So who got a confirmed iPhone 4 yesterday?

Now that the dust has settled, AT&T and Apple have both sold out of first-run iPhone 4, and the great fail plague of 2010 seems to be abating at last, I'm interested in knowing how many of you actually managed to get your iPhone 4 order confirmation last night?

Let us know in the poll above and if you feel like sharing, let us know in the comments below which version you picked, and why you went delivery or reserve for pickup (or just gave up!)

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So who got a confirmed iPhone 4 yesterday?


Pre ordered at 8:30am and recieved email comformation at around 10pm for delivery on the 24th.

Got mine through no problem around 5:30am yesterday morning, got my e-mail about 5 minutes later. FINALLY got Kimmy's through the Apple Store mobile app around 1pm yesterday and got the e-mail confirming the reservation about 30 minutes later. We are lining up the night before (like always). more for the fun of it than anything else, but I feel better knowing we have 2 phones reserved waiting for us. 32GB black! woot!

Preorder from AT&T about 10am cst, got an order number but no confermation email and they haven't even touched my checking account yet!! Anyone else?

Got mine through AT&T's website but I have yet to receive any kind of confirmation email. I did get an order number with the shipping details and all that junk at the end of the sale & I printed a PDF copy of that. The order is showing on my Order Status page with a status of "In Progress" so I'm ASSuming it all went through. Guess time will tell.

I had a weird feeling that I should be up at 4AM to reserve my iPhone. It took 45 minutes at 4AM, but after repeated tries on multiple browsers, I was finally able to get a successful registration confirmation and e-mail. Since I'm going to a ballgame in the evening, I wanted to have the new iPhone in my hands and working before noon, and I've always wanted to wait in line for a hot new tech product. I guess it's better than waiting in line for a new video game or a midnight movie release.

Johnnyreb, same here - I have order number but no confirmation email. My order sessions timed out with ATT. Order is in their system, but no emails.

Pre ordered at 8:00pm, got email confirmation at 10:05pm (6/24), charged my debit card at 10:30pm. (all times Eastern)

One through AT&T, and one through Best Buy(the white, but.. well.. we know that story).. We'll see what I actually end up with.. at this point, I'm just not sure.

I got mine!! i went to at&t instead of online because i dont trust it as much, it was a long wait because the system was messed up all day but i will have mine on the 24th!!:-)

Pre ordered from Apple online store at 8:00pm, got email confirmation at 10:05pm (6/24), charged my debit card at 10:38pm. (all times Eastern)

Reserved an iPhone 4 (Black-16GB) using the Apple Store App on my iPhone 3Gs and received an email 15 minutes later confirming my reservation at my local Apple Store. I decided to reserve my iPhone because of a friend who works a the Apple Store highly recommended me to do so.

Got mine around noon on the Apple Store app. Pre-ordered for pickup on June 24th @ 7am...why? I never had an option so that's what I got in my email confirmation lol. 32Gb black in 8 days!!!

Preorderd for shipping 32GB. I was at the 3G launch, and this one is supposed to be 10x's more demand. The 3G launch was a nightmare. Also, the 3GS activation was similar to yesterday's preorder fiasco. AT&T servers can't handle it. Be ready for a whole bunch of trouble on launch. I'm staying as far away from the stores as possible. Unless they have white. ;) The black is for my partner. White is way hotter, and stand out more.

Geez... What a ridiculous mess. Thank god for Best Buy... getting my 32GB black one on the 24th with no hassle.

Reserved 1 black 16gig en 1 white 32gig for pickup on june 24th in France. Got a confirmation email !
Only black was the optional color for the 16 & 32gig but when i clicked black it changed in white for some odd reason.
I'm curious what they'll do about this on june 24th with my confirmationmail with me :)

Went to local AT&T store. Got 2 Blk 32GB and confirmation e-mail later in the day. Will be picking them up at the store.

I finally got my order in around 8:30pm last night (Eastern time). I got the confirmation e-mail about two hours later. I checked my credit card online and the charge is there but there are also two $1 charges from Apple. Anyone know what they could be? They aren't apps because those come off a gift card and I know I haven't purchased any apps recently. It's only $2, but I am curious as to what they are since the full upgrade price for the 32gb is on the card already.

Could not get the pre-order to go through on AT&T or Apple online. Decided to make a reservation instead, just to be safe. Got the confirmation email which says it will be available for pickup on the 24th. YAY!

Ordered two, one upgrade and one for a new line. Received both confirmations from At&t right away. This morning I woke up to see the new line iPhone has be charged to my Bank account. The upgrade still has not been charged. Waiting to clean up the mess...

Is an Att premier order recieved email the same as a conformation? The email I recieved said,
"Thank you for your purchase from the AT&T Premier Online Store. We're pleased with your choice of AT&T as your wireless service provider.
Pre-orders will be fulfilled beginning June 24, 2010. Orders will ship on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you by email when your order ships. Your order may be subject to AT&T eligibility and credit requirements. If we have any questions about your eligibility or your order, we will contact you via email."

I got my AT&T confirmation email that says I should get it on the 24th, but that there is a slight chance it may arrive 25th-28th. I got my order in around 11:00amEST, though, so I'm hopeful that I'll get in the 24th batch.

went on the apple website and made it all the way through to the point where it tell you "iPhone reserved...bring the following items" so i thought it was complete. turns out i call the apple store where i thought it was reserved. they have no record of me reserving an iphone. this is awesome news. apparently during the online process i missed a screen to confirm my email address and apple store account. what a effn mess.

I reserved mine around 6am (eastern) and got a confirmation email 10 mins later. Has anyone reserved one before? I'm a little nervous seeing as it didn't ask for a credit card just my AT&T and iTunes info.

No luck with O2 in the UK, they suggested calling them next week when the phone actually comes out. Talk about a face palm event!

Brad Wilson- I never did see a screen to confirm email, account, etc, and my Apple account had the old email address (anyone know how to change that? my efforts never take). What a mess? Yes.

Apple puts a temp hold on 1$ on ur card so they can make sure ur card is active. I have 2 1$ charges. Give it 3 days and it will b released bak into ur acct.
Its similar to wen u first link a credit/debit card to itunes, apple holds 1$ to make sure card is valid

exechobo - it went from confirming what iPhone I wanted and if I wanted to keep my original data and minute plan to "We Will See You At The Store! iPhone reserved! Please bring the following items". I never had the chance to type in my email...only my phone number, zip code, and last 4 of my ss#

Reserved a 32 gig iPhone 4 using the Apple store app for iPhone. Did it around 1 PM eastern time, when both AT&T's and Apple's sites were still hosed. Had it done in about two minutes, no problems at all. Had email confirmation in five minutes afterwords. It was, in fact, far less hassle than when I pre-ordered my iPhone 3G.

My story is too involved for just a comment, so I blogged about it. That's right, yesterday's events inspired my first real blog post:
Short version: didn't get one ordered.

Finally after HOURS of trying BOTH Apple and at&t websites, and on the phone argueing with at&t support, I finally reserved (for delievery) my iPhone at 3pm EDT yesterday. Got my confirmation number.
Whew. But all in all, it is better than waiting HOURS online like I did on 7/11/2008 for my iPhone 3G.

Oh, and I got the reservation via Apple website. at&t's site was useless. I would get to order the iPhone, but I couldn't pick my existing unlimited data plan. I could only choose one of the limited plans. they claim it was a bug in the website. I somehow doubt that. I think they wanted people to switch and in desperation of getting a phone, I am sure some people did.
Glad I reserved mine on Apple website.

Brad, same here. Now I have this charge.
Finally got thru on the 800- MY APPLE "customer Service" line. It kept asking for the confirmation number on the email, that probably went to the .mac account I can't change in the account information in my Apple Store account. So after a while it transferred me to a human, which was a recording telling me there is too much volume and hung up on me.
Maintain perspective, this is just a damn phone. These are just people working within a complex system. Breath, breath. What a dog's breakfast.

Pre-ordered around 8PM (after trying all day). Rec'd confirmation email around 10PM. 6/24 is the delivery date.

32 GB black (of course) for home delivery on the 24th. Finally ordered through Apple around 8 pm EDT after > 14 hours of trying on both Apple and AT&T. Talk about server fail... A highly frustrating day, but it's all good (for me) now!

I was able to place my order through the AT&T website yesterday afternoon. I have not received a confirmation yet. I did login to my account on AT&T this morning to check on the order status, and now it shows my order as "In Progress". No other information is available. So not sure when I will receive my new iphone.

Reserved my iPhone through the app store application first try. It took about 10 mins to send me an email about my reservation. Hopefully the reservation line isn't long at the apple store:)

I'm just glad that I went to Best Buy. Now, they better get a shipment least 8 because that's my number. Fingers crossed.

Got 2 through at&t. One 32gb and one 16gb. Both confirmed five minutes later for 24th delivery. It was about 7am central.

Thanks Hahahah so they can change my credit card, and charge to it but not my email in the acct info. Perfect.

Ordered mine on AT&T's website at 5:00am yesterday. Got my confirmation email immediately and my credit card has been charged as of yesterday afternoon.

Did mine on the AT&T website at 7AM, no problems.
Quick question, why did my confirmation come from ATT Premier???
And why wasn't voice plan one of the options? It asked me about data and texting, but not voice? Is it because I have a shared plan?

See my initial comment above, #5
I just called AT&T Customer Service. Everything "looks" right in their system says the rep. However, they are NOT guaranteeing delivery on the 24th. She said they have been told to tell people it's likely to be between the 26th & the 1st.
As I said earlier, I have not yet received my confirmation email. My order went through at 4:23am CDT. Rep stated that confirmation emails are still being sent out.
If I had mine in the system by 4:23am CDT and still have not received my confirmation email then I'm thinking I'm S.O.L.

called at&t yesterday and they told me that i cant get it at the discounted price because i upgraded my plan on 6/22/09.. i have a receipt from 6/22 saying i paid $451 for my 3gs, so why did i pay $450 AND get another 2 years? i dont know, and neither does at&t. they refuse to do anything about it.

Order went through on AT&T website. Order shows "in progress", charge already deducted on my bank account, but no email confirmation.

Never pre ordered an iPhone before and tried using one of the websites before work yesterday morning. The Apple store gave an error message so I just went to Best Buy and put down $50. I didn't see enough of a reason to upgrade my 3G to a 3Gs last year, but definitely saw a reason to this time around. I thought the whole pre order process was fairly smooth and hassle-free...using Best Buy, at least.

Note the AT&T email says "fulfilled" on June 24. Not shipped. My AT&T contact says many will get delivered on June 25. The logistics are going to get hairy. Apple needs to send to AT&T's fulfillment center then AT&T ships to its users. Will be interesting to say the very least.

Tried since 5 am and could not get through. Finally I tried at 8 pm on the apple website got all the way through the process! Got my comfirmation email couple of hours later stating " to be delivered on the 24th". I think I'm good to go!:)

I was able to order mine from Apple for delivery, but I don't know how to interpret the delivery estimate:
"Ships: Delivers on June 24th
Delivers Jul 6 - Jul 8 by Standard Shipping"
Any ideas?

I managed to get in I think just before the buzzer. I FINALLY got the apple website to take my order about 10:30pm (EST) and shortly thereafter started seeing the notices that other's orders were not going through.
My email says delivery June 24.... We'll see though, who knows what will change between now and then... :)

After trying to pre order for 12 hours, I got a reservation for in store pickup. I wasn't happy; the preorder fiasco is foreshadowing a horribly crowded launch day and I don't wanna be anywhere near an Apple Store on 6/24. So I tried again and finally got it a pre order at 630pm EST. I got a confirmation email about 4 hours later and my card has already been
charged. Yay!

i noticed many ppl pre ordered and also if you do it now you wont get it till july 2nd....cant you just line up on the 24th instead of waitign till the 2nd? will there be limited amount in stores?

@Gabe Little: Exactly the same experience. Printed the AT&T order confirmation to PDF. Have yet to see a confirmation email, but the order does show in their system under my account as "In progress".
I tried 4 or 5 times at Apple first starting 3am Central, but gave up. Then noticed at 3:30am Central that the AT&T site pre-order page went online, and there the order went through. Turned out to be 30 bucks cheaper too, as Apple (CA) apparently charges tax over the full retail price.

@iSurf - Logic leads me to believe if the pre-orders are sold out, there won't be any 'extras' laying around the Apple Stores.

Anyway, as I said in a previous post, I finally got mine through Apple Store at 10:45PM EST. As of now, delivered on 6/24. My Bumper Case (temporary solution until iSkin Revo for i4 comes out) is another story, says ships on 6/24 but delivers between 6/25-6/29.

I'm not sure when I'll be getting mine. I pre-ordered for delivery at 1:15pm yesterday through the AT&T Website. I still have yet to receive a confirmation email, but my order status on AT&T's site states "In Progress". Here are the issues though, my order status also claims my order was placed on June 16, which is incorrect. Also, they have authorized my credit card for two identical charges, as if I ordered two phones.
I have spoken to AT&T twice today and they have stated that their systems are down and they will not be able to tell me anything about my order for atleast 24-48 hours. Grrrrrrreat.

Got my pre-order to go through around 9 am CST. Finally received my confirmation email around 6 pm CST showing that it will be delivered 6/24. I can finally relax and wait for next Thursday.

Just got off the phone with the order status dept. @ AT&T. Gave them my order # and told them my card hasn't been charged and I had no conformation email. I was told that they had my request and it could be up to 48hrs before my order was processed. Then I would receive the conformation. Sooo I guess I tried from 4am to 10am in vain. And I thought I got very lucky yesterday to get my order in soo soon! :( Everyone who got their order in and got conformation emails, ENJOY! Gonna be a long COUPLE weeks for me!

I was able to reserve 2 phones for pickup on the Apple Store app for iPhone. That worked great. I received both emails and I'm good to go, thank God, I bought the 3Gs on May 25th and my 30 days are up on the 24th, so if I didn't get the reservations I would have not been able to trade the 3Gs for the iPhone 4. :D

1.Downloaded the Apple Store App for iphone.
2.Went throught the reservation option for 16gb black.
3.Found the nearest store and asked for the last digits of SSN
Around 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday.
Received confirmation email afterward.

Pre-Orderded mine thru APPLE ