Apple Acknowledges Problems with iPhone's Touchscreen, Offers Repair


A growing number of iPhone users have reported what could be a serious manufacturing flaw affecting some units. After an indeterminate period of use the touchscreen may lose sensitivity in specific locations on the screen. These "dead spots" will be no longer respond to user input. For a device that depends entirely on touch input for manipulation...this isn't good.

Fortunately Apple is listening, and is now offering repairs for anyone experiencing this problem. Unfortunately the company seems intent on enforcing its $29 rental fee for loaner iPhones, while your device is in the shop. Several readers have reported they managed to negotiate a waiver, but I am not satisfied with this scheme. Negotiation should be unnecessary when the problem is a manufacturing flaw.

If I drop my iPhone and send it in for repairs I am more than willing to pony up $30 for a loaner. After all, I am the cause in this case. I draw the line when it's the manufacturer to blame. But I digress. So if your iPhone isn't responding to your touch. Call Apple and schedule a return.

I wish my dating life were this simple. Women never respond to my touch. Whom do I call to fix that?


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Reader comments

Apple Acknowledges Problems with iPhone's Touchscreen, Offers Repair


Just pull the SIM card and pop it into whatever device/phoneyou were using before you got your iPhone. Unless of course your iPhone was your first foray with ATT/Stinkular.
Either way, let's disperse with any whining about your $29. You ponied up $500 or $600 to have your damn iPhone, certainly you can spare the $29 if you just have to have a loaner during the repair period.

i unlocked the iphone i used it for about 2 days i put it on charge after while i wanted to make a phone call i noticed a massage that say repair needed.could you sort this problem out.please let me know

T.L. Coyote: The iPhone doesn't have a SIM card, so it isn't simply a matter of swapping back to your old phone...

I have already returned my iphone 4 times i might as well get a new phone the thing is a pos... I recomend anyone wanting to purchase the Iphone wait a year or so... the bugs gotta be fixed theres a little to many
and steve my Iphone has a SIM card so your facts are false

i have taked my sim card out and used my other phone. so yes they do have sim cards. and i hate the i phones mine always freezes and the screen shakes and everything. i hate it!

ok I bought the iPhone on the 22ed of July, I had to wait over 10 days to get it (11)to be exact and since having it, its had problems with the touch screen after a few days of using it I can't use most links in webpages like capital one , myspace , bestbuy , bank of America or any other website, this is a pretty big problem to me, I had to wait over 10 days to get an iPhone that dosent even work properly now iam going to have to wait while my iPhone is shipped and then wait to get a replace ment no iam assuming iam going to tell them they can keep there crappy,BUGGY,ridculies software, they not doing much to help me iam tired of this my iPhone also has been having problems with the browser for all of you wondering about this it seems that whin ever I visit a web site it and it loads unproperly I first noticed this whin ever I was visiting the page was showin very improperly so I decied to try something I cleared my cache and cookies and just to be shire I went back to my browser and made shire this website was closed and not seting or viewing from I delete and reset the cache and cookies and also recent viewed site, there for there should have been no directory for the page inside of there for it should have been erased , well guess what it was not so I decied to close the windows agean and I opened a page to google makig shire I did not have open I went to my settings a decied to delete the cache and cookies and recent webpages after that I turned the iphone off for about 5 minutes, I turned the iPhone and went to settings and once agean I cleared the cache and cookies and recent websites (akaVistied) after everything was clear I selected my home buttun and went back to the web browser and the olny page the was already open was google then I clicked new page and there it was agean same page in the same view in the same directory (akaSameLink) same name , now this came to a suprise to me considering I took the proper steps to solve this problem but apperently my cache and cookies werent erased as I thought. There for , if my cache and cookies did not clear like suppose to then it would olny confer me to as how much a master restore would even do, I understand not all iPhones will have this problem but it appears that mine does there for resulting in the conclusion the my web browser has been hijacked and I can not delete the cookie from which caused it , And for all you that say Safari is a good web browser I would say other wise there is currently a hacking exploit open to hijackers with the safari web browser , black hat has discovered this vulnerbility in the safari browers which gives hackers/hijackers the ability to obtain everything on your iPhone it simply askes for information on the iPhone for the hacker/hijacker they even have the ability to listen in on conversation and what ever else they fell to do that being said , also the vulnurbility that can be exploited is still unpatched and in fixed for the hackers/software developers it seems there living the good life, coding half ass patches and fixes at there on slow rate and if you disagree with me listen hear , black hat annouced the vulnerbility to apple and even exploitied it but yet apple did not even get back with black to fix this problem with that being said iam shore there will be a fix for it EVentally , but there shouldn't be this many problems although we have to keep in mind this was made by one of the worest companys/ parent companys that are creating something they can't even handle I assume this is somthing to expect from these companys but something they don't under stand is the fact that there olny worried about geting payed rather the reliabilty of there soft ware and product all I can consider is never buying a product of there's or a parenting company, it's not in my intrest to be apart of the iPhone scandel it's a product the apple has released with out properlly testing it, all of you can not disagree with me while I understand that not all iPhones are defective I still assume a large portion of theme are , whin you start pjishinf the manufactors to produce larger numbers than expected then I assume there are going to be between 25 to 50 % to be defective considering numbers like that would be expected, I figure that I'll go ahead and send my iPhone off and in the mean time I'll have to spend 29$ for a rented one although I will make the 29$ worth it RofL I will test the hijacking exploit my self using it server using a website to hijack/control the vulnurbility that the iPhone is currently suffering from and see what kind of exploits are use able considering this in mind I will post a states of the exploit used agenst the iPhones vulnurbility once I have completed the test however I will not share the (howTo) with you all but rather give you the results I have no intension on being sued by apple for leaking an exploit uses able agenst there vulnurbility, how ever I will hijack the browser on the rented iPhone I have no intentions on screwing mine up consedering that it's a rented one I plan to experment on it olny makes sense 29$ is alot of money altough considering mines not even been in my possen two weeks and is all ready falling I should not have to make 29$ but it's ur money that they want while I understand that they charge and they should it's just that there should be some exceptions for owners like me who had to wait for over a week with no phone just to get it I bought it on the 22ed of July picked it up aug1 and not it's acting all screwed up what the fùçk man this is a real bìTçh of a problem, I can barelly enjoy using my iPhone to day I was tempted to through it agenst the wall although if it would have been free it would be laying on the floor of the wall shatered.
What I would like to also say is that as long as apple contuines to use there curent way of busness and keeps pissing off the hackers with there none dependable service the hijacking/hacking of the iPhone will increase, assuming that inmind you have to ask your self is it really worth it ? as long as apple keeps disatifing

