Apple Introduces iBooks Apps -- Stands on Amazon's Shoulders!


As part of their iPad announcement today, Apple introduced a new app called iBooks (hey, there's that old name!) which they said stands on the shoulders of Amazon to go a little further.

The initial GUI looks a lot like the iPhone ebook app Classics [iTunes link]. As rumored, $14.99 for a new "hardcover" book is the selling price.

You can tap to change pages or swipe, and readers can choose their own font and size from a small list including Baskerville, Cochin, Palatino, Times, and Verdana.

It uses standard ePub format, so hopefully it will be cross-compatible with a lot of other stores and existing collections.

[Image via GDGT]

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Introduces iBooks Apps -- Stands on Amazon's Shoulders!


iBoos looks like Classics?
Classics looks like Delicious Library (from Delicious Monster).
The man behind DM works at Apple and was hired for UI and app design. If anything, iBooks looks like Delicious Library.

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But by doing that wouldn"t your iTunes account info be on the device? Sure you can erase it under s ettings after, but I"m sure it doesn"t erase that with "multiple wipes".I have had no problems with Netflix on my PS3 (or my iPhone), though admittedly I was not watching either last night when Rene was having problems with Netflix on AppleTV.Lets face it: if you want real gaming you go to sony, microsoft or nintendo. The iPad should find its own game niches instead of trying to emulate known concepts like FPS!