Quick App: Flickr for iPhone


Yahoo! has (finally!) released an official Flickr app (free - iTunes link) for the iPhone and iPod touch, and... Dunno. I'm not a big Flicker user. So, I haven't really formed much of an opinion about the official Flickr app. Leanna, who does use Flickr, liked the homepage (it has a nice Ken Burns-style pan and zoom animation) but felt the rest was underdeveloped and was surprise to see it didn't add "taken with iPhone" (or other, proper, device attribution).

Note: the app, of course, is rated 17+ because, also of course, someone might accitentionally type "nudie pics" in the search bar. (Likely violence abounds as well, as do lego vikings!).

If anyone else has had a chance to test drive it and has an opinion to share, let us know in the comments. Despite -- in spite? -- of Yahoo's travails of late, Flickr is still a monster of a site and it's nice to see it show up and represent on the iPhone -- given the iPhone is its most popular camera and all...

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Quick App: Flickr for iPhone


I am going to try this new app..but I am in love with Mobile Fotos. It is also a flickr app...but allows you to view the photos in your groups...so many options.

The app is great. In regards to the lack of EXIF data being uploaded (including that the picture was taken with an iPhone), I have yet to find an app that doesn't strip out this important data, which is why I copy the JPGs to my PC before uploading. However, the Flickr app is exactly what I have been looking for to show off my photos. I basically have my entire photo collection in my pocket, and the presentation is fantastic. Also, any videos previously uploaded to Flickr are playable on the iPhone, a feat that even the Facebook 3.0 app couldn't pull of. Kudos to Yahoo for providing this great app. I've been waiting for it!

Still needs some work. Crashes from time to time. Looks like a good start though. Seems simple enough, minus some bugs. Looking forward to an update.

@Linde Yep, I use Mobile Fotos as well. Great app that's been around since the App Store was launched.
@Jeffry Mobile Fotos does not strip the "taken with an Apple iPhone" data.

@Leanna Mobile Fotos doesn't strip out any data, but the iPhone does.
basically here's what happens. Mobile Fotos gets the photo from the iphone to upload it. this photo is stripped of EXIF data before the app sees it. then Mobile Fotos actually ADDS "Taken By" EXIF back into the file it uploads. it also "geotags" the photo on flickr.
so Jeffry is correct. all apps, including Mobile Fotos, strip out a bunch of EXIF data. or, more accurately, the iphone doesn't make that information available to any apps. Mobile Fotos just does the best job of adding as much information back to the file as it can, but it isn't all the EXIF, only a small portion of it.
the flickr app geotags, but doesn't add "taken by" information.

Finally they have an offical app. There hasn't been a really good app for using flickr yet, in my opion. I've tried this and it's good, but far from perfect.

D'oh, fixed. Thanks. "infrequent/mild nudity" on Flickr remains hilarious, however.
And Safari should be 17+ given Apple's standards.

@Wayne You are so right it's ridiculous how it seems every app that has anything to do with the web Apple rates 17+. Apples ratings and approval are really a joke. camera should be 17+ too and maybe they should have a warning when you open it letting you know it can contain inappropriate content (depending on what you take a picture of) LOL.