ok I got half way through my post and clicked done, I didn't mean to do this but I noticed somthing this iPhone dosent have an option for me to scroll to the buttum of my post RofL so I could contuine where I left of instead I had to post it as is although I can't really hate on the iPhone for this how ever I will say this website was throwen together a out as well as the iPhone heh considuring you couldn't add a scroll option in the post a comment box , thanks alot for leaving scroll option out you fake âśš wonna be we'd designer tell me somthing who ever created this website was a true idioit I mean look I can call him a stupid bîTçh < ya that's rite it's still there not no bullšíhT âśš >(*********)< look I've already figured out how to cuss in this blog with my words being altered all I ask is add a scroll option in the post comment box not everyone uses computers damn this is A iPhone site rite tell me why you couldn't even configure it a little decent for all the iPhone users that are going to use it, iam going to have to holla at my boy and get the Russian botarmy to take this šhìt down, RofL no iam just joking I iunderstand it's not rite and I would also be upset if someone crashed my server.
By the way I would like to add to this if you are going to connect through WiFi it's a good idea to use a proxy server, I have an old win98 cyclone that I just recently turned into a funcitonal proxy server with proper coding iam able to control incoming and out going traffic, with this in mind I have the ease knowing my server is not being used for an illegal operation like cracking, or petofile shit, also identiy theft is becoming very populary considering hackers are hacking other hackers and other people using them to do things u wouldn't do for instance say u piss a hacker off he will get even I promise you if not killing your computer than he can talk to young girls or boys and have conversations and possable senr your pics to which are mostley c0ps that the hacker knows is a c0p, yup u guest it the hacker hacked the cop which I find very understand able, he'll if it was me ied talk to him for a second let him think he has me then bame crash his comp if it was me ied use erase command promt commands memory dump then delete recuclebin securitly yup u guessed it remener those old codes oh how nice they were and still are which I have a full written proper crash code on my master computer for whom knows why it's a neat program I made using vb which will erase it beyond data recoverey , yes people you can make a computer earsed just by writing over the same directory location of it. Sorry for the none iPhone post ; )
By the way I just learned how to scroll down the post box although I still feal there should be a scroll bar option of course if u want the code I'll figure it out for you it's not hard RofL u should know it j.s
But as I was saying about my proxy server , using random unknow proxy can cause havok for some depending on the owner of the server all the history in mine is view able that's rite you could be geting spyed and not even know it so in terms all of you using a proxy or that plan to use one and know nothing about the owner of the server I wouldn't recommand using that proxy if you have an old computer laying around you can convert that over to be used as a proxy server considering that you can turn that old computer into anykind of server

