Apple Developing Lyrics Display for iPhone

AppleInsider reports that Apple has filed a patent on technology used to dynamically display text, such as song lyrics, in a motion perspective. The text would scroll or otherwise move across the display, adapting to user interaction. Hmm...sounds a bit like CoverFlow, doesn't it?

apple-lyrics-070719-1.gif apple-lyrics-070719-2.gif apple-lyrics-070719-3.gif


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Reader comments

Apple Developing Lyrics Display for iPhone


Yeah, but in the meantime, you can't view all the lyrics you've added to your iTunes library since the introduction of that function for the 5G and the nano. I'm really disappointed to learn that I can no longer view all my song lyrics on the iPhone. I hope they don't do that with the next gen iPod!

yah is there anyway to see the lyrics you wrote in itunes when you are playing a song on the iphone?

Try in the meantime. You can upload lyrics. You can also access thousands of books (FREE).
Optimized for iPhone.