iPhone Officially Unlocked, Geeks Swoon in Rapture


What are you doing, Dave?

I think we should talk this over before you do something rash.

Why don't you take a stress pill and we can sit down and talk about it.


You can begin popping corks off Champaign bottles and dance through the streets in your underpants. This is the moment that many folks have waited for.

In case you've been living under a rock this morning the internet is aflutter with news that iPhone has now finally unlocked, using an $80 tool called Turbo SIM card.

The feat is said to be 100% effective, meaning that it unlocks all of iPhones features and functions, allowing users to make and receive calls, SMS, access GPRS readio (data), browse the web, send email, download porn, over any GSM network. Viola!


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Reader comments

iPhone Officially Unlocked, Geeks Swoon in Rapture


If I read this correctly yes, but as informed user...I would wait for other Guinea Pigs to test the waters first before blowing several hundred pounds (or euros) on an iPhone that may or may not work on Vodaphone's network.