The Competition: HTC HD2 Does What Microsoft Couldn't?

While reaction to Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 release ranged from "yawn" to "yeesh", one device, not even given the stage, certainly seems to have stolen the show -- HTC's HD2.

Theories on why Microsoft didn't see fit to show off, indeed highlight, the HD2 range from friction with HTC over their foray into Google's Android OS, to an attempt not to show up other partners whose devices look outdated by comparison. That anyone saw it at all was only due to a few HTC reps carrying it around the show. Microsoft's latest baffling behavior aside, the device itself clearly shows that if they aren't going to raise their game, HTC will do it for them:

640x800 capacitive, multitouch screen driven by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, complete with Sense UI built in so deeply Microsoft's interface is all but completely hidden from the end user.

Our sibling site,, has been following the device since it was known by the code-name Leo, and report that it should be making its way to the US in the first part of 2010.

It's nice to see some competition, if not from Microsoft itself then from HTC. But it brings a question to mind -- will buyers of non-integrated devices end up going by carrier brand (AT&T, Verizon, etc.), OS brand (Android, Windows Mobile/Windows Phone), or manufacturer (HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc.)? And will that give the unified devices from Apple, BlackBerry, and Palm an easier shot at mindshare?

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Rene Ritchie

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The Competition: HTC HD2 Does What Microsoft Couldn't?


You've answered your own question - "complete with Sense UI built in so deeply Microsoft’s interface is all but completely hidden from the end user". Parts have also been scrapped completely i.e. the calendar is HTC's own not Microsoft. They could hardly embarass themselves by showing off the advances HTC have made which far outstrip their own, now could they?

totally agree with tony, windows mobile is ancient and flawed and needs a re-write from scratch.
problem is as good as a skin is its still windows mobile underneath
maybe ms should stop developing windows mobile and let htc take over the reins

This phone looks to be absolutely off the chain!! I really hope this comes to AT&T in Q1 2010 when it comes to the US. My iPhone 3G contract is up in July, Apple is going to have to really wow me at WWDC this summer if they want me to buy another iPhone. I can't believe I'm actually saying that but this phone looks so good. It's also rumored that HTC is making an identical device but with Android. If that were the case, that would easily be the most compelling smartphone bar none. The only problem with this HD2 will be the lack of compelling apps in the WM Marketplace, Android would be much better.

@ Ben Gillam - It's not really a skin as you are talking about it. It's not like the previous iteration which was a reskinned "today" screen and regular WM underneath. With the HD2 you don't really ever leave Sense which is the HTC UI over WM. You would hardly know this was WM except for the fact that the start menu is up there at the top. All of the apps that really suck on WM or don't play well with multitouch are replaced by HTC (browser, calendar, etc).

I think the screen looks small, a little fat.
I prefer iPhone exterior design still, however, the UI really interest me. The weather thing is very cool, if only no Internet connection.

iPhone could really use a higher-res screen. I had a 640x480 PDA in late 2003 (admittedly the first one released), which is twice iPhone's pixels and that was 6 years ago. Apple could really stand to update their 2.5 yo weather app to something more like this (and some other core apps as well). But must say that I hate the HD2's photo app where the photos are angled alternately in different directions just for the sake of extra eye candy. I prefer to see my photos (and emails and album covers, etc.) straight on thank you very much.
Of course nothing is preventing 3rd parties from offering a cool weather app in the App Store that features cool animations like the HD2. Developers?

@al - yes but when you have to change settings is that replaced too? i understand that a lot more of wm is hidden now but its still there, and bear in mind that most software designed for winmo will still look like the generic apps of old :(

It's a shame they wasted that screen on that OS. HTC might have done great things with the UI, but there nothing they can do about that lack of decent 3rd party support. Most 3rd party WinMo apps look like they were designed sometime in '95 however functional they might be.

You dont have to get your apps exclusively from the market place. There are over 20,000 apps to choose from.

Wowwww I love it but I love my iPhone 2 plz it has to come to AT&T.. But there might be a new iPhone but I'll get this one until the iPhone comes!!!:)

@Christopher -- you think the screen looks small?? You realize that's a 640x800 4.3' touch screen, right? That thing dwarfs the iPhone's screen when they are put side by side. I don't think I could ever leave Apple though. They have taken over my digital life by having such seamless integration between my computer and phone with music, calendar, contacts, and so on. This is where no one can keep up with them.
Imagine what HTC would do if the iPhone's OS X were to be open sourced like Android....

this phone is king of the smartphones, period. Blows the iPhone out of the game. and with Windows Mobile under the hood I can actually get some work done, load Citrix, install actual Microsoft Office mobile products and Google mobile and not be tethered to any particular "store" to get apps, and not farting apps either. THIS ROCKS!

