ZunePhone Parody Lampoons Microsoft, Hits Right Where it Hurts...Below the Belt and Above the Wallet


Oh snap! This video has all the best qualities of human expression - mockery, sarcasm, ridicule, taunting...reminds me of middle school, minus the bully who stole my lunch money.

Take that, Microsoft...and Greg Johnson! I'll take back all that lunch money you stole from me in $50s and $100s.


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ZunePhone Parody Lampoons Microsoft, Hits Right Where it Hurts...Below the Belt and Above the Wallet


Perhaps under the assumption that most readers are visiting this site from a desktop, not an iPhone, which is what my traffic stats show. Why...is that wrong?

I love the Zune parody. Great work... just wanted to show someone with my I-phone and couldn't. How about converting to quicktime for site???

Hmm. That's not a bad idea. I may just do that for future Flash video content...include an iPhone-friendly QT version.
Good idea, Dan. Thanks for planting it in my head. :-)

Ask and ye shall receive. If you look above you'll notice a link to download a quicktime version of this video, available for viewing right on your iPhone. In future I will be offering iPhone viewable video content when posting Flash media.
Enjoy! ;)

Am I the only one who thinks an emulated rotary pad would be awesome, and not in any way lame as this insinuates?
And not to come off as a Microsoft fanboy, and I'm not here to bash you guys, but the iPhone is crap. According to patents MS has taken out, a ZunePhone is supposedly coming out in one form or another. And it doesn't suck.

I think the rotary would be awesome! The iPhone was pretty unimpressive, I was so excited to get one and then once I got one I immediately wanted to get one of those old Nokia cinder block phones!
Viva Zune

I love that the people with iPhone's are laughing at Microsoft with this then complain that they couldn't watch it on their iPhones.. lol

I love how you idiots cruise around on iPhone websites to post crap on them- get a f&@$#* life! And if you want to have wet dreams about a Zune phone do it on a damn Microsoft blog! Seriously, I can't believe losers like you who go around posting s*#% on sites just to antagonize groups of people-

Wow Paul, a bit butthurt are we? I came across this page using StumbleUpon... and Im sure there your "antagonists" just maliciously sought out this iphone site just to bash your crappy phone. Yeah its crap. Go to Japan, their phones make the iphone look pretty weak.

There are a hell of a lot of phones that are better than the iPhone. There were a hell of a lot of mp3 players that were better than the iPod.. It's just a "style" thing.. these people aren't buying them for their phone functionality, they're buying them for apple's promise that they'll look cool.

I completely disagree. I was a die-hard pocket pc fan. But, after looking at the functionality and features of the iPhone, and the fact that Verizon would not match ATT's plan price, I left and got an iPhone. I got it because it was very functional for me as a consultant out in the field. The fact that it has been cracked and apps can now be installed sealed the deal for me.
I myself was a naysayer when I saw promos and read about the iPhone. But then, I actually went to the Apple store and used one and was hooked. So, I totally do not think the iPhone is for only people who want style.

The funny thing is that this wasn't even funny at all. I've seen funny microsoft parodies...this one failed in every respect.
Nice try apple newbs!

Lols, I'm not going to be getting the iPhone or Zunephone because they're too fucking expensive, seriously. They're PHONES.
Also, I wish people who want me to switch to Mac should shut up about how OMG GREAT their systems are. If you think I should have one, buy me one. Otherwise, stfu and mind your own fucking business.

Gentlemen, please. Don't engage is slander or name calling, it scares the children. Settle your differences the appropriate way, through senseless physical violence.

Iphones suck. I got a bill for all of my itemized text messages and good lord. My mailbox sits out by the street and the package wouldn't fit in the mailbox so the lid was left open. So then the garbage man comes the next day(i wasnt home) and hits the mailbox over, grazing the open trap of it. Little did I know there was some marathon the next day for breast cancer and they were going through my neighborhood. Some lady tripped over the fallen over mailbox and broke her hip, so when I get home I have a subpeona, I am getting sued over this...what the fuck!

Punching an iphone and throwing it from a great height would bring me much joy, and would be a wonderful way to pass the time until the long awaited ZunePhone comes out.

I do belive that a ZunePhone would be better than the iPhone, judging by the Zune vs. the iPod. Zune did everything much better, from Durability to the Marketplace. Microsoft, seeing where the iPhone has failed, would capatilize and do it better, as shown by the Zune. Seriously, the iPod and iPhones are peices of crap. On my old iPod, an eraser made a permanent mark on the surface, and my Zune got dropped into rocks, and it made a white spot, that I wiped off.