iPhone 2.0.1 Commeth?

iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware on the Way?

Given the general sluggishness and overall er... crashing issues many -- including us -- have raised about the new iPhone 2.0 update, it can't come as any surprise that Apple is prepping a 2.0.1.

But could we already have confirmation? Intrepid Boy Genius Reporters scoured their server logs and came across:

[S]ome interesting build numbers for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. It appears that AT&T and Apple are testing iPhone device software version 2.0.1, builds 5B101 (iPhone) and 5B103 (iPhone 3G). Although we are not certain of much more information than this little bit, we do know that testing began prior to the launch of device software 2.0 and the iPhone 3G on July 11th. We have also narrowed down the known test users to the San Francisco (40 mins from Cupertino) and Atlanta (HQ of AT&T Mobility) areas. Hmm.

Doubtless it will include Apple's usually opaque description along the lines of "Fixes compatibility and general stability". Fortunately, this time around that's just what we need!


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Reader comments

iPhone 2.0.1 Commeth?


Firmware is a double-edged sword. It allows frequent updates, but that means it allows for frequent bugs, and the thought in the company's mind that if they release early code, they can always fix it later with an update.
Don't even get me started on Sony's PS3 brickware. er.. firmware...

I don't care about any jailbreak any more.
Summerboard and Customize 2.0 sucked.
All i needed the installer for were Japanese input and some little games.
2.0 delivers both.
The only things i will miss so far are Taskbar Notifier and kb. But i am sure they will also find their way into one of the next firmwares.

I no longer care about Jailbreaking either, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss SummerBoard and Customizer. Having the Transformers, well, transforming, sound as my lock and unlock sounds was always fun, and having custom icons and wallpaper went a long way too.
Anyway, I hope these 2.0.1 rumors are true, and I hope it comes fast. The lag issues are my only problems with my new iPhone, and the sooner they fix them, the better. It would be nice if they could also fix my jumping battery meter and if they could do some more power management to improve battery life.
Yesterday I used EDGE almost all day, maybe 15 minutes of location support, snapped a handful of pics, browsed on EDGE for about 20 minutes, browsed on WiFi for about 30 minutes, browsed on 3G for 15 minutes, installed 5 apps, played maybe 30 minutes of games, and talked for about 45 minutes.
The key to that is that I had 3G on for a total of 15 minutes... Anyway, all the usage combined read out as 4 hours and 23 minutes on my usage meter on the phone when I plugged it in for the night. The painful part was that my 20% warning popped up at around 3 hours and 50 minutes...
Again, the key to it is that I was using primarily EDGE and WiFi for the mixed use!!
What happens if I have the same mixed use and leave it on 3G all day? Am I going to get my 20% warning at 2 hours and be dead by 3? Seriously...

Oh... I forgot. Brightness was set at around 20-25% and the only mail account I have is MobileMe. It is set to push mail, calendars, and contacts though... Maybe that is the culprit.
I found out that having Contact and Calendar push is redundant by the way. If you set it to manual, every time you open Address Book or Calendar, it will sync up. The only difference between this and leaving push on is that if you make a change on MobileMe with iPhone push ON, it will be there the second you open Calendar, if you have push off and have the iPhone set to manually check, it will appear 3-5 seconds after you open Calendar. I can deal with that if it saves me battery...
Same thing when you make a change, or add something via the iPhone. If you have push off and add an appointment/contact on the iPhone, the moment you click "done," it will sync to MobileMe and send the change up to the cloud.
Push mail is staying on though....

Tom, under Fetch New Data on my iPhone 3Gs settings I can only turn Push on or off. I can not seem to find any settings for individually setting up contacts, mail and calendar pushing, feting or manual. Although I am using exchange for my push stuff, are these individual settings only available for MobileMe?

Hit the Fetch New Data tab and scroll to the bottom to the "Advanced" tab. That is where these settings are located for MobileMe, but Exchange may be a different animal.