Apple Genius: AT&T Dropped Call Rate for NYC is 30%


According to a Gizmodo reader who took his iPhone to the Apple Store Genius Bar due to issues with dropped calls, a 30% failure rate in New York City is normal.

Now, we all know AT&T's network crumbles beneath the weight of the iPhone (and suspect any other single network might as well), but it's not often we get numbers to go with it.

AT&T claims to be improving their network and adding more frequency, but with a fail rate that high, New Yorkers will believe it when their calls stop dropping.

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Apple Genius: AT&T Dropped Call Rate for NYC is 30%


Wow, I find this hard to believe. I'm in Nashville and outside of LP Field (where the Titan's play and it never works) I'd say I lose at most 5%, but probably less. If it really was that high I would think AT&T would be losing customers all the time. Anything north of 5% is unacceptable.

I doubt its 30%. Apple is just making excuses because they don't want to replace this guy's phone. I live in NYC and I rarely get a dropped call. More concerning to me is that after 3.1 3G stops working altogether, and I can't make or receive calls or text or use data without a reboot at least once a day. There are several threads at Apple support on this subject.

I have 2 iPhones, one for myself and one for the wife. I'm not a tech neophyte and understand a certain percentage of dropped calls, ect. come with the technology, but my numbers are just lousy. My dropped call rate is roughly 40-50%, unable to dial out 30-40%, and data connectivity 50%. That's for both phones. Neither one of us are huge cell phone users, but my wife is starting a job that requires consistent connectivity for email and voice. The crazy part is I will have to open an new cell account at Verizon for consistent connectivity. At&t sucks, plain and simple.

I use about 50 voice minutes a month, so I can't say my amount of calls is really enough to get an accurate reading, but I don't find that many problems connecting and keeping calls. Any problems I have tend to be related to low data speeds, or lack of signal.
The other day I was working an event at Roseland and spent 10 straight hours in the basement, which is not even a full flight underground. I stood there for 10 HOURS without access to the outside world, watching all my colleagues with Verizon chatting away and reading their email. I was convinced I was in a commercial and I would turn around and the Verizon guy would be there smirking in my face.
That being said, I still don't regret leaving Verizon, and those kinds of problems are related to the building penetration of GSM vs. CDMA and not inherently a sign that AT&T doesn't have as many towers. However, I do believe that the job of a wireless carrier is to put reception where the people are, and in NYC Verizon does that better. If that means AT&T needs twice as many towers to give people service where they live and work, then so be it.

It's not just NYC, ofc. I live in the DC metro and consistently lose calls driving between Dulles airport and the District. One call, seven drops -- driving straight down the Dulles Toll Road. Don't even ask about uncompleted dials...

I live in Asheville nc. I drop calls all day. I own my own business and am on the road all day. I drop calls 60/40. AT&T sucks

I never had one dropped call in my 11 years with Sprint, or in my one year with AT&T. Not one... ever.
I've been to many places without service, but all my phones have always either connected or not depending where I was... but not dropped.
What the f*** is going on?

PSM: My voice use is about the same! So nice to know of another person who doesn't need (NEED!) to be on the phone 24/7!
I rarely have calls dropped. I am tired of AT&T and their lovely 'calls go straight to voice mail without ever ringing.'
Also... I'm too lazy to look into this but why doesn't someone look into a class action lawsuit against AT&T AND Apple. They are both responsible for the ads that say "Fewer dropped Calls" and "Fastest 3G." There have been lawsuits over the '3G speed on the commercial' vs '3G speed in real life' (I don't think any of these have gone anywhere). If anything, should thousands of people join, it may be enough to get AT&T to fix these issues... faster than they are doing now (SF is showing stronger signals these days).

When I leave the NY metro area, I can maintain call connectivity on the 3G network. I live 14 miles outside Manhattan, and if I don't turn off 3G, I experience a drop call rate of at least once per phone call. Usually twice. It's abhorrent. I have to switch to the edge network whenever I'm in the NY Metro area. So glad I'm paying for this faster service that I cannot use.
I have complained to the FCC when I was unable to make a 911 call after witnessing an accident, and I've complained to AT&T to no avail. So frustrating.

