Video: Proof of Concept Demonstrates Copy and Paste on iPhone

iPhone Copy and Paste from lonelysandwich and Vimeo.

Whoever this chap "lonelysandwich" is he deserves a medal for a brilliantly conceived video and working concept of copy and paste on iPhone.

P.S. I love you too, lonelysandwich.


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Reader comments

Video: Proof of Concept Demonstrates Copy and Paste on iPhone


Oh Joy! This was the number one reason I didn't think iPhone couldn't be a blogging tool! But maybe now it can be...

Not really a "proof of concept", but an interesting demo of a way of doing Cut/Copy/Paste.
Hopefully, Apple will get off their backsides and get this little missing feature into the iPhone. It's pretty much the top missing feature for me. Not being able to "edit" text I'm writing really makes using the iPhone for email pretty close to impossible.

Yeah, I could have done without the iPhone talking head guy. That was just weird and totally not necessary.

Dude, the video is a "suggestion" of what copy and paste would be like if the guy could actually put the code into the phone. It's not actually there. It's a lot of Photoshop/Final Cut Pro magic. (Assuming he used a Mac to do the video editing)
I guess it's a testament of how well the video was put together that you felt that he was describing how to do copy and paste, not how it "should" or "could" be done. :)