I don't care how much you people hate on windows mobile; you really can't deny that that is one sexy looking device. Believe it or not, but these companies are getting closer and closer to making a killer device that stands up to the iPhone. The more closed Apple becomes, the less innovative they become. Just look at WM, yea it's not great but they are open to letting custom looks and UIs flourish. This has made a shoddy OS look like the one you saw in that video. Now if Apple allowed jailbreak devs to do what they do, then the iPhone would flourish. Too bad they aren't.

@ Ben Gillum - You are corrected, the design of the third party apps will look like crappy old WinMo app and perhaps even be difficult to use with your fingers. However, as more and more 6.5 and eventually 7.0 devices become finger friendly, the nature of the "app store" should change. This is an exciting device.

The guys over at Engadget played with this and say it is da bomb. That is all I need to hear. I don't care about what is under the hood. I care about how it works. Pull the Apple out of your butt, stop hating on Winblows, and pick the phone that works the best, without worrying about what name brand it is.

I never get this rant. It's getting old and tired. OS that allows you great customization...different UI's...different form factors...Exchange...freedom of browser choice...and so much more is BAD?
I mean really. REALLY? The blinded ignorance is just too much. I can understand preference. That's okay. But to sit there and say it completely sucks (Looking at you Ben Gilliam) because it's a specific OS is silly. There weren't even any valid reasons.
WinMo is FAR from dead, no matter what you want to believe. Contrary to the belief, there are still folks who want a phone that has stylus input. There are still folks that want hard keyboards. If you can't expand your small minds past the all touch hoopla to see that, well it's sad.
Pertaining to the subject at hand...this phone is amazing. In every technical specification it blows the iPhone away. And that's technically sound proof. Processor, RAM, screen...everything is superior. The funny thing about WinMo is that the software is the "bad" thing. It takes so much power to even use WinMo to it's fullest potential that it wouldn't even shine without a proper processor. With hardware normally capping off at'd never see it's full performance. Hopefully with them starting to use Tegra and Snapdragon, things will be much different.


... you really can’t deny that that is one $exy looking device

Sure I can. I saw umpteen SciFi-looking Flash sites like this five years ago. While the animations are nice, the graphic elements used in these animations are quite ostentatious and dated. Apple understands modern simplicity, and the concept of "less is more" unlike these designers who are still stuck in the Star Wars era. Been there, done that.
Personally, I'll take the iPhone as it is currently is over this any day.

@Tony Woolstencroft, While that sounds headline-tastic, the are 3 major facts you are leaving out:
(1) HTC HD2 is simply not software-complete yet, so they are not ready to fully demonstrate it yet for the public. Eric Lin said as much yesterday.
(2) When asked about HTC and how their skin the OS, Microsoft said that they're very proud of what HTC has done, fully support and even show it off when they can. The fact HTC and MS have their teams working so closely backs this up.
(3) LG actually re-skins their device even more than HTC does and once again, not controversial
@Rene Ritchie Yeah, the HTC Dragon is the Android version though running an ARMv7 Cortex A8.
@dsjr2006 Your comment reeks of "Get of my lawn!" -ness. Had you actually tried modern WM apps you'd see this is simply not the case, but it's an easy card to play.

WM6.5x doesn't support capacitive touchscreens, so, the bulk of programs won't work with multi-touch or otherwise take advantage of the screen. The HTC apps will be written to work with multi-touch, but nothing at the OS level. Capacitive support is coming in WM7, which will come out when the HD2 is no longer actively updated. You'll wind up purchasing another device :(
Not sure how they'll handle the need for a stylus. Once it is released, it'll turn out to be yet another underwhelming, fussy, WM device.

The weather feature seemed to be a big part of this phone, and while it does look cool, are you ever really out of sight of a window? Basically they put a window on your phone (no pun intended.)

@fastlane I'm talking about that phone as a whole: the processor, screen resolution, etc.
And if you don't like that "Sci-Fi" UI I'm sure there will be more than enough roms and themes on XDA (that you could put on without the ridiculous hoops we have to jump through on the iPhone) by the time this thing is released here.