Forgot to add, I live in NYC and work downtown. Just watched my iPhone drop the 3G signal, switch to Edge, then drop all signals, then back to 3G, then to Edge. All within 5 or so minutes. I understand that with bad weather this does happen, but I sit near the window looking onto ground zero. I believe there are numerous towers in the area (or so I'm told). No access to email, voice or data during that time. Again not a huge cell user, but this is an embarrassment to At&t.

As much as this is an iphone site, I also feel like its an AT&T hate sight.. I'd be surprised if I came to this site and didn't see something that involved AT&T and how bad they are as a carrier.. Tons of other carriers have the iphone.. yesterday, there was a "O2 is no longer exclusive" post, with people complaining about their service in areas.. but it wasn't made into an individual post.. sorry, I'll end my rant.. I guess I just don't have the problems that most do.. I'm like fastlane in this.. I've had no dropped calls.. and if I had, I'd blame it on my phone, and not AT&T.. as my friends with all other phones, almost always have more bars then I do with my iphone.

Like one of the other comments said, I can't get service at a football stadium either. Or at a baseball game. Or concert... Or anywhere where a few thousand people are gathered. I guess the local tower is just overwhelmed, but I see people all around me with every other kind of phone making calls, web browsing and texting, and I can't do any of that. I am cut off from the world for the 3 hours that I am at that event. REALLY SUCKS!!! Any others have that problem? I have called my local AT&T and they have no answers.

You mean people still make phone calls? j/k
That has to be way too high BUT I don't it possible that there are contributing factors of the 'concrete jungle' as to why its 'so high' there?

I have the same problems with 3G not working, and its happened to me even while not in the city.

I've had a lot of dropped calls and delayed text messages when I'm in NJ. However no problems at all when in downtown Philly.

Being from Canada (and on Rogers/Fido), I was finding it difficult to understand the frustration AT&T customers were having. I rarely get dropped calls up here. But a couple of weeks ago we were in Chicago. Now I feel your pain! In the downtown area I could see that I was on AT&T, but was lucky to ever make or receive a call. Oddly, the phone did flip over to T-Mobile every now and then. Bottom line is, I think the issue is with AT&T.

at&t jus plain sucks be we love our iphones so much that we our blinded by the truth. Only if the iphone was offered on sprint or verizon.

Well now I know why the engadget guys are always complaining about dropped calls. 30% is unacceptable, especially in such a visible market.

I had the 3GS for a week. In that time, I dropped about half of my calls. Many times, I would try and make a call and get a message from Verizon wireless telling me to input my mailbox number. I went into the city one day and with 5 bars and 3g showing I had no data connection and couldnt make phone calls. I dont know if its ATT or the Iphone or a combination of both, but a device is really worthless when it doesnt work, no matter how cool it is.
Needless to say, I am back on Verizon where I have a dropped call rate around 1%.

its def not att but the iphone
i had many att phones and only the iphone is prone to drop calls
this is just a apple offset of how terrible they are.

I've used alot of ATT phones and the iphone drops MANY more calls than any of them. To me this isn't an ATT issue.

Its the iPhone dropping calls. First off the Apple tech cannot validate that its the service dropping calls he can only validate that the iPhone registered that it lost connectivity. In this regard i would believe the AT&T tech that can see and tell you when you dropped a call and from what Tower vs the Apple tech that just hooks the iPhone up to a computer and says "Yeah its your service.".
I am more inclined to believe AT&T on this due to Genius Bar Techs will tell you that if your iPhone's Flash Memory gets low you will experience dropped calls. The worse part is due to that little bit of info any drop calls experienced can be thrown right at the carriers feet because AT&T cannot replace the iPhone under warranty and the Genius Tech can only tech the phone not the network.
In other words.... its the iPhone that is dropping calls and unfortunate for AT&T they have to take the blame because they have no control over the warranty of the phone.

There's a lot of people here who don't seem to understand cellular data networks and how connectivity works. It's like on that work authorization form, the dropped calls shows 22% but the customer insisted it's higher. I guess the internal diagnostic was lying.
Try turning 3G off to make phone calls. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make phone calls when you aren't competing with massive amounts of data transfer on the same network...

