's Gary Krakow Reviews Reviews, Thinks iPhone 3G Stinks. We Think it's Not the iPhone...

Pop quiz: You're not Mossberg, Pogue, or Baig and you don't work for anything like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, or USA Today, so you don't have a shiny new iPhone 3G to review, but you do have a couple minutes of web vid to fill, and a massive amount of iPhone hype to jack. What do you do?

If you're's Gary Krakow -- the genius who previously suggested that the iPhone should dump OS X and run Windows-fr33kin-Mobile -- then you pump yourself up as much as possible, and dump all over the BIG 3's reviews.

Got your yuck-brown highlighter ready? Good. Go through and strike out all the positive stuff, mumble quickly what's too important to strike out, and then harp ill-informedly about whatever tiny troubles you can find. Nothing Windows Mobile couldn't fix anyway, right?

Sure, there'll be a market for this type of flame-bait manipulation, lots of blog links (guilty as charged!) and fan boy fury, but is the loss of credibility really worth it Gar? And can't they at least find a "reporter" to interview you without questions so canned and leading that the simple math they run is the only thing that makes me believe they're not entirely animatronic?

Yeesh. When exactly did become roadkill?

Thanks to Joe (The Reptile) for the tip!

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Reader comments's Gary Krakow Reviews Reviews, Thinks iPhone 3G Stinks. We Think it's Not the iPhone...


Sweet shaving job. Sweet glasses. I didn't find either of the reviews they talked about very negative, and people seem to not comprehend the fact that you can turn off 3G. This means that if you're planning a long call with someone for one reason or another, you can easily drop to the older network that will easily get you 10 hours of talk time.

This is really a crap perspective. He mentions exchange support, then talks about games, then says it's not what business users are looking for. First, I think the iPhone is meant to have something for everybody, not just for businesses and their employees. Second, who doesn't want a work phone with good games :)

he doesn't seen to realize that every problem he has mentioned can be fixed with software updates.

At what point in the video did he say he thinks the iPhone 3G stinks?
He reviewed existing reviews already out there.
He highlighted on some of iPhone 3G's cons AND pros...OP, why would you say this guy stinks?
Because all of his comments about the iPhone 3G were not positive.
ALL cell phones have pros and cons.

Sherry Krueger thinks that the Iphone is innovative but that the Lg Dare is better. Sherry Krueger believes that her employees deserve the best and she might give her employee, Luke an IPhone or Lg Dare or maybe both.

Er.. In HUGE honking letters right beneath the video: You are Watching: The iPhone 3G Stinks.
As to why it's not the iPhone 3G that stinks, that should be obvious. Journalism is a serious endeavor for serious people. That vid is pretty much the opposite of that, faux-reporter asking questions of faux-expert and all. It's a slamfomercial, is what it is. Now why would they do that?
@James: B'okay...?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that none of the reviews used the word 'stink' in any of it's forms. In fact, all 3 of the reviews were fair and at times were critical but never took cheap shots.
Now Krakow is another story. He took the most critical parts of the articles and used it as the basis of his video report. Then he one ups and says the product 'stinks' even though he's never used it yet and nobody ever said that. Anyone with a logical or semi-logical brain could figure out that his review of the reviews was one-sided. Read the articles and then judge for yourself and let us know if the reaction is warranted.

I've read all 3 articles, Times, USA and the other. Those 3 seemed fair. The video above, he seemed like he didn't know what he was talking about, only what he's read. On that basis, I wouldn't have even given his video space on my site.
Skip jokers like that and stick to some substance.
By posting his vid, you've helped to spread his nonsense even more...where's my hazmat suit, I don't want to catch his Space....MADNESSSS!

I guess Krakow didn't get the memo. The $30 unlimited plan comes with 200 text messages now.

I do not beleive the $30 unlimited interntet plan for the iPhone 3G comes with txt. You have to buy that seperately...
200 txt for $5/month

I was concerned about the poor battery life at first. But as someone above has pointed out, the 3G radio can be turned off when making calls and it will extend the battery life significantly. 3G is only necessary when you are using data service, but not needed at all for voice service.
Remember that the 3G iPhone still has the best battery life out of all 3G capable phones. If only the all mightly Steve Jobs would allow replacable batterys on the iPhone design....

Wow! I bet this was nothing more than a tactic to get curious people onto their site for advertising revenue. They offered nothing new and "insight" into interviews that was way out of context. Who is this guy? Maybe he is jealous that he didn't receive an iPhone to test 2 weeks prior to its release. His lack of finesse on camera assures him no future in reputable reviewing. And he needs a razor that isn't cut in half.

@ Stephman
Yeah the $30 plan comes with 200 texts included. I guess ATT caved under all the negative responses. I called them yesterdy to confirm it, and it's true. Nice!

These guys don't get Apple. They're complaining about things out of Apple's control. AT&T 3G coverage isn't Apple's fault. Weak GPS isn't their fault unless you want a thicker, more expensive unit which just isn't Apple's style. Cut and paste. offense but I really don't think there are many times you really need cut and paste. Plus, there is no constantly displayed place for the iPhone which means Apple would need to add a new gesture to copy AND paste or find a way to put it into the keyboard. The battery isn't going to last long on any 3G phone no matter what. And AT&T raised plan rates. Not Apple.
I just think their whining because iPhone 3G doesn't defy physics to meet their needs.