PC World Finds 13 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone, and One Reason Not to Subscribe to PC World


Harry McCracken writes on PC World's TechBlog that after spending one week with an iPhone he found the device to be incredibly cool, but also impractical for his needs. So traded it in for a Windows Mobile device, the AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes).

He outlines 13 reasons why he doesn't want the iPhone.

  • The iPhone isn't 3G
  • The iPhone can't serve as a modem
  • The iPhone doesn't talk to Lotus Notes
  • The iPhone doesn't have a chat client
  • There's no Slingbox client for the iPhone
  • The iPhone doesn't have enough storage to be my primary media player.
  • The iPhone requires too many clicks to get stuff done.
  • The iPhone is remarkably uncustomizable
  • The iPhone doesn't let you edit office documents
  • And it doesn't have a To-Do List
  • And its note-taking app is too bare-bones to be very useful
  • The iPhone's contract requirement rankles me
  • The iPhone's virtual keyboard is surprisingly good; the 8525's real one is better


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Reader comments

PC World Finds 13 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone, and One Reason Not to Subscribe to PC World


being in the UK i am having to rely on reviews/opinions like this to help me decide whether i am going to get an iphone or not. thanks, these really are helping us guys on the other side of the pond.
as much as i hate to say it, i dont think i will get a iphone 1.0! they seem to have just too much missing to claim it a complete media device....
cant wait for the other versions though :-D
Steven Gradidge steven.gradidge@gmail.com

The iPhone is great. The best thing to do is wait until u get it in ur hands (or at least go see it at the Apple Store) to make a decision on whether or not u should buy it. There are alot of haters out there. Plus this article was written in PC World magazine LOL. They might be just a tad bit one sided on the argument.

The iPhone meets all my needs and more. It's the best phone I've owned and it has also replaced my 4GB Nano. I bought the 8GB model. Don't let a few geeks like this guy disuade you. The iPhone rocks and it gets better day by day as new apps are released. This guy had a bias against th iPhone before it even shipped. His being a writer for a PC magazine tells me all I need to know. Just some FUD from a Apple hater.

This guy is right on every count. Except, I tried and bought an iPhone and will not go back to 8525...even if it takes a while for the missing features to get implemented.
8525 is a great phone. But it is essentially a bunch of cool hardware features thrown together along with a hideous windows environment where usability certainly takes a back seat.
After using my iPhone for a week, I had to fire up my 8525 to copy some address book entries over. After spending an hour rummaging through the UI to figure out how to copy all contacts from SIM to phone, I was reminded why I Apple products rock.

I can see why he got rid of the iPhone because of contract concerns, since he could easily get an 8525 without a contr... oh, wait.
How freakin' stupid do you have to be to claim that the contract is onerous and then say that you're switching to a phone with the same contract?

a 14th reason: after entering my 2wire wep it worked fine............. until i left home with the phone for a few hours and upon returning discovered..... each time you have to reenter your 2wire wep???????????? the 8525 remembers it.

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