@Sully: You are right but i don't think its the 3G service that AT&T provides that is the problem. I have gone months using my c610 and i have never dropped a call even in my house which only gets a bar. My iPhone goes into searching for service or No Service when in the house. I would think that it would only be my 3GS but my iphone 3g does the same thing.
Here is an Eyebrow raising issue... almost all of AT&T's phones uses 3G then why is it that only the iPhone users complain about signal strength? If it was the service we would be hearing about different users having these issues but its not... Its predominately the iPhone users complaining about signal strength which mean... its the phone... it has a weak radio.

Here's to apple and AT&T. First of all I don't really have much of a problem with service where I live (Muncie IN) but when I'm indoors my signal strength is little to none depending on where I am. So apple, put a better radio in your iPhones! And AT&T, hurry up with 850 MHz and hspa 7.2! And it would probably also help if faster backhaul lines were used! And nobody tell me it's my iPhone giving me bad indoor service cuz everyone around here with AT&T had bad indoor 3g. But then again my friends with verizon do too.

I live and work in Manhattan. 30% sounds right. Anyone saying they live in NYC and don't experience this are actually from Jersey.

i don't think it's just the iPhone. The other day Howard stern was complaining that he loves his blacberry.....he just wishes it made calls....he's on AT&T. Recently I took a about a 3 and a half hour trip thru the northeast and I was listening to a baseball game on my iPhone over 3g the whole way with no interuptions. And honestly I can't remember the last time I had a dropped call......

i guess anything a radio personality says must be true he wouldn't be saying this for ratings!

This is DEFINITELY an AT&T (not just an iPhone) issue! I have a Blackberry Bold (for Business) and an iPhone (for my personal line) and BOTH phones drop calls so routinely in NYC its embarrassing. I was on the phone yesterday driving from the GW Bridge to the North Bronx and my call failed THREE TIMES within about 15 minutes or so.
I'm so glad I didn't renew my contract because I loathe AT&T and will be heading to another carrier the day my contract expires!

@Lolipopjones: #21
Exactly. The iphone is all the tech can see. He can't make that judgement.
I have many customers in NYC who run their entire business from cell phones with their technicians in the field all over the city. There are areas where reception is bad, but dropping to Edge in those areas solves th problem. They do get dropped calls, but so do the techs using every other kind of phone.
Ass covering.

I don't have nearly this much trouble on the days I work in NYC, though a friend with a 3G used to (I'm on a 3GS and he no longer works in the city).

I agree 100%. I live in Queens, NYC. My wife's family is located in Brooklyn, NYC.
To be clear - on average, I only use about 100-150 minutes per month for voice, I'm a data whore. But she on the other hand, uses the other 500-550. And yes, her having to call someone back that she just called 1 out of 3 times actually sounds COMPLETELY accurate. If she calls her cousin, for example, and has. 25 minute conversation, she will have to call her cousin back at LEAST twice in those 25 minutes.
This is not exaggerrated. It's really, really sad... AND FRUSTRATING!

I was on vacation last week in NYC and wanted to throw my phone into traffic. It was a pain the entire week. But here in las Vegas my service is awesome! I feel sorry for you new yorkers.

My phone in the San Diego beach area is practically useless on 3G. Calls drop as described (3 times in a 20 minute call) even with full bars. Data ranges from OK to a crawl.
I have switched off 3G permanently, and now just use the 2G network. Calls drop a lot less (although sound worse) and data is at least consistent, if slow.
Not very satisfactory.

I live in NY and I have only had a few dropped calls. I don't think that percentage is accurate.

I live in Queens, NY like the poster above...and he is totally correct. If i'm on a call longer then 5-10'll drop at least twice. Everytime. Also, trying to use the iPhone during rush hour is a joke. I was on the corner of 57th and 7th Street at around 5:15 last week, trying to text someone (in the middle of midtown Manhattan!) and had no service. I have no idea if its the phone or AT&T, but either way its pathetic. I had Verizon for 7 years before this and had maybe 3 dropped calls for that whole time.
that is a screen shot of my normal usage, and I don't tether even thought I'm jailbroken. My iPhone does everything I need so I don't carry a laptop anymore. Add 2500 mins and constant sports and IM push notifications and I can say that my iPhone handles my needs very well, before the iPhone never had a dropped call or call fails, now it happens a couple times a week. I would consider this normal usage with the apps I use and business email with lots of PDF attachments and checking out videos and podcast for business ideas. I'm very happy with AT&T, been a customer for years. I don't doubt some of you have come across problems with the service, but prob not 60% dropped calls, if you do have that prob, it's probably more than just AT&T. The iPhone still needs a lot of work in terms of fine tuning the hardware for better usage. And if this is normal usage for me, I'm sure there are a lot of others out there who match or exceed those numbers, think about what that does to the towers and local service. I doubt there is any one provider who would be able to handle that kind of data growth overnight.

