Facebook 3.1 with Push Notifications for iPhone Now Available


Facebook for iPhone just received an update that contains one of the most sought after missing features, push notifications. It has been a long time coming as most of us hoped for this feature when Facebook 3.0 was released. The only other difference noted in 3.1 is very Android-like, the ability to sync your friends with your address book.

Now all we need is for Apple to step up to the plate with iPhone 4.0 and give us a better to handle our notifications. At least we can all dream right?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Facebook 3.1 with Push Notifications for iPhone Now Available


When you sync your contacts - does it automatically add all your facebook contacts to your iphone - or can you pick and choose?

It looks like it just syncs photo's and Facebook pages to your existing contacts on your iPhone.

Does anyone know how the sync works? I downloaded today and could not figure it out. I have MyPhone+ and that works ok but have problems with it being a true, sync rather than an overwrite. Also I wish the birthdays would be better integrated on the iphone.

Just tried to do the new sync feature, failed the first time... trying it again now!
The progress bar doesn't seem to be doing it's job... it will go to 40% then drop down to 20%.... strange, heh.

It's still glitchy. The name has to be a perfect match, and even then some if my contacts only got a picture and no page, or worse vica versa.

one that dont kill your battery in under a day, anyone know what you get notifications for?

@antonio - Personally I prefer it that way, this way no one can creep your stuff! But maybe they will add an option in a future version to get a summary. I know Apple only lets you push a certain amount of data in a Push Message, my guess is Facebook didn't want to teeter to close to that limit.
I turned off the SMS summary also awhile back too. My friends like to creep from time to time haha :P

@Mctui - you know how that huge pop up message comes on your screen when you get a message? That needs to go. The way the notifications are handled.

You navigate to friends and press the sync button in the upper right hand corner. It simply adds Facebook profile pictures and links to your contacts. It does not add any contacts or anything like that.

The sync works if your friends have their phone numbers on their Facebook account it also adds their profile pictures so when they call that's the picture that comes up.

Oh seriously Mange, shhh.
You may have to click Updates a few times. It took me three clicks for it to show up.
The update IS there. Jesus...

Strange, it didn't show up as an update for me but I was able to search for facebook and there it was. 3.1. I just installed it and it worked fine.

@fastlane - I was really nervous that would happen to me too, but it left my contacts alone that already had pictures. Sucks for your bad luck :/

You can specify in settings what to have pushed and what not. Is anyone else not getting sounds from the alerts?

@Josh H.
I wrote them a nasty email.
Now, I've lost several photos that I added manually, only to now have photos of people's dogs, kids, and other horsesh!t in my Contacts.
Nice one Facebook! Get Joe back and get rid of that lousy hack you got working for you!

done quite nice, if i look at the notification on facebook before the alert on the app will i still get the alert? does anyone elses seem abit slow coming though?

same happened to me... >:[
I think I'm going to turn off the feature and restore the iPhone to the previous sync and hope to get those pictures back.

I had the same problem as fastlane.... I only did the sync because it had the option to leave the existing photos. Did the sync, and now I lost all the the ones that I took of people, a number of which were pretty memorable to me. Not happy with that at all. I wonder if there will be a way to undo short of restoring my phone....

uh... so it added some chinese kid in china's pic and fb link to my boss's profile... i wonder how many else are messed up like that? it's even funnier because it then added that pic and link to his contact info in outlook...

@Jhonny, @thad
Luckily, I just had photos from people's albums, so I can re-add them again... but it's still a lot of wasted time.

"Now all we need is for Apple to step up to the plate with iPhone 4.0 and give us a better way to handle our notifications. At least we can all dream right?"
I'll second that... can we say growl for iPhone?

I'm 14 years old and just started going to this site after I saved up to buy myself a iPhone 3G and I had facebook installed before this update and was kind if impressed and them this update came along and I tried syncing to my contacts. I don't have every last name entered into my contacts so only the ones that have their phone numbers on facebook or that I've got a last name entered on my phone, synced over. And the weirdest part: I have my grandparents entered into my phone as 'Gramma & Grandpa "Smith" ' (just an example last name) and when I was looking thru I thought oh well she has a facebook I wonder if it synced without her first name and I got a weird profile from a random person (name didn't change in contacts list) and it wasn't a common name so I'm unsure where they were from but their last name wasn't "Smith" and their first name was not 'Gramma & Grandpa' that's for sure. So now other peoples profiles are being synced that I'm not even friends with.

I noticed a few of my contacts, whom I didn't even know had Facebook accounts, now have a photo and a link. It must be because they used the same email address for Facebook as I had in their contact info.
That can be a good thing, and a bad thing. I don't want people with this app, who only have my email address, necessarily being told that I have a Facebook account. :shock:

i'm having the same issues with notifications not making any sound. i'll try to reboot and see what happens.

Josh H, i use grip lockinfo to handle notifications. I don't get popups in the middle of the screen, they appear in a little bar on the top for a few seconds like on android phones. Then I can see a report of all push notifications received via a sbsettings shortcut or in lockinfo screen. That's why having message summary instead of only simple alert is usefull.
And Jeremy is totally right: a new notification system is a must for 4.0

Just noticed a second thing. Now that it has erased my pictures and replaced them with facebook ones (though it was set to not replace), they show up tiny in the corner as opposed to full sized. I can go through and click to edit each one and change that, but I'm just going to restore my phone and get my real pictures back instead, maybe I'll try to sync again and see if it honors the image choice this next time since it seemed to work for Josh H.

