iYawn: Web Apps Just Aren't Cutting it, Apple


I came across this story this morning on PC World, and it stirred my own frustration with Apple. Web apps have their place and, truth be told, developers have found very clever ways to extend the genre, but I and every iPhone user on this hemisphere want the same thing - native application support!

What aggravates me further is that Apple does in fact have plans to open its platform. A friend of mine at Yahoo even informed me some time ago that they are currently working on their own native software for iPhone as we speak. So the question is...when will Steve Jobs unlock the backyard gate and let developers into his walled garden?

My suspicion is that a planned rollout is due to take place sometime in late Q4 to coincide with the release of Leopard, the next version of OSX. That day can't come soon enough for me, but the problem is that when the moment does arrive it will be a point of embarkation, not a destination. In other words it will take developers months to study APIs and begin writing applications.

As someone who comes from an extensive Smartphone background, I relish productivity applications that form the basis of mobile computing. As it stands now, iPhone is like a high performance racing engine -it's faster and more powerful than anything else on the road but it can't go anywhere but on a racetrack. Every time I interact with my iPhone I feel as though I'm hitting a virtual brick wall. I keep wanting the device to do more than what it offers me. From day one I learned to accept the software limitations with an understanding that someday more applications would arrive, extending my user experience. With iPhone hype dying down, now is the time for Apple to create another spark by turning its product into a platform.

It's your move, Steve. We're waiting.

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iYawn: Web Apps Just Aren't Cutting it, Apple


Seven things wrong with the iPhone:
1. AT&T
2. No voice-activated dialing
3. No video camera to upload video clips to YouTube
4. No robust internet access
5. Not nearly enough space to store music and photos
6. Not sure about wireless data options on AT&T
7. Price

Great posting/article! I fully agree.
Furthermore, I'm deeply disappointed that Apple went through great lengths to create this 6 months hype cycle for the release and now that it's launched can't with inferior apps it can't even manage the "expectations-cycle". Why
- doesn't Apple just release one or two fun little apps to quench some thirst.
- doesn't Apple use its stellar hype machine to allude to some of the cool next features we'll be seeing. Just like with Leopard they could mention some upcoming improvements...
All of these don't even have to be third-party yet. I'm sure they're working on plenty of good stuff themselves.