This may help some of you who are having problems. I was dropping calls regularly back around the end of 08 and into 09. A friend who works for AT&T told me that they were updating towers in the area. I started noticing 3g coming and going regularly. What I found is that when the phone switched rom 3g to edge, it would almost always drop the call if I happened to be on a call at the time. I found that switching 3g off made a huge difference. Since they have finished with the updates, I now can leave 3g on and very seldom drop calls any more. So if they are upgrading in your area, it may explain why so many dropped calls. Be patient, switch off 3g during your critical business times and wait it out.

I can say that I don't use my phone for business, just personal use. More web browsing than cellular use. I have not been to NYC lately, but when I was in NYC don't recall any problems @ all. @ home no problems either.

I had AT&T/iPhone in Colorado an. So cal no problems. Since moving to NYC I drop at least 1 Call a day, and some thimes I only make one call a day. The other night I was ATTEPTING to carry a conversation with my boyfriend, we were dropped 6 times in a row. That is no uncommon There's def something wrong with NYC AT&T.

everyone i speak to this month complains of bad reception and drop rate is 80%. the 20% remaining is shoddy.
i deleted all 3rd party apps and rebooted it.
SSDS (Same S**t, Different Smell)
of course the 2G iphone and my plan have expired in june. so wondering what to do. wait for my family and friends/clients to come out of contract shortly too, and then switch to cheapie prepayed phone until apple starts selling verizon iphones.

I live in the San Diego area, and my Wife and I both have the Iphone 3G. I would love to have a 30% drop rate. To be completely honest, I can't remember the last time I made a phone call and it didn't drop. What is really frustrating is trying to carry on a 5 minute conversation with someone who is not using ATT, because each of the 5 times the call drops, I get charged for a full minute of usage. When you do the math, I can only use half of the minutes I pay for, because I am guaranteed the other half will be consumed by 1 second dropped calls. It is one of the most frustrating things I have ever dealt with, not to mention that I am locked into another 1.5 years of a contract. Am I wrong to expect the service I pay for?! Please let me know as soon as the class action lawsuit starts, I am definitely on board!!

I pretty much can't make or receive a call between the hours of 1pm and 5pm in NYC on my iPhone. AT&T is crap, really crap.

I just googled this website to try and figure out if this is a widespread problem, and it looks like it is.
I don't even have an iPhone, I opted for a Nokia e71x because I absolutely refuse to pay $100 a month for a data plan.
My call rate has dropped precipitously. I drop about every other call, and about a third of my dials doesn't go through.
This is ridiculous. I think the company should comp us if they drop a certain number of calls a month.

I agree. I just moved to NYC and I feel like I am in a 3rd world country. This is not a telephone service that AT&T provides but a pain. My call drop rate is well above 30% and it usually takes me 2 attempts to dial a number. This situation is unsustainable especially when you are trying to conducut business over the phone. Again, I am very upset about AT&T's unresponsive and incosiderate behavior and will not return to this company as soon as my contract has expired...

I'm sitting at 7 World Trade Center in New York City, overlooking the hole that is the World Trade Center site. I have an I-phone, and a nokia phone (two different accounts) that are both on AT&T. The service is terrible for both phones. However, it's only on the IPhone that I can't make calls, drop calls like mad, don't receive text messages, get delays in voicemail notifications, etc. The reception is bad for both, but in my opinion, the primary issues mentioned above are with the IPhone.

Never would have bought it if I knew phone calls would be this unreliable. And like everyone else above, I live in an area of San Diego that supposedly has their "best" coverage..

