you see a post tagged "Wait-a-Thon," comment on it for that week's drawing for a $100 iTunes gift card. Full deets on that contest are here. Plus we have new winners2:

You may have noticed this is a Wait-a-Thon post. So it is and here's what we need to know: The new activation requirement isn't all that great? What else isn't all that great? Curved back got ya down? Does the lack of Cut and Paste cut you to the bone? Let us know to enter for the $100 gift card and go register and start chatting in the forums for a chance at the iPhone 3G!

1 Posts most not be spammy and worthless -- at our discretion. This isn't a democracy!
2 For those of you still waiting on your cards, we'll get them out today (we hope). Turns out iTunes limits the number of Gift Cards you can buy in a day month!. Who Knew? Time to open up another account, we suppose.

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Win an iPhone 3G, $100 iTunes Card - Wait-a-Thon Continues!


The plan cost bump is a downer for me. Now, i did expect to pay a bit more for 3g. But essentially, if you use SMS (which everyone does these days), it's a 15 dollar a month increase from the old plan. If it were a straight 10 dollars more a month, i think it'd be more 'fair'. Now, i understand 5 dollars a month isn't a whole lot of money, so i'll still be buying into it. But it's more the principle of it and the way Steve Jobs put so much emphasis on making the iPhone 'more affordable' and making no mention at all in the plan changes. Are consumers really that stupid? anyone who couldn't afford an iPhone at 399+60 a month isn't going to be able to afford it at 199+75 a month.

Thats really true. I was seriously let down by the lack of information that is being put in the fine print now. I currently have a blackberry and I have to pay $30 a month for unlimited web browsing, and i have a separate $30 a month for unlimited texting within my family plan. So theres really no difference to make the change in plans but what gives?! theres tons of people out there who are going to try and sign up, and then run into the charges later on and freak! I think apple made a serious mistake here and AT&T is going to be raking in the profits of the difference. Im waiting to see what happens next.
P.S. this might just be frustration because i just want my iphone already haha

They should have introduced an iphone Pro model at the old $399 price point (since 6 million people or so were willing to pay it) and included some new whiz-bang features:

  • higher resolution camera (3-4 megapixel) with video
  • more storage - 32GB to start creeping up on the old iPod 5G/video that had 30GB in the base 2005
  • solar cells for trickle charging (okay, probably just me, but would have been nice for Al Gore sitting in the front row)

BTW, $30/month for cell data is absurd. I pay $30/month for my home DSL line with 3Mbps down. Maybe this is an opportunity for Verizon to introduce a 'Your Data, Anywhere' plan for $40/month for unlimited data - home DSL or wireless.

Unfortunately, I am really not as excited with the end result. I guess it was all of the hype surrounding the pending release. Really, all we received was 3G. Is that enough for me to abandon my current model.....I am going to say no for the time being.
I was really looking forward to MMS, cut and paste, PRIVACY when texting(because it's ridiculous that the message pops up with so much information attached) Treat text messages like EMAILS Apple!!!
I am hoping that within 6 months they come out with a savvy model that blows this affordable crap away.

Handing all the power back over to AT&T is a REAL bummer. It is such a pain in the butt. Everytime I change phones (with an accompanying change in plans), it is painful. Also, with the change in plan pricing, the phone got MORE EXPENSIVE!!
Here's the BIG question: if you buy a 1st gen iPhone NOW and want to activate NOW, can you still get the old plan??

I think that the 3G iPhone is great, however theres is almost no improvement to the original phone. Except for the 3G and GPS, there's almost nothing different. Therefore I think that the new iPhone is a great phone to buy as your first iPhone, but there are not enough reasons to upgrade if you own a 1st gen iPhone, like me.

I was hoping that the display might be a tad bigger than the current iPhone, but I really like what I have seen so far. I am disappointed that I have to wait another month to get it though. I think the features I like the most are the MS Exchange and GPS options. I also don't like that they raised the pricing for the plans, but what can you do?

I'm also disappointed with the data price bump. Even with the $200 (or so) subsidy, if you figure that AT&T no longer has to revenue share with Apple from the data plan, you'd think AT&T could easily afford to keep the $20 data plan. If SMS is no longer included, that is another little slap in the face.
I'm even more disappointed in the fact that if I get an iPhone 3G, I won't be eligible for the subsidized price on next year's new iPhone because it won't have been 2 years yet. But I might just get a new one anyway.

Dyvim, this is exactly what I bet apple is expecting. Minimal upgrade volume from current iphone users (maybe 20-30% who are data hungry) with the expectation that 1G users convert to the iPhone 3.0 in another year. Kind of like a mid-cycle refresh for automobiles - generally the body and all stay the same with some minor tweaks to styling, new wheels, maybe another 5-8hp from the engine - in order to keep it fresh enough to attract new buyers while you work on the true 'new' model. Pretty smart strategy considering the R&D investment that went into iphone 1.0 must have been tremendous.
Should we talk about what we will see in iphone 3.0? Solar cells, video, even higher-res screen (perhaps slightly larger) and a new iphone nano to make two distinct models. Will probably parallel the ipod development / adoption plan that worked pretty well for apple. Not looking forward to long-rumored iphone shuffle.

A couple things aren't all that great. I don't like the plastic back. I like the look and feel of the original iPhone. The price is great, but I also don't like the increase in the monthly data plan. I guess that is a necessary evil.

