Apple's iPhone Market Share Still Growing, iPhone 3GS #2 US Best-Seller

marketshare-comscore points us to comScore's latest stats showing Apple's iPhone market share is still on the way up, going from 24.1% to 25.3%, a 1.2% increase.

Google's Android, with its Droid on Verizon splash jumped 2.7% (to reach 5.2). Everyone else was in the negative, with RIM down 1% (though still huge at 41.6%), Microsoft down 1% (to 18%), and Palm down 2.2% (to 2.7%).

It's also important for TiPb to once again point out that Apple's high margins means that market share likely translates into a higher profit share than most as well. That means, for example, when we see boasting about being #1 Q4 IDC results for best selling smartphones, the iPhone 3GS coming in at #2 and the iPhone 3G coming in at #4 (with the Droid at #3 and the Pearl rounding things out at #5), Apple's bankers are likely much happier, and their R&D department working on iPhone gen 4 and gen 5, much better funded.

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Reader comments

Apple's iPhone Market Share Still Growing, iPhone 3GS #2 US Best-Seller


Why should we care about market share? I love my iPhone, but I really don't care if Apple is crushing his opponents or not, we know that already! And the fact that I'm not an investor, and probably a lot of us aren't. I want news about the iPhone, not a financial report.

The news here is Apple and Google are eating everyone else's lunch.
Google is growing twice as fast as Apple, (easy to do when you start from zero), and apple growth slowing (which is expected).
I would think that if the next iPhone made you toast and eggs for breakfast it will still not grow much beyond its current rate. This is especially so if there is no form factor change. The 3GS has not sold anywhere near what was expected, and another phone that is not readily visually distinguishable will garner quite a few yawns. There are at least 50% of the Apple market who buy the iphone for the Bling factor.

Icebike you don't know what your talking I am working with Deloitte . The only phones they are aloud to use is iPhone and blackberry several Goverment agencys are following . You are not bright please do your research .

I hope English isn't your first language. If so, I wouldn't argue with icebike on this one. I'd put my money on icebike.

I want a different looking iPhone too but the numbers for the iPhone are absolutely not disappointing.. Last Q projected was 10m, they hit what was it, 9.6?? That's still impressive as hell and better than ever before.

If there is no change to the fourth generation of the iPhone will people stay? Maybe the iPhone is the new razor?

Oh, no no no! Just wait for the 4th generation, non-foward facing iChat camera, non-Verizon Wireless, non-8-12 megapixel camera, Apple iPhone! :) it's a tip I just recently got a while ago..

I really don't understand why all Blackberry users haven't switched to the iPhone. I used to use Blackberry's (and have tried the more recent ones), but nothing even compares to the iPhone. All of my friends and colleagues who experience my iPhone are wowed by it, and I have influenced a number to switch (And I haven't earned a penny from Apple). I've found that the number one thing that keeps my friends clinging to their Blackberry's is the BBM (Blackberry Messenger)... where I do see their point. If Apple would develop a similar type of messaging service or be able to provide interaction with BBM (which I'm sure RIM would NEVER allow), they would rapidly gain even more control of the market. Yes, yes, I agree... I'm not sure what the infatuation is with BBM when there is text messaging which allows you to communicate with everyone with a cell phone. Still, with BBM, the group chat feature and the ability to communicate from almost anywhere in the world without extra charges does have a certain allure.

Brad the iPhone allows you to use chat services like yahoo and aim which still allows you to talk free from anywhere in the world

There is an application called What'sapp that allows iPhone and bb subscribers to communicate wih one another with out wasting text messages... Look it up, I haven't dled it cuz I have few bb friends, or maybe I do and don't care to speak to them on their inferior devices... Oh and there is pmessenger which is an iPhone version of bbm, problem is that it's hard to have run in the bkground. Ao it's not as efficient...

The current Dec 09 USA market share stats in that table do not add up to 100%. I checked the original article as well. There is about 3.5% unaccounted for.
Is Symbian OS considered a smart phone for the purpose of determining market share in the U.S.? Symbian is the dominant smartphone OS in Europe.

Google is getting on so many devices it's really helping them to grow. That's great because all it does is breed competition. Weird thing is Apple really stays in their lane and continues to work within their product cycles. I think most other companies would jump into a battle by putting out as much work as possible. I kind of like that about Apple. It's the thing that makes you mad because most of us are really tired of the lack of subtle touches need in the iPhone OS. But this time around i really think we are gonna be great when 3.2 and/or 4.0 OS comes out. They are extra secretive about what's dropping in this OS. It is for a good reason. So many phones are coming out right now and they are really trying to load them up with everything but the kitchen sink. What most people don't realize is that iPhone is really beasting these other platforms. I have been using it since the 3G and there isn't many new features on it that I haven't seen or used before. With that being said I'm still quite happy with my device(3GS). They have tried to call it everything except what they should: the device that just works. Period. I'm not pulling it out to show it I'm a grown man. I do exactly what I need to do and put it away. Does it have flaws? Yes but so does every other phone. I'm confident that they are working on those flaws. Even to the point of spawning a device that is gonna wreck havoc(iPad) come spring time. The funny thing is that I won't nescessarily have to buy another device. But I will because I know that each one is getting better and better.