I can't believe AT&T! They should be taken corporately out into the proverbial street and shot at close blank range. I'm a New Yorker, and I'd say on the average, 50% of my calls are dropped. If I travel north to, say, Boston, it gets worse. If I travel south, say, to D.C. it's about the same. It's SO FRIGGIN' BAD, I've actually bought a second cellphone so I can have some assurance that a call when go through when I need it to. Sheeeeeeesh. I feel totally ripped off. If you go into a Verizon store and look at the dropped call maps, it'll make you sick to your stomach when you see the AT&T map.

So glad I found this site. I've been wondering why my service has gotten so bad recently. My office is on Park and 47th and I can't stay on a call with all bars on the iPhone. Do like everyone says and switch to 2G. Better yet, smash the iPhone and go back to Verizon. I don't care who's to blame. Someone has to take responsibility.

I too am happy to have found this site. I noticed a change in my AT&T service about 2 weeks ago -- now, I drop calls in my apartment all the time and I have only 2 reception bars. If a call goes through, it gets dropped 4-5 minutes in. Before that, I got excellent reception and never dropped one call. I've also noticed that my voicemail notifications are sometimes hours late. I live on 86th and 2nd and wondered if the new 2nd Ave subway construction is interfering with my signal, but I just think AT&T has taken a turn for the worse.

I've contacted AT&T at least 2x a week, every week for three months now. I've jumped through all of their hoops. I've swapped out my iPhone 2x, swapped out 4 sim cards, and all kinds of phone resets and configuraitons. I still have call issues (Dropped calls, missed incoming calls, cannot make outgoing calls) every day!!! This happens in my hometown of Cleveland as well as where I work in Detroit. Both locations have 5 bars of coverage all the time. This is unacceptable. And AT&T still insists that I continue to pay them for their lack of service and offer me nothing. All the customer service and technical support reps offer me is empty apologies, hollow empathy, and lame execuses. I've been with AT&T since before they were Cingualr, and before they were Ameritech. I'm done with them. My patience is gone!

I live & work in manhattan and I have an iPhone 3GS on AT&T, the quality of service has dropped significantlly lately, I would say 50% dropped calls, you have to call the number 2 -3 times to get through 80% of the time with call failed sometimes for 3 minutes till getting through specially in mid town and down town to the extend that during halloween night, I couldn't make 1 phone call for over 3 hours in union square, I am serious no calls in or out for over 3 hours, this is really bad, and It's getting worst everyday

you guys should check out this video about the iphone, it’s funny but sad at the same time.
What would really be nice is if a phone company would provide a truly awesome smart phone and not deliberately overcharge them for buying one i.e. charging a mandatory data plan fee for a phone even if you don’t plan on using the phone for data that much or would prefer to use the phones data capabilities via wi-fi only.
at&t should have at least given people the option. As it stands they can’t even handle the massive increase in data traffic that happened as a result of the massive influx of new iphone owners!

my at&t service has become unbearable in the last couple of months. any call during the day in midtown manhattan gets dropped after about 20 seconds. i know it's not the iphone since it works fine in the evenings and in the suburbs. has anyone tried to get out of at&t contract on the grounds that they do not provide service as promised?

The Saint Louis market has the same type of problem. I work for an IT company and we have opened a case with AT&T because all of our iPhone users are experiencing the same type of problem. It does seem to be worse with 3G enabled but the problem doesn't totally go away in Edge. I think the 30% drop rate is actually about right. It seems like it all happened at about the same time as 3.0 firmware came out for the iPhone. I even drop calls at about the same percentage way after hours at like 2AM. Hopefully they identify the nationwide problem and get it fixed soon. Otherwise the Andriod phone on Verizon's network looks pretty appealing. After all, they "have a map for that" :)

I'm a NY Blackberry user with AT&T and my dropped call rate is well North of 50% at least. I'm into my second replacement phone now, AT&T in fact is trying to be very helpful but it all doesn't matter since I'm having 5 - 10 dropped calls a day every day since I bought the phone. They just can't get it done.

I am so frustrated and am tired of making excuses to the people that I have to call back and explain that I did not hang up on them, but rather my calls were dropped in the middle of conversation while on AT&T. I recently purchased great phone, the N97, and switched from Verizon where I never had a dropped call, or at least I do not remember one, and I have been with Verizon for years! I live in Queens, NY, and with AT&T in order not to have a dropped call at my home, on the first floor of a 2 story house, with windows in all rooms, I have to stay in one room to complete the call, because if I move from my bedroom to my kitchen less than 10 feet calls DROP! How could that be???? I guess that the phone switches from GSM to 3g or because I soon see some bars in the kitchen and could make another call!
That is not acceptable service in this day and age!
Needless to say, I am jumping ship, it is a shame because I love my phone and cannot use it on Verizon, and I do not know much about TMobile.