and it's offical I had to post agean why ? Because this fûćkîñg iPhone has this fûçked up screen with the touch screen slowly dieing away becoming less workable WTF man and dâmñ it add a scroll bar option in the fûçkìñg post comment section this is geting very ridculas I can't scroll down to where I left off at and my touch screen working half âśš with some directory WTF man and this is a offical apple site
I tell u what iam a better programmer than all the fools that perticapated I'm creating this web page u fools need to get ur šhít to gether it looks like u webdesigners and devolpers suck heh this must have been some young fresh collage student that is in a big hurry to think about the smaller thing that counts ya thatsvrite if I was your boss you would have put about 50% more work into coding this page I mean come on there is alot more you could have added j.s
Maybe next time I come to this blog you will have fixed these problem yes that's rite I see more than , just like the fools that coded the iPhone u all just want to get paid, u see they programmers that like doing there job and not ones that are in a hurry trying to get done it's some bullšítè just like that 2.1.0 update rofL it's filled with more bugs than what bugs you did fix with it rofL WTF do u do that ? I'll tell you how because as long as you keep coding šhíty áśš updates you will have to keep making more which means you will keep geting paid for fixing a problem that was old but by also creating a new problem
Eithervway it goes if me and my crew ran that and were geting payed a cool half a million atleast I would be doing my job rather slaking
Atleast I know ied make that cool half a million worth it heh
Long story stratht fix this dàmń iPhone and this website.
Ps add a damn scroll bar option in the post mesg box it's fùçkïñg killing me considering iam using an iphone to read and type this šhít
~ sMoKii ~
TrilL hacker
We the best my ñìggâ
ReCkLe5z InC.
Ya Digg

Hey guyz!!!
I ve got a problem with my iphone touch screen one part of the touchscreen doesnt work!!!=((
Does some1 know what can i do??
help me plz!!!

My iphone touchscreen does not react at all - I have taken the SIM ard out and then place it back in - the screen still does not react. HELP

hey guyz, my phone touch screen not working at all for 3 days now, does any one know what to do so i can get mah iphone back.

I have been having problems with deadspots in my iphone touchscreen for almost a month now. First various areas didn't work, particularly lower right quad, especially on the keypad. Then, it started going really crazy. It would change screens randomly even though I didn't select them, sometimes entering letters and spaces I didn't touch. sometimes it would just go off like wildfire if I passed my fingers above the keypad -about a centimeter above - though not touching it.
I took it into the Apple store for support. They told me that restoring the phone would update the software and likely fix the problem - which it did. While the phone was restoring, they noted that the phone indicated liquid had entered the liquid sensors. this is true. the phone did get wet about 4 months ago. I put it in a bag of rice for a day or so to be sure there was no water inside and it has worked just fine this whole time.
While they admitted to me that they have seen this same problem in phones that have not been exposed to liquid, they told me they wouldn't warranty it. Fair enough, I understand that.
A couple of weeks later, I started having similar problems. went to the store, another restore and it worked again. although while it was restoring they kept telling me that it was liquid damage. that it can take time to corrode, etc. I don't believe it. had it been within a week or two, I would, but not after 4 months. the moisture would have done it's damage and the corrosion maxed out long before now. but if someone (who doesn't work for Apple) has reason to believe otherwise, I'd be interested in hearing.
now I am having the problem again but on a limited basis, only the very bottom right keys on the keypad are affected. does anyone know of a solution other than the restore thing?

Why is apple being so unreasonable with this? I spent a while on the phone with them today trying to explain my touchscreen has areas that do not work. I can not text, call or do pretty much anything on it. I am a pediatric nurse who is on call alot, I need my phone. They offered no apologies, instead I was blasted with the $29.00 fee and a hold for over $500.00 on my credit card just in case they can somehow find a way to blame me and charge me for a defective phone. For those of you who are apple believers, who would pay the extra costs to buy apple products, my question is why? I will try to get my phone repaired but I have learned my lesson, good quality merchandise and great customer service is more important to me than a name from now on. Good luck to all of you, surely someone at apple is smart enough to find a way to fix these phones as well as smart enough to not treat us like we are trying to rob them while doing so.

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The iPhone is a great device. A big innovation that has pushed the mobile device market forward. Unfortunatelty it is very sensitive. The glass can break, the water detction sensors can be tripped by shower steam in a bathroom.

That's completely ridiculous that you have to pay for the loaner phones. They should just send out new phones to everyone. At least you don't have to pay for the iphone repair.

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