The new data pricing sucks. $10 more a month might be reasonable but I keep thinking of all the people that don't live in a 3G area that will be paying monthly for an extra service that they may never or very seldom ever get to use. Maybe the extra $10 a month will to to subsidize the Free Wi-Fi for iPhone users. Oh wait, do we even know if AT&T will be doing the Free Wi-Fi for sure? It's on then it's off and there just isn't a clear answer to what they're up too with that.
The physical product changes are just not significant enough for me to upgrade and pay the extra monthly fees.
Cut & paste, MMS, Tasks, and Note syncing would all been really appreciated features. I'm also annoyed by the new power adapter. It's silly I know, but what I liked about the current adapter is the retractable prongs so I don't have to constantly keep bending them back into shape.
All that being said I will probably upgrade, in a year, when my current contract expires. Then we will be on iPhone 3G 2.0 (4G?) and we'll finally have everything we desire. Pinch me before I start believing that.

I cant say Im surprised at the specs of the new iphone 3g. I figuered it would have 3g and GPS but everything else was kinda up in the air. The only thing im upset about is storage. I thought for sure they would release a 32 gig model yesterday. Oh well, you can still put me down for an iphone (white or black doesnt make a phone will be in a case from day 1).
@carsly - that's an interesting point and I think its pretty valid. i only hope that ill be able to get the third iteration of the iphone (probably next year around this time) even though ill only be a year into a 2 year contract. I heard that ATT is allowing current iphone users to upgrade to the iphone 3g without extending their contract. this adds further credence to the idea of a radically new iphone in 2009.

Im rather disappointed in the fact that there is no MMS and no A2DP in this version. Yes, GPS is nice, as is 3g and better battery. I still think they should have done more. Hopefully there will be some stellar apps to make up for it.

I'm afraid they got me starting at minute 21 of the WWDC video replay...the unbelievable software demoes, particularly the medical software, proved this was going to be the business device of choice within the next year. You will have to have the 3g model to make the best use of it, so I don't care what they left out (what's so hard about cut&paste though).

I've been reading conflicting reports about that in-store activation thing. For instance, tuaw has a link to an AP report that indicates that AT&T may slap a penalty on phones that are not activated within 30 days, which means that it wouldn't be activated when it leaves the store.
Keep in mind that this in-store activation news is coming from AT&T, not Apple, and they weren't the best source of iPhone information this time last year.

I could gripe about a lot of things with the new iPhone. Since 1) I don't own the old one yet; 2) my contract with Sprint PCS just expired and 3) My 2nd generation iPod gave way a few weeks back I'm simply going to be elated when I get an iPhone next month. Let's face it Apple is executing on their plan, not our plan. We'll get a ton of goodies in the future. For now, I'll be in heaven with a new iPod (best ever made), a real browser on a phone in 3G (my current phone is 3G, browser - not so much) and now amazing applications that my current phone simply can't touch. So if you're in Raleigh, NC next month you'll know you've seen me because I'll be ignoring the world around me with a smile on my face because I'll have everything I need.

I was hoping for a better bluetooth support, A2DP would be great. We can still hope that those features are there, just not announced however.

I was just on the apple web site and noticed that they are calling the price bump the "enterprise data plan" . Does this mean that if current users want to employ the enterprise data on their phone once they download 2.0 that AT&T will somehow require you to upgrade to the new data plan????

I think they could have added MMS and a better camera. (Yay for contact search though!) Those were the biggest things besides 3G I was hoping for. The in-store activation isn't a big deal for me, hopefully they'll have some sort of pin number or SIM card and won't make you open the box on your shiny new iPhone. Everyone needs to stop hating on the white iPhone, seriously, I like it. Also, really not digging the $30 data plan, I'd rather have paid $500 for the device and kept it at $20. Shame on you AT&T and Apple! (You can't see but I'm shaking my fist!)

in store activations?? what is up with that???? i'm so disappointed. and no video conferencing.. BUMMER. i'm having second thoughts about getting the 3G iphone now. hopefully things comes together and everyone is happy.

To buy this based on "future" apps that may or may not come out is crazy. I think I will be holding off until I see the apps that I want available. I was a little less than impressed with the end result, especially with all the hype leading up to the launch. But that is what you get when you have set the bar so high, everyone wants HUGE leaps every generation.

I love the idea on the contest. Thanks!!
Frankly, the in-store activation is a slap in the face. Why do we get treated like we are going to do something wrong... like we're little kids,,, while the rest of the world gets free iPhone's with pay-as-you-go? Makes no sense.

First off, a postive: I'm VERY excited about the Chinese input, especially the one that lets you write the characters. My Chinese writing ability suffers because I'm always typing it with pinyin (Romanized) input, so I forget how to write a lot of the characters—this will be a great (and fun!) way to build that back up again.
Now for negatives—the main one for me is lack of copy and paste. I still don't get why Apple hasn't implemented this yet—it would make so many things on the iPhone so much more convenient. And, while a method of implementation that is easy for people to grasp is not easy to build, isn't that what Apple does? I mean, come on.

I can't believe ATT will prevent us from purchasing Iphone 3g as a gift (which would preclude activating it in the store at purchase time)! I
t's not that I want to jailbreak it and avoid a contract with ATT; it's that I don't like ATT assuming all buyers want to get around the contract. It's insulting!

well a i have been waiting for this all year but i cant afford it and mum wont pay for me so please help me i need this phone heaps cause i am sick of running down the street too the libary too get a book when the apple iphone has everythhing i want so please please please kk gtg mwa xoxoxo

I was hoping the display would be bigger than the iPhone that's out now. I like it so far. I wish it didn't have as much plastic though. It makes it seem cheap!

I've always liked round backs. For some reason it makes me feel comfortable. It's like a chubby lover once said: "fat chicks are great fun until your friends find out about them."

The iPhone 3G is the newest revolutionary device out their. Although i was hoping for a replacable battery, and a video recorder with flash, no other iphone remakes come close to this. With my iPod touch i can surf the web with Wi-Fi and is faster than both iPhones, yet i can only use it at home. For all i know, the next iPhone could have a projector on it to display your videos and pictures on a bigger screen.