Also, AT&T has no service at ALL on a stretch of I84 between Middletown, NY and Port Jervis, is a 16 mile stretch and no service, on an Interstate, yet, and forget about the Palasades Parkway, in NJ. I just pray that I do not have an emergency, because I surely cannot call for help with AT&T. They could have all the apps they want, but it is a reliable phone service we pay for and need, but do not get!

ok, I have used the iphone 3G, the blackberry bold 9000 and the blackberry curve 9700. I live in Greensboro, NC The iphone AWLAYS drops my calls.
I recently had my phone mess up and temporarily cut on the iphone again until i got a new one. It STILL dropped my calls, even with updated software (if that even makes a dang difference).
I actually have not had any problems with the blackberry bold. It does seem to search for 3g alot, but not a problem. The only main problem is service at my home is limited to certain areas BUT even when I had sprint I could barely get service in my home with dropped calls as well. Friends of mine who have verizon say they get absolutley no service in their homes. Guess it depeneds on where you live.
With my curve 9700, it was pretty good. I still had bad service at home. I get dropped calls only in my home for the most part, but not nearly as much as the iphone. The iphone drops calls inside and outside the home, doesn't matter where i'm at. The curve works pretty good, but extremely slow in areas of low coverage. I did have people tell me that they can hear me better on the iphone than on the curve.
Still no problems with the bold, but I have a later version so perhaps they have tweaked some things to make it better.
It's all based on chance, everybody complains of dropped calls and terrible service on every service. It must be a lottery and if you are lucky your phone works great on the service that you have.

Wow. This phone really sucks. I happen to use my iPhone during nights to make calls. And all of my calls. But ALL are dropped. AT&T and apple sucks... I'm gonna go back to my v3. It might not be as cool as the iPhone. But I can talk. Very disappointed !!

It's not the iPhone. It's the AT&T Wireless network. I live in the Bay area and the phone service here is terrible. At first I thought it was the iPhone. Prior to the iPhone, I had Verizon.
So I was in Oahu last week. Got 3G coverage every where I went on the island including some remote places on the North shores. None of my phone calls were dropped. Did not get the "Call Failed" message at all for a whole week. I was able to have an hour long conversation for the first time since I bought the iPhone 2 years ago.
So it's not the iPhone that's causing all these problems. Verizon is right. It's the network. This is ridiculous that we're locked to AT&T in order to use the iPhone.

It is AT&T entirely. Even in London where cell phone user density is high the iPhone works just great with ANY of the carriers you can connect to. Sitting at La Guardia it is just Call Failed, Call Failed, Call Failed. Why anyone in NYC would have an iPhone locked to AT&T is incomprehensible. For AT&T is a great business model though - a revenue stream based on hope.

My iphone drops more than half my calls (verified by Genius bar). I am in NYC, mostly downtown to midtown. Apple replaced my phone and nothing changed. I have three iphones on my account. The one in Boston works. The two in NYC don't. At this moment, at the corner of Chambers and West Broadway, I am unable to call out (call is dropped within seconds) and can't retrieve phone messages. I have a backup T-mobile that never drops. My wife has Verizon that never drops. I can't wait to drop AT&T.

I'm experiencing 100% of call failure on my iPhone . Usually within 5-10 minutes the call drops. Or the call won't even connect! I live in the NJ / NYC area. Just replaced my iPhone and the dropped calls actually became worse. AT&T points the blame at Apple and says it's a phone issue. Apple points the finger at AT&T and says it's the network. I never had a dropped call on Verizon. I can't wait to get the iPhone on a new network.

I live south of Nashville in Murfreesboro, TN and my signal with my iPhone constantly goes from 3G to EDGE to nothing all with a failure rate of 2 out of 5 calls. I can not even use the phone in my home and have to stand outside or the call will surely drop. I switched to AT&T from TMobile solely for the iPhone and have experienced nothing but grief. With the recent talks of increasing the cost of AT&T's data plans, I will just switch back to TMobile.

