Comparing iPad calendar apps at a glance

Comparing iPad calendar apps at a glance

Earlier this week, I compared the default views of 12 popular iPhone calendar apps, and since sometimes good things also come in bigger packages, now it's time for the iPad. No surprise here, but as with the 5 iPad podcast apps, 18 iPad weather apps, and 9 iPad Twitter apps, not all iPhone calendar apps have versions or interfaces for the iPad. We get 10 this time.

And.. they're a mixed bag. A few of them bring iPad style and grace to their calendar interfaces. Most are pretty good. One looks like no designer really cared to do much design. As with the iPhone versions, that might be because there's a split between apps designed for iOS users, and for users who prefer functionality over form in the best old Windows Mobile sense of the word...

Here they are, in order:

iPad calendar app screens

Those are just the default view, one of many offered by each app. Most offer a combination of year, month, day, and list view, as well as a host of other, sometimes distinct features. For a more in-depth look, check out our full reviews.

Meanwhile, check out the screenshots above and let me know if any of the calendar apps jump out at you. Any of them look good enough that you'd consider switching to them?

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Reader comments

Comparing iPad calendar apps at a glance


I really wish Fantasical would make an iPad version. I use the Mac and iPhone versions religiously. On iPad the default calendar app is good enough. I use my iPhone or Mac for calendar stuff 99.9% of the time so it doesn't bother me that much. If they released one I would gladly pay for it though.

I'm sorry, iMore, I know you love Fantastical, but....

I finally downloaded it for my iPhone after your review of their recent update. I had avoided it for the same reason I've never actually used any other third-party calendar app I've tried: no visual/spatial day or week view that matches the native app!

This post helps me explain: above, only "Week Cal HD" seems close enough to the native app for the ability to provide a quick visual of the day's or week's schedule that communicates in a glance a clear understanding of the relative temporal relationship of events (but this is an iPad app?--I have no need for Calendar on the iPad).

Why can't the third-party calendar developers for the iPhone get it?! I DO like Fantastical's "duplicate" feature--something I've been waiting for since my Palm Treo (and a Homebrewed Pre) days, but that's not good enough to replace my native app.

Fantasical or Agenda would get a serious workout from me if they simply provided this visual instead of those stupid dots!! Sheesh!

End of rant, you may all return to your regularly scheduled praise of Fantastical....

Pocket Informant has the graphical week view that you're looking for on iPhone (and I think iPad has this same view). You can either use the Day View and pinch to set it to show more than 1 day, or go to Week View and rotate your iPhone into landscape orientation.

YES! I want Fantastical for my iPad, and though I hope it's a universal app, I wouldn't even hesitate to buy it if it's a separate app. After using Fantastical, the clunkiness of other calendar apps drives me crazy.

I hate them all - especially Agenda and Calvetica. They're so clunky and require too many clicks to get the information you need. Does Agenda still limit you to only this year and last year? What kind of crack do those dopes smoke? IT'S A CALENDAR APP! And those dots at the bottom of the app are stupidly difficult to click. Those clowns have three ways to move from view to view? Dots, arrows, and swipes? Poor design. And unlike most calendar apps, they feel the need to put event dots above the date rather than below, spaced far away from the number. At a glance, they look like they belong to the previous week. It's amazing how much bad design they managed to squeeze into one app.

Calvetica isn't horrific, but it isn't great either. Little things like how many clicks it takes to get back to today bug me. It should be a click. Not multiple clicks or click and hold. Just a frigging click. There's currently a bug where clicking the month/year and then clicking "today" in the popup window doesn't take me to today if I've scrolled the calendar elsewhere.

Even though it's only an iPhone app, I use Fantastical on my iPad. The latest update is insanely good.

Hi Rene,

Your post is interesting, I discovering other tools for Calendar.
Personally I use Beesy, it's the first app that I downloaded for Calendar because is more a productivity app so at work is very useful, mainly for appointement. The benefit it's I can sync Reminders with my phone and laptop so I'm sure not forget an important thing.

Hi Rene - it might be a good idea to update the screenshots. For example, Pocket Informant have had major upgrade a few months ago adding Weather, revamped user interface, and some major performance improvements that I think its time. That screenshot is quite a bit older than the current release.

Also - there is Pocket Informant Go! that everybody seems to forget. Its a lot cheaper than PI Pro with just the calendar and simple tasks at about $4: and you can upgrade to Pro from within the app.