Wow @ this amazing looking phone. Windows tho... idk. LOL
I have never xperienced a windows mobile phone so I can't really diss on it. But this phone in particular is very much lyke the HTC Hero. Heck any phone with HTC Sense is lyke the HTC Hero. I wonder if a much better version such as the one with Android will come out for AT&T. Holla!

why is everything surrounded around number of apps and the existence of an "app store" to be a superior product? im kind of tired of fanboys saying.."well, it doesnt have an app store" or "they dont have that many apps" if i remember correctly the iphone (who basically invented the presence of apps) didnt have an app store when they released the had to jailbreak it for something that awesome right? my point is, the iphone became so successful for all the things it could by adding the app store and the reason its selling iphones like hotcakes is because developers made thousands of apps for a mass device.right?right..well if winmo (the HTC HD2) were to come out of the gates selling phones like the iphone, developers would be making apps for the HTC HD 2 as well right?? so to say the least, how about we all buy this phone so they can make a crap load of apps for it?? :)

@iDavey: maybe it's you who can't expand your mind past the whole stylus hooplah. Stylus has been around forever. Your just content with sticking with the old has-been instead of embracing the future will-be. Who has the small mind to not think outside the box? Resistive screens are dying ... Nobody wants it. It's old tech. Even this phone is capacitive. Winmo is going capacitive finger friendly and will get there with 7. Stylus is an extremely inconvenient tool and is a bandaid patch an issue with older touch screens lacking precision with finger input. Much like folders are an inconvenient throwback to old file cabinet methods of thinking, the stylus is a throwback to old pen and paper methods. Let go of old ways of thinking ... You already know you are being left behind. Even the OS you are defending is leaving stylus behind. Why not think outside the box and see what they see?

@socco_jon: because lots if people think of iPhone as more of a portable computer. I love my iPhone because of the apps not because of the phone features. And you know what? I bet you think the same way about operating systems too. Most people don't use a modern Linux distro and stay with Windows XP even if they complain about it. Why? Because the programs they use run on Windows. That is the main reason for most people? How are mobile computing devices different? Some people look at iPhone as a good phone an care less about the apps. I think this is the category you fall under. I think of it as so much more. I use iPhone because I can't get the same apps anywhere else. Much like most people choose Windows over Linux. For us, app availability is high on the list of features we love.

Most of the companies developing for the App Store are developing their apps for Android and Windows Mobile.

WOW. That was really cool. Espeically the weather app. Its almost like the phone is in the enviornment I am in too. The only thing is that ... it's Windows based... eh. Apple where are you.

