Mozilla Working on iPhone App. Don't Hold Your Breath for Firefox

This weekend GigaOm brought word that Mozilla was working on an iPhone app. Of course, thoughts turn immediately towards their most famous product -- Firefox. However, Apple doesn't allow 3rd party code interpreters and that means no Gecko HTML renderer and no TraceMonkey Javascript engine. And again, I don't think there's any need for Mozilla to make a WebView wrapper...

So what else is there? Browser link sync? The iPhone will sync Safari links, or Internet explorer on Windows, but syncing links for Firefox users is thus far unsupported, and no doubt many would love to have that functionality:

Later, I sat around gabbing with Lilly and Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s VP of Mobile, talking about Weave and the Awesome Bar, which is a way to get access to all your browsing history and bookmarks by just typing them in the URL bar on your browser. And while we were talking about Weave, I asked them if it was going to be part of this new, mysterious iPhone app. Lilly and Sullivan smiled and remained silent. Interestingly, they didn’t correct me.

Malik notes that Weave might be too competitive with MobileMe for Apple's tastes, but that of course will depend on the exact implementation offered on the iPhone, and how flexible Apple is feeling (more so than ever, it seems of late). And if ever a Weave there was, bringing it to the iPhone certainly makes sense.

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Mozilla Working on iPhone App. Don't Hold Your Breath for Firefox


No third party code interpreters...
One has to wonder just how long Apple will insist on this.
There was a time it was necessary, but lets face it, Chrome is beating Safari with its own webkit stick, and Firefox has proven itself a very solid rendering engine. But since the divorce, Apple can't go back to Google for anything.
If Apple could contract the entire web interface to Mozilla it leaves them so much more time for other things.
Just sayin...

BTW, MobileMe users can sync their Firefox bookmarks with XMarks (previously FoxMarks). You can actually keep Firefox, Safari, and IE bookmarks in sync across all your desktops (both PC and Mac) with XMarks and then let MobileMe carry that across to your iPhone(s). It's been working like a charm for me since Firefox is my desktop browser of choice.

Mozilla should just go die in a hole. Of they have to stick around, they should switch to WebKit.

@frog Wow that was first time I have ever heard someone talk crap about Mozilla. Apple has got you by the balls and they are not letting go.

I would love to see this app come to existence, if it is in the works, cause this is definitely something I've been waiting for! All my bookmarks are in firefox! Gotta have em with me=]