Fake Steve Gets Steved: Dan Lyons Retires the Parody Postings

It's the end of the blogsphere as we know it, and dagnabit I don't feel fine. Why? Fake Steve is retiring. Former Forbes columnist Dan Lyons, who once panned bloggers and later rose to internet stardom after being exposed as one of the most infamous -- and best in some opinions -- bloggers of them all, is heading to Newsweek and will be switching his posting over to his own name. No doubt his content will continue to be razor sharp and wickedly insightful -- if not inciting -- but Fake Steve has become such an icon of the Web 2.0 age that I can't help but think the loss of Dear Leader, El Jobso, the wake-and-baker himself will leave the net just a little emptier.

Sappy much? Go read his Greatest Hits (scroll down the sidebar) if you haven't already. iPhone fans may want to start here.

Now let's all raise our precisely 98 degree organic, monkey-picked health teas (in bone-white #7 porcelain cups) in toast, b'okay?

Namaste Fake Steve. We honor the place where your sarcastic wit and our laughter met.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Fake Steve Gets Steved: Dan Lyons Retires the Parody Postings


Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons) Throws in the Towel!
I told you people that this would happen, this iTard has been busted! (I'm just surprised how long it took)
I will be gracious though, he was slightly entertaining, but it's over now.
FSJ is DEAD! The talent-free Dan Lyons just could not keep up with this site!
Who do you look to now? Where is the mystery? The wit? The sharp biting concise commentary? Where? Where?
Hmmmm, how about right here, I promise I will NEVER leave you! Besides I tell the truth.
Mourn FSJ if you must, just not too long, we have work to do!
Forbes is pulling the plug on his sick little blog! The fall has apparently accelerated over at the Copy-boy itard Lie-ons fake Frobes Steve Jobs Danny-boy lame-brain website.
Tthe fact is that the edge is gone, wake up people! Your fake was a fake of a fake for goodness sake. I have heard that the lawyers and editors gave him a loooong list of don't-mentions, a few being:

  1. Don't critisize Forbes or any Forbes employees
  2. Do not use words that Pat Robertson would find objectionable.
  3. Do not directly critisize MS products (since we pay the bills)
  4. Jump on Sun, pretend they are the new danger to Apple.
  5. Tone down the pet-names.
  6. Be politically correct!
  7. Edit/monitor of comments is the responsibility of the FSJCComitte.
  8. Deny that all of the above rules are true while adhering to them.
    You die hards are living in the past, this guy has been a has been ever since the very first day that I launched this blog! He is yesterday's news, he is about as in style as one of those smelley old turtle-necks Jobs wears.

This web site is the future of fabulous tech Blogging, with a growth rate of 5200% over the past 3 months and accelerating.
(reaching through the screen and comforting my readers)
... there, there ... (pats you on back)
just let it alll out, it's gonna be ok.
He was no good for you anyway ... yes, yes, ..... evething's OK now ...
Now dosen't that fell better?
Let the healing begin. Delete FSJ's bookmark, make this your homepage.
..... good, good .... everything is fine now.