Finally! It was what I missed most when I switched from a blackberry it an iPhone. Once again all my contacts have pictures and I don have to check my facebook since I'll just know now.

I'm holding off on the contact sync. Facebook tells me it's sending my contact info to Facebook, not just vice versa--and it says to make sure your friends are okay with that. I have no idea what that means and don't want Facebook creating info for all my contacts??

Same thing as @fastlane and @Jhonny - replaced my contact photos even though the option was disabled. Bloody @#$^ now I gotta redo it all over again. Facebook 3.1 FAIL!

Funny i logged on to facebook on my laptop and it said You have successfully connected your Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones Application with Facebook. I have an iphone....?

Same problem with no sounds for me. Looked under push settings and sounds for facebook is checked on. Must be a bug?

What exactly is pushed?
I know they have listed, comments, photo tags etc
but what exactly...?
ALL comments? like status, wall post comments, tagged status comments, photo comments?
ALL photo tags? tags of your own photos (even ones your not in), tags of only photos your in, someone tagging your photo?
Just so I know what email notifications to turn off, because if they will get pushed I'll end up getting loads of duplicates.
Also is there any way to have the sound/vibrate function and just a badge - I dont really want the blue box popping up every so often.

I'm also having the same issue as everyone - that is, no sound from the push feature. Hopefully they'll fix that soon? I have sound, badges, etc all on in the settings, but only get a popup blue box, no sound notification.

You can turn ON/OFF what you don't want pushed in the app's settings (unless that isn't working properly either).

Can you turn off the syncing its messing up putting fb profiles to my friends that dont have facebook and replacing their photos which sucks.

3.1.1 is already out but Apple's crappy caching won't see it on check for update. Remove and reinstall to get it now.
Seems they fixed a serious bug in the contact sync. They haven't seemed to fix the push notification sound (not!).

Anyone else notice the disclaimer in the contacts sync that the contacts from your phone would be uploaded to facebook?
"If you enable this feature, contacts from your device will be sent to Facebook... Please make sure your friends are comfortable with any use you make of their information."
Ummm, I don't really think so. No contact syncing for me doc, FB doesn't need my address book.

I can't do mobile upload with Facebook App 3.1.1.
The Facebook App can't load pic from Camera Roll (and it displays a black screen instead) and the upload is always rejected!

The only thing showing in the what's new is bug fixes in contact syncing. I'm showing 3.1.1 and it doesn't say anything about push.

I want to know which notifications to disable via the web facebook, as in the actual full site. if you go to settings then click notifications, they have so many options in more detail, and I wanted to know which ones to un tick on there so I don't get notifications via the app AND notifications through my e-mails too.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood.
I guess lengthy experimentation with that is the only way to figure it out.

Do you have to be connected to WiFi on iPhone to get the push notifications or is just not working all that great today?

@Christian Løverås -I think that the fb:// protocol is for calling the FB app. Just like if you're exchanging http:// with pdf:// in a Safari link to a pdf file to make it open in e.g. Aji pdf reader.
@Leslie -I'm getting no push whatsoever, and no error messages either, so maybe it's off for the weekend? ;v)

this new update is absolutely the most buggy update yet...this is terrible, get your sh*t together facebook people.

i cant upload any pics from my camera roll or pics folder on my iphone 3g?? Whats up with that??

How can I undo, or turn off, this darn sync with my address book???? So many of them are wrong! Really wish I hadn't done it. I'm ok with manually deleting the ones I've done, but I don't want it to automatically do anything else.

Ok, So I synced all my contacts from Facebook to my iPhone.. but I was under the impression that once i did that, all of my friends who are on Facebook with their phone # published will automatically go to my phone? or is it just the people who are in your phone and on your friend list?

Hey wondering if anyone can help me! I have tried syncing all my facebook contacts to my iPhone but it is only finding like 3! I have changed everyones names to there facebook names in my phonebook still no joy!? Any ideas
Many thanks

Ever since this sync update/addition I can't upload pics~keep getting Alert message error can't upload at this time!! It's mad, I have tried reinstalling and no change. Help

Im having a problem that since my ex gf logged into her account on facebook using my Iphone im getting all her push notifications come through on my phone. I have turned all notifications off and even tried removing facebook and installing it again but no luck. Anyone help? Thanks

same issue here.. a friend used my Iphone to check her facebook.. she logs off.. i log on.. forever more I get her push notifications...

I have the same problem as Tom and aj. I've deleted it several times and shut off and restarted my phone and I still get her push notifications...it's really annoying. Hopefully they fix it soon

same for problem as me, stupid notifications, i have tried everything. just another basic app they cant get right

Great. Now I can be automatically notified when uncle cliff finds a lost lamb in farmville!!! I can't wait till they figure out how to "push" actual pieces of poo up my nose.

Hey guys,
Can someone please help me!! A friend of mine had logged on to facebook on my iphone even after he has logged out and its been a month I am still receiving his notifications, whether im logged on or not.In my settings all options are put as off. I have repeatedly deleted the app aswell as restored my phone all together but i still receive them. I have notifications waking me up at 2 in the morning cause apparently it vibrates now when a notification appears!! i at the point where i just want to break it!!!Called Apple and dey said they can't do anything.. I've tried everything.. Somebody please help

I want to shut off sound notifications for the facebook app on iPhone. I've tried shutting off all the push notifications. If I can't shut off the distracting sounds, I will regrettedly have to remove the app from my phone.

Go to your iPhone settings (overall settings for phone) and scroll down to the Facebook app. There is a button there for setting the various push notifications...