TiPb Readers Predict! What Will We See From Apple and iPhone in 2010?


We're not smart enough to predict Apple or the iPhone in 2010 -- obviously. But we know you, our magnificent readers, just might be. Check out the polls below and let us know what you think Apple and the iPhone will bring us in 2010. Note, this isn't what you want them to do, it's what you realistically think Apple will do.

Polls after the break!

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TiPb Readers Predict! What Will We See From Apple and iPhone in 2010?


All I want to see is

  1. A 5+ megapixel camera
  2. A Better screen AMOLED, OLED, higher resolution whatever, just a better screen.
  3. Better notification system, same as the Pre's or Androids. A notification light on the home button like the Pre's would be nice.
  4. A "Today Screen" with all your notifications, appointments events on the Lockscreen.
  5. iChat
  6. Ability to choose your own tones for mail, sms and ringtones from your iTunes Library.
  7. Better battery
  8. Louder speaker and tones.
  9. In built spell checker and high lighter like on the Mac.

Apple need to step their game up, the competition is getting close.

My wish list includes...
Maps with voice guidance and a REAL gps radio. Even if it's a dock accessory.
Improved screen res. Maybe HD ?
Better WiFi Radio to find more free signals.
More low battery warnings.
Ability to change ringer vol. without unlocking.
Faster 3G, for data.
Ability to hide any app, like camera roll.
Background apps for multitasking.
Better camera with a flash.
And of course all this and great battery life.
Is that too much ?

@BigMeat. I'm getting to that point. Guess I will have to carry a Cellphone and a iPhone

For the 100th time, Apple, please fix AVRCP. Not being able to adjust tracks/volume in a $500 iPhone iPod is ridiculous!

Apple will do the easy stuff. More memory, faster processor. I think Jobs is stubborn though and you won't see any change to the shape, home screen or any multi tasking.

  • Their major fault is in the me way the phone messages. PNS only creates a greater mess.
  • I've seen people suggest a quick reply interface. When a message comes in , you can type a quick reply on top of what you're doing without exiting the app.
  • Stored notification needs to be implemented.
  • Proper text message time stamps ( maybe on the bottom of the text ). It might create an unclean interface but I rather know exactly when I sent a text than to guestimate.
  • Also to , select multiple images for MMS. I guess there is a bandwidth limit for MMS but AT LEAST 2 pics at a time ... They did this with emails , smh , give us multiple images for MMS.
  • They desperately need to have a in app safari for quickly viewing links. It's really annoying to have to back into mail to finish reading the message or to have to repeat the same process with another link.

The App store has it's faults too.

  • We need to have the option to skip updates or to never have a automatic notification of an update.
  • we should be able to copy discriptions as well.

Apps we NEED is a finder. Mail is not the proper place to hold on to attachments. That just happened to be an accidental feature. A tab in iTunes to drag and drop files into. Also , let apps have the Finder API so docs to go doesn't have to use Wi-Fi to transfer files.
- add contact to event
- edit groups

you can send multiple images in MMS. go to photo library select your pictures (at least three I believe) click share select MMS.

actualy you can send 4 at a time. Go to your photo library, select share, select the images you want, select share again, your options will pop up, select MMS.

ok last time, you can send up to 5. Push the forward button in the bottom left hand side if the screen in your photo library, select up to 5 images, select share, then select MMS, you will then be taken to the message apps, were you will fing your selected images.
Type a message to go along with the selected images if you like, then select send.

I'd like to see a better notification system. That's all really, despite all the rumblings/hype - android is years behind iPhone with regards to software, many years...

Actuallly I would like to see a Tipb app for the iPhone. Engadget, BGR, and Tuaw alll have one. Tipb is the last site I look at that doesn't have one yet.
Oh, and I also want a pony. . .

"iPhone docks into iSlate docks into iMac -- like wooden dolls!"
that's the best idea I've heard yet! IPhone docks with tablet, sharing it's 3G/wifi, tablet then docks with iMac for big screen, extra storage, Ethernet, and peripherals! I'd love a setup like that.

Ability to scroll back to the home screen. You know, the one with the pretty wallpaper and large clock... without having to put the phone to sleep and wake it again. After several months of having the iPhone I'm still hitting the home button expecting to get the home page and large clock! Why can't we flip back to the home page after the phone is unlock?

Also, the home screens Clock and "Slide to unlock" borders are too large. Apple could try to minimize them, since they get in the way when viewing my custom wallpapers.

I for sure believe that Apple isn't introducing an OLED screen, a front-facing iChat camera, and a DAMN PHYSICAL keyboard. oh, and a replaceable battery!
C'mon people, seriously? Apple doesn't roll with the replacable battery, and physical keyboard, etc. We should all know that by now. it's all common sense in the real world.
Other than that, I'm pretty positive that Apple could bring a 5 megapixel camera(no more than 5), Multitasking, better interface features, better speakers, a screen and resolution update(no OLED), new hardware design, and ofcourse,.. Battery life improvements! :D as for the battery, i can see it boosted up to 7 hours of talk time(10 hours the maximum.)
Happy New Years! :)
& remember, don't keep your hopes up for that iChat camera &, are you guys ready? :D ..... Verizon Wireless. Take a good long research on these people.
(networks aren't fully ready to access iChat confrencing, another way can be WiFi, but Apple would probably much rather wait.)

I really like the wooden doll idea. I would really like to maybe take the itablet and put it in a dock at home on my desk where I could then use it with a wireless keybaord and mouse.

i definitely hope Apple steps it up in terms of Screen resolution. Among all of the things the 3GS is truly missing, the most prominent is the screen resolution. AMOLED or OLED would be nice, but screen res is far more important. I don't think multitasking will ever really be a part of it; just think, if the iphone had been able to multitask since the beginning, it may never have become so popular due to it's simplicity. 5 MP camera is likely, but I don't really see how a flash would fit into the picture (no pun intended). Maybe a 1Ghz processor and 512 MB ram, but other than that and bigger/better screen, what more can you really ask for?

You're right , Infact , that's what I started to do right after I realized I couldn't do what I wanted to , which was select more than one image from my library when I tap the mms camera button from the text message conversation.
I felt that apple didn't add that option because they wanted to limit us from sending too many at a time dispite the fact that you can select , copy and paste te images into the text message convo.

As impeccably well as the jailbreak app Backgrounder integrates with the iPhone OS 3.1 and up, an iteration of a native multitasking functionality would be nice.
3GS w/ 3.1+

hey guys. i just prefer a camera on ipod touch like iphone 3gs has, not a camera like nano -> ugly! and of course better graphics and ram also in the lowest price model not only in 32 and 64 gb model. and i want to see a 16 gb model.
i think we should give this ideas to apple.
if we all describe our wishes and problems to apple.. well i think they'd listen to us and consider our wishes..
so again, visit www.apple.com/feedback choose your device and give a report.

What about being able to add an external bluetooth keyboard. Iphone only needs to give the ability to add it and others can provide the hardware. OR, Iphone can add the ability and then sell the hardware. Either way, I will buy what is needed for this capability.