After doing a Google search for some research, I’ve landed here on this site for the first time. The following post is a long one and is actually a rough draft of an upcoming blog on another site.
I’m sitting here in my home office, in southern Cali. On my desk and on the shelf behind me are; an HP hx4700, HP iPAQ 211, Blackberry Pearl, iPod Touch, iPod Classic 160GB, Sony ICD-SX68, Canon SD990 Elph and about 5 other gadgets. I really like devices! No I mean I really like devices. BTW’ for the sake of this post, I’m also going to mention the fact that I bought the first iPhone and after 2 weeks gave it to a cousin. And this year I gave the 3GS a try for almost a month and gave up on that too and went back to using 3 devices. Yes you heard correctly; instead of living with just a 3GS, I choose my little Pearl to make calls, my iPAQ 211 for a PDA (real pocket computing) and my iPod classic for music (my music and audio books library is over 100GB and I want it all in one place).
I’m in my late 20’s and I’ve been using PDA’s since I was in 3rd grade (no joke). I started with a Casio B.O.S.S. Convincing my parents that it would help me in school and to start a mail order company (I tried to start my first business before the 6th grade). Moved on to a Sharp Zaurus and a few other PDA’s, leading up to HP Jornada’s (love that name) in the late 90’s. Never jumped aboard the Palm wagon, instead I stuck with Windows CE right into Pocket PC devices. Love at first site was the HP iPAQ hx4700 and then the HP iPAQ 211 which I currently still use today, while waiting for this HTC HD2.
The cost of any phone or other gadget is of no concern to me, aside from feeling ripped off for over paying for a product based on what I feel its value is. I mentioned that, not to impress but rather to illustrate the fact that I have no barriers, preventing me from acquiring any platform or technology that I truly believe in or otherwise desire. So in other words, I’m NOT a person defending what I own and have spent money on, trying to avoid feeling foolish for making a bad purchasing decision or being left out of the popular camp.
WM Smartphone’s to date, have ALL been terrible and have never impressed me. I’ve purchased many past HTC phones; from a Motorola Q to so-called high end devices like the Touch Pro, and a few others that were very sluggish from day one (and this includes being fully active with xda). Unfortunately WM is a heavy weight resource hog (most of all on a Smartphone device). For the current version of WM to shine, it needs superior hardware (HD2). Yes it is true that the same is not true for either the iPhone or the new HTC Hero running Android. Microsoft made many mistakes along the way and they let the weeds grow in WM valley. But it would be foolish to think that MS and its vast resources, is going to allow its competitors to keeping kicking its fat tail to death. MS is dead is what the silly teenagers harp on about from blog to blog. MS isn’t going anywhere and just wait and see what they have coming down the pipeline for us all (While WM7 is being finished, Windows Phone 8 is already in progress folks).
The game has just begun to change and the HTC HD2 is going to be talked about in decades from now, as that device that was first to do everything the popular iPhone could do and much, MUCH more. A thought on popularity; remember folks McDonalds is the most popular restaurant in the world, with more repeat and satisfied customers than any other single restaurant or restaurant chain. So picture Apple and it’s iPhone as being McDonalds and Windows Mobile being Nobu or any other 5 star restaurant. Just because something is made popular, DOES not necessarily mean it’s the best thing around. At the 5 star, you can walk right into the kitchen (if you know what you’re doing) and ask to have something special made just for you, just how you like it…… other words customization………
Christopher Cox, oh Christopher you seem far too intelligent to be as blind (misinformed) as your post suggest. In the age of Google, it’s easy enough for any man, woman or child to get the facts correct.
App stores for WM have been around for over 10 years. Have you ever heard of a little site called or perhaps What do you suppose they sell on site like those?! Over 30 thousand apps (Oh I feel so Applish, calling programs apps) they sell. Now guess what? Many of those apps have been around since the late 90’s and have only gotten better and better. You mention the apps being the reason for the consumer to go with a platform. Correct! And that’s the reason why I gave up my 3GS.
I bought my ticket and tried to jump on the Apple Express but there was just far too much missing in action. Have you ever heard of a little program called ListPro? It’s hands down the most powerful (yet simply and easy to use) list making program on ANY platform. I’ve been using it for almost 10 years now. I thought there must be a program at least 75% as good, on the iPhone. Nope! The program is so popular and so loved by so many, thousands of people email the developer asking for an iPhone version. The developer is hard at working trying to do just that. When I was trying to adopt the 3GS, I contacted the Illium Software, the makers of ListPro and the equally useful eWallet. I asked them if they had a version coming out…….Well they were very upfront and told me that they were having problems creating a version for the iPhone’s limited UI menu options. In other words, they who have been doing this for over a decade are having problems creating a version for the iPhone, that can still contain all of the UI menu options as the WM version and still be functional like the WM version. Don’t take my word for it, Google it (ListPro and iPhone).
Ever heard of a program called MS Word or how about Excel? Another program that’s been around for many years now is TextMaker. A fully featured MS Office clone for WM. If you’ve never tried it, then you can’t even begin to imagine what the difference is in it and what’s available on in the App Store. You see TextMaker allows you to create, edit and otherwise manipulate Word and Excel documents, just as you would with office on a PC. We’re talking about richly filled menu’s allowing you to do much of what you can do on the desktop. Because of this program and because of my WM Syncing options, I’m able to store on my iPAQ 211’s 32GB SD card, every word document I have on my desktop and have changes made on the device or desktop, synced up on every connect. The calendar and contacts programs on the 3GS are nothing but a joke unless you’re the type of consumer who could get along fine with the contacts and calendar of a Motorola dumb phone from years gone by. Pocket Informant, is the leading PIM program on WM and has also introduced a version for the iPhone. For the same reasons mentioned above, the iPhone version is limited as in not as feature filled as the WM version. My point is that the BEST mobile computing programs have already been created and used on WM for years now, and are being ported to the iPhone rather than being created for the iPhone as if WM never was. These are facts that wouldn’t be known to people who have never used these programs and many others. Everything from Bibles, dictionaries and language translators are all available on WM and has been for years. The World’s best mobile computing dictionaries and calculators on any platform, all come from companies that have been making them for years on WM and have either ported them to the iPhone or have created stripped down versions of them for the iPhone. But see for one to really comprehend the facts, one would have to fully experience both side of the battle field. I don’t know about you but I have done just that.