I am having the same problem in Ft. Wayne, IN and other parts of the country when traveling. Many calls go to voicemail. Tried calling with wife's Samsung... rings 3-4 times on hers before rings once on mine then it goes to vmail! If I don't answer on first ring -- no call -- that's tough when driving!!!!
Worked great in SOCAL. Exchanged 2x, new SIM card... still call failures, still NO SERVICE indicator when switching between EDGE and 3G. I want out!!!!!!!!

I live in San Diego, CA, and I would say that if I'm driving, WELL OVER 50% of calls on AT&T are dropped. I drive the same route every day, and there are certain spots where it usually drops. This is a major metro area and this should not happen. In addition, the reception is terrible with TONS of static. I have a Samsung AT&T phone.
I used to have Verizon and only about 1% of calls were dropped. The reception was fantastic -- once we were backpacking in the Sierras and there was a fire nearby and couldn't get reception but somehow 911 worked and connected me up with a highway patrol in Nevada. I will, however, say that Verizon's customer service left something to be desired.
The only reason I'm on this stupid AT&T is because my husband has an iphone.

I had been an AT&T used since it was called cingular in NYC. I have had many phones from them over the years and never ever had complaints over the services, I have even used my phone internationally (if u don't mind $300 to $500 bills just for few calls and some txts). I bought my Iphone in November and since then i have had recurring calls dropped, a rarity to the point of not remembering a single case before the change to Iphone, now I tend to worry of how much my phone drops calls, specially since I tend business overseas and international calling is a most and my company for years charges a connection fee which i have to pay again because I got a dropped call. Still i will try to use edge instead of 3G, unless i need the internet, will report on how that works out.

Ok, I tried it, it works really well, i had only one dropped call because i forgot to switch to EDGE after using the internet. So it does work, sad the network is not that great on 3G :S

To clear something up, there may be problems with the iphone, but ultimately it is the AT&T network, it is so sub-par it is shocking.
Proof - I have an older Blackberry Curve and it is not 3G, only EDGE. And guess what? I get dropped calls ALL the time in Manhattan. ALL the time. So it is not only iPhone users. And it is not only people using 3G. It's AT&T's network, and that is a FACT. Everyone I know who has AT&T in NYC says the same thing.
I live in NJ and the reception is not perfect but a little better than in Manhattan (although I still get dropped calls), but the reception in the city is completely unacceptable. I don't care how many iPhone users there are sucking up data in NYC, any wireless carrier who doesn't have a good network in the biggest city in the country is second-rate.
In 13 days my contract is up and the first thing I will do that morning is go to the Verizon store and switch my service. I can't wait.

I am former verizon black berry user. I live in Brooklyn NY, my family has 3 iPhones the number of dropped calls has gotten so bad that i amn going to break my contract with AT&T. I am going back to Verizon and on January 25th get the Palm Pre Plus, it looks awesome!!!!

I am a new iphone user-- got my first (16G) in mid-December 09. the user-friendliness, texting, web function, apps are all great, often amazing. The cell service kind of defies words, it is truly awful-- whether at home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn or at work in mid-town west. truthfully, my dropped call rate for this first month with is around 60%. I preface many calls with "I may lose you at some point". but I am addicted to this thing, hopefully cell issues will be resolved. well, they have to at some point, else a revolt. apparently I am not alone.

I am one of those guys who has to every phone that comes out. I don't care about the cost to break a contract and I have broken many. I have learned this >>>READ THIS>>>> For anyone wanting to get out of contract with att, JUST CALL (you may need to sound irate and ask to speak to a supervisor) I use my phone mostly in NYC. I carry a Verizon phone as well. Calling to my att iphone, I notice the iphone (or any phone on att network ive tried) calls go straight to voice mail. Not good. People dont leave vm these days and you will never know they called. This is at least a 30-50 % of the time. SO just tell them you how unhappy you are they WILL let you out of your contract immediately. I got out of 3! Although I think they must have known I wasnt really going anywhere (addicted to iphone) I have finally decided the iphone is the best phone I have ever used. I carry one just for friends and family to call, browse the web take amazing photos and use apps. When it comes to business calls its Verizon all the way. after trying many phones, i still like the Palm Treo running windows os.

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