Apple's iPhone Market Share Still Growing, iPhone 3GS #2 US Best-Seller

marketshare-comscore points us to comScore's latest stats showing Apple's iPhone market share is still on the way up, going from 24.1% to 25.3%, a 1.2% increase.

Google's Android, with its Droid on Verizon splash jumped 2.7% (to reach 5.2). Everyone else was in the negative, with RIM down 1% (though still huge at 41.6%), Microsoft down 1% (to 18%), and Palm down 2.2% (to 2.7%).

It's also important for TiPb to once again point out that Apple's high margins means that market share likely translates into a higher profit share than most as well. That means, for example, when we see boasting about being #1 Q4 IDC results for best selling smartphones, the iPhone 3GS coming in at #2 and the iPhone 3G coming in at #4 (with the Droid at #3 and the Pearl rounding things out at #5), Apple's bankers are likely much happier, and their R&D department working on iPhone gen 4 and gen 5, much better funded.

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Rene Ritchie

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