And another point Mr. Cox, this is taken from a blog “Handwriting recognizers, eh? Now that’s traditionally been the realm of resistive touch screen devices, not capacitive ones like the current Android devices have. Capacitive really shines with precise touch input, but hasn’t gained momentum with handwriting recognition. That method is preferred in Asia and other markets where a keyboard is simply too limiting. In fact, the lack of handwritten character input is partly why Apple’s iPhone isn’t selling well in those markets. There are other valid reasons as well, but Nokia has run into the same problem and essentially pulled out of the Japanese market.”
What you don’t seem to understand is that what goes on in your mind and in your life, is not what goes on for the rest of the world. But then again as Americans, we are all guilty of assuming the world likes and wants all the same things we do.
The Stylus is not dead! Matter in fact HTC has filed a patent on a very thin tipped Stylus made for capacitive screens. But again, unless you've been to Japan, where the rich school kids, have gold plated Stylus rather than gold jewelry, you wouldn’t get that the Stylus isn’t dead.
Had you ever used a PDA (yes I say PDA again because WM Smartphone’s up until now have been so pathetic), you would be amazed at another high end powerful program called Calligrapher, which makes handwriting a joy and very useful. I’m able to write (while mixing handwriting styles) on my iPAQ 211 with such ease, write into any program like TextMaker or any other program and watch my text magically appear on the screen. Sadly this is something I’m going to have to give up on the HD2, until the HTC Stylus comes to market.

Benji, I would be the first one to agree with your comment about another fussy WM phone, if what you were saying was true once again. But this time it’s not true!
Let’s take a look at your multi touch comment first. Multi touch as over rated as it is (coming from my iPod Touch and 1 month use of my former 3GS) is best utilized for the pinch and zoom as HTC calls it. This can be done right now in Opera on the HD2 as well as in the HD2’s imaging and video software. There are YouTube video’s showing this fully demonstrated on par with the iPhone or Pre without fail.
And for you to state that WM6.5 does not support capacitive screens is rather silly given the fact that what we have here is just that. Remember now, the screen of a touch screen device serves dually; a means to view the UI and also a substitute for a keyboard and mouse. That leads us to drivers which control those devices, follow me here?!
Also given HTC’s track record, it’s a good bet that they will release a WM7 update for the HD2 if not xda surely will. Also keep in mind that the HD2 meets ALL of the requirements chassis for WM7 as per Microsoft.
The HD2 does not come with a stylus because not only is the screen so large and not only has WM6.5.1 become more finger friendly, but also because HTC has a secret weapon in place. Have you ever heard of a program called TouchCommander? If not, look it up folks! What TouchCommander does right now on my WM6.1 device, is takes over all of the popup menu request of the OS and instantly creates large menu’s (much like what you see on an iPhone OS) which are very finger friendly (even in a complex program like Pocket Informant). Regardless of the program I run, TouchCommander steps in. Now if you can’t picture this, Google it for a clear understanding. You see HTC along with their deeply rooted Sense inspired UI, have gone in and created something a lot like the TouchCommander I just described.

While you’ll take the iPhone over anything else; there are many iPhone owners who don’t feel the same as you.
Many people wish they could turn on their iPhone and instantly see data that is important to them rather than a screen full of icons. Can you not understand how some, or rather how many folks out here would much rather have a Today Screen, showing the day’s important data without having to say, open the weather app?!
You mention Star Wars and what you miss is that technology has always and is still, trying to catch up to Star Wars (Apple included). The iPhone lovers of the world are always quick to mention how few clicks it takes to do things. But how about no clicks to do things like see the weather, see the day’s appointments and meetings, see the SMS and email inbox?!
Really what you're missing is that HTC and it’s hardware, along with its Sense UI (which is so deeply rooted it can’t be turned off like former TouchFlo surface UI's, as stated by HTC in another video) and with a little help from WM6.5.1 have created an experience that not only matches the iPhone for once, but passes it right by. Think that’s crazy talk; wait until this bad boy is in your own hands to try out.

