Non-Disclosure Expiring? [Redacted] Retracted? App Store to Launch Today?!

iPhone 3G 2.0 SDK 3rd Party Apps Rumor Roundup

Since the iPhone SDK launch in March, developers accepted into the program have been bound via NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to Apple-institutionalized uber-secrecy (leading one noted developer to cleverly refer to the SDK as [REDACTED] on Twitter). Tech Crunch says, like .Mac, that may end later today:

Apple finally let developers know when their iPhone apps will be live on the App Store for users to download and use: around 9 am PST Thursday morning. That, at least, is when the embargo lifts and press can start writing about the specific applications. Presumably the App Store will go live, along with iPhone 2.0 software in general, around that time.

So get ready to push-update your new MobileMe calendars and launch your iTunes 7.7, because it looks like the App Store cometh. (Thanks again, New Zealand!) In a few short hours, we may just know who made it into the launch party. (And Dieter, Brian, and Casey may be slap-fighting over who gets to rock Super Monkey Ball first -- at least until they add network multiplayer :) )


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Non-Disclosure Expiring? [Redacted] Retracted? App Store to Launch Today?!


First of all, I'm going to be super excited when I start to see reviews for apps and such. Second, I really really want to see that network multiplayer for Super Monkey Ball.