Skype On iPhone *faints*


Listen up Skype junkies! You can now use your iPhone to make Skype calls over the wireless tubular interweb...nets. A German-based company called SHAPE Services, whoever the hell that is, is offering a new service (invitation only, in beta) allowing iPhone users to connect with other users in the Skype ecosystem.

You can make calls to any Skype user at their PC, make el cheapo phone calls all over the world, or do the IM + Skype cally thing. Try it yourself and see what you think.


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Skype On iPhone *faints*


As I understand this, it will *not* save money while traveling in europe. Right? I say this because it relies on your phone connection, not WiFi.
So far, I've not heard of anyone using it while traveling. So what's the advantage??

this service i think still burns up your minutes. Because it calls you back to establish a connection I don't understand why its not serviced through the wifi connection. any answers please

IM+ is a web-based skype application. One glaring difference between the actual skype app and IM+ is the cost. Skype can be downloaded for free to your computer and allows you to purchase a low-cost phone number in order to receive calls, IM+ costs $5.95 per month and does not allow incoming calls. The outgoing call function to landlines is also weak, often not even connecting. When will Skype just suck it up and create an app for the IPhone?

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