One last topic to go over here, but I’d love to come back and hear what the members of this site think, regardless of whether or not you agree.
The HTC HD2 can do collectively, what NO other single device of today can do (yes that includes the 3GS):
*Qualcomm 1GHz MSM 8250 Snapdragon chipset: Almost twice as fast as the 3GS CPU yet it uses LESS POWER than not only the iPhone's 600 MHz, but also less than almost all older processors above 500 MHz.
*Capacitive 4.3-inch 480x800 WVGA Screen: Larger screen than any current phone yet the device is smaller in EVERY dimension than my HP iPAQ 211 PDA which has 4.1 inch screen. The real beauty in the screen size is that it takes up most of the surface and so it’s able to still be a pocketable size. Just take a look at the numbers below:
HTC HD2: 121 x 67 x 11 mm
Apple iPhone 3GS: 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
HP iPAQ 211: 133.9 x 75.4 x 17.5 mm
Toshiba TG01: 130 x 70 x 9.9 mm
Blackberry Pearl: 107 x 51 x 14.5 mm
*512MB flash memory - 448MB RAM: Plenty of RAM to multitask like never before. And for those silly people who think that multitasking is overrated; it’s a really nice thing to be able to make calls talking on a Bluetooth headset, while using the phone to take pictures, scan through emails, write notes, record notes or just have 2 to 3 apps open at once like I often do with my PDA. Playing music and working within different apps at once is a must for anyone who has ever had the experience and not something you’d ever want to lose.
*USB Host functionality: This is a rare one that you won’t find in any iPhone or in most other Smartphone’s. What this allows you to do is to connect a USB hard or flash drive, directly to the HD2 and work with its contents, just as you would if you plugged it into your Laptop. Furthermore you could connect a SD or Memory Stick reader to the HD2 and offload pictures from a digital camera (as in a real camera), to edit and or email without a need for a laptop on the go. Also this leaves options open for the use of a foldaway USB keyboard and or mouse, should you want one (all about options).
*WM6.5 OS installed: 6.5 isn’t what WM7 promises to be but it’s a good start (along with the very DEEP rooted Sense UI) and the hardware IS WM7 ready.
*5MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash: MP’s aren’t the best way to gage the quality of photo’s but instead Sensor type/size, optics and lighting are how to gage. Currently what’s known is that the HD2 has a dual LED flash system, unlike no flash in on the…………
*Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
*Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR: If this follows the path of past HTC models; the Bluetooth here won’t be crippled as is done on the iPhone.
*FM Radio: Perhaps not used much by many, but still makes sense in a media device wouldn’t you say?!
*microSD expansion slot: Sure this isn’t full size SD but SanDisk is at 32GB this year and on target to release 64GB microSD cards, in the first half of 2010. And I’m sure (not factually) that 128 GB and so on, will follow over the next year or two. Again it’s all about options.
*3.5mm headphone jack
*Light sensor
*proximity sensor
*Digital Compass
*The HD2 has a built-in feature in which it can be turned into a Wi-Fi hot spot: You can use your HD2 to give Wi-Fi 3G access to multiple devices (Laptops, PDA’s, etc) simultaneously.
*The HD2 has a built in program called Footprints, which uses the GPS and compass to track your movements and guide you back to your start location. Yes it’s well known from the Apple commercials that there’s an app that does this for the iPhone too.
*When you place your HD2 down on a table and it starts to ring, if you turn it upside down, the ringer goes to silent. Also if you pick up the phone while it’s ringing, the ringer volume goes down because the phone knows it has got your attention.
*During a call, to anyone in your address book, one tap of the screen brings it live from sleep. And then at the bottom of the screen are large icons which enable you in one tap to access your callers past emails, SMS or address book entry, which can all be viewed or edited, while on the call (there goes that useless multitasking again right?!)
And this list goes on but I need to get myself to my office now and my nearly photographic memory, seems to be running out of steam……..All of the above information, comes from blogs and videos with information given out by HTC reps and not speculation from blog writers.
Below are some links to some of the videos, showing what I have talked about above. The first link below, shows 2 videos of the HD2's multi touch in action:

To Mr. Cox,
I have an older pda, which has many Excel spreadsheets
that I regularly use and update.
these spreadsheets are configured (by zoom and text size)
to display as much information as possible on the screen.
I cannot see any way in which I can select a cell in any
of these spreadsheets with my finger, as the size of my
finger is about 3 cells in height.
Without a pinpoint stylus - I believe I would have a hard
time using this device.
Im mainly out in the market for a better performing PDA,
with internet connectivity. Not for the multimedia,
not for the games, not for MP3 player -
For a PRODUCTIVE better performing PDA,
with the benefit of connectivity.
For the same reason - the size of the huge on-screen
keyboard (which id derived from the need to use your
fingers, and not a stylus)
that leaves you with about 6 lines of editable text -
is a big MINUS for me, as I was expecting to get
bigger editbale field with the on-screen keyboard on,
as a benefit of the huge screen.
So - there are many users out there,
with many many different needs.
A stylus is a need for some of these users, for their
legitimate reasons.
Having the option to use either your finger, or a stylus
will be a big PLUS, instead of limiting the user to one
of the input methods.
Now -
since HTC had already designed "Capacitive Screen Stylus"
see :
I see no reason they would not include it with this
flag-ship device, and allow the user a CHOICE of how
to use the device, and how to customize the keyboard
(allow so set a much smaller sized on-screen keyboard)

I totally agree with the guys - I like this device as a next step from my HD, but I won't buy it becouse I can't imagine how to work with it without stylus. I use a lot of programs (pocket informant, timettracker, pocket quicken, mysporttrainer, mypersonaldiet, listpro, phatnotes, navitel and many others) and I can't use them without stylus. If HTC patented new stylus for such screens why it not included to the device? And when the device with this stylus will be available?

Hey Guys,
Regarding the comment made earlier by "Adam Barrage" regarding the USB host functionality..The HTC Tech support team have confirmed that HD2 does NOT have USB host functionality.. :(
I was really looking forward to it..
Also I do agree with the "Som30ne" that stylus would have been an useful additon to the gadget.. But the large screen will solve the issue to some extent eventhough not entirely...
Despite all this
I totally agree that this is an exciting device and along with others I cannot wait to get my hands on it..In UK, O2 customer support have agreed that they expect the HD2 to be released on the 11th of November......7 more days...Hurray

Hmm...I can't afford a Mac computer so I think I will buy a Iphone stand-in computer/cell phone/toy, with the availability to buy 1000s of apps....sounds good to me. Or maybe I should buy a cell phone that will allow me to interact with my family/friends/work and possibly a game or 2 when I have some free time, when I am away from my home and work. I think they call them a Smart phone, you a Blackberry or maybe even a Window mobile phone.
That's the reason why I came here. To find out if I wanted to invest my money in this new HTC HD2 Windows Mobile Phone or buy another BB not a read why I should become a fan girl of a Iphone. If that's what I wanted then I would have already bought one
Give it up already!!! I'm out of here!

Hi, nice and informative post, thank you very much for putting the points in a plain and easy way. Once again thank you.

To add to the USB Host topic, it's true that the HD2 does not support it, but that's because those HTC engineers didn't enable it (or not completely... if you plug a host cable in there is a popup about the car kit, but nothing else works).
HTC has crippled yet another useful device. The chip sets have support for it but HTC refuses to let us use it. Toshiba lets us use it on their TG01, why can't HTC?

I just traded my iPhone in for the new HTC HD2 and I can say I am completely blown away by almost every aspect of this device. All this time I allowed myself to be misled by the media etc bragging about iPhone this and iPhone that. I can say first hand this phone leaves the iPhone outdated in everyway.
Don't get me wrong the iPhone has been great and it took Microsoft a good number of years to "catch up" but DAMN this phone doesn't toy around...

once I saw the review of the HTC HD2 I was hooked. Finally a phone with the screen size to match my PSP. Plus all the other bells and whistles. I am an avid Windows Mobile user so I was a little disappointed that once in the states, the HD2 will not be running WM on the Verizon version (Passion). However, that's just my own lack of experience or change. After reading a bunch of reviews, it sounds like not having WM OS will be a plus. If you own a HTC HD2, you discuss the phone at I will be there often to share tricks.

so im just wondering if i get my hands on a 64gb microsd card do u guys think that htc hd2 will support it???? please let me know///

I bought my HD2 almost month ago, already were given lot of apps on it but need more of course. Still want to find higher PDF reader, with better fullscreen mode and multitouch. Planning set up android on it but it will be not very soon.