Apple Readying First Software Update for iPhone


AppleInsider reports that Apple may be readying its first major software update for iPhone, set for release very soon now. According to the article, Apple VP Greg Joswiak told analysts that it expects to release an update soon. Exactly what may be contained within the update remains uncertain. It could simply be a package of bug fixes, or a mashup of new applications and features.

We'll be watching.


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Reader comments

Apple Readying First Software Update for iPhone


Wonder if a software update will include 'fixes' that prevent the hacked iPhones from continuing to work... e.g. as a WIF device w/o phone service or hacked to work on another phone network.
I keep holding my breath each days iTunes syncs a new software build...

I am not deaf, but I hope the sound level is software driven and the level can be raised slightly. try listening to the speaker in a noisy inviorment.