Plusmo Announces iPhone Support, Plus a Buttload of Widgets


What better way to waste spend your time than downloading thousands of Widgets, slideshows, gamecasts, and feeds right on your iPhone. Plusmo offers a very simple iconic web frontend that delivers easy access to online content, suited for mobile devices. It works very similar to another online mobile content service called Widsets.

Plusmo goes a bit further my creating a homescreen-like interface and enabling web content developers and bloggers (that would be me) to create one-click publishing links that allow users to quickly subscribe to your mobilized content.

And like so many other Web 2.0 services...this one is free!


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Reader comments

Plusmo Announces iPhone Support, Plus a Buttload of Widgets


I talk to Apple today 2 times and they both said the 2.0 update will give old iPhones the 3G and GPS in this update so dont toss out the 1 gen iPhone!!

I am using other products on my iPhone online device. And I am comfortable using it. I will have the time to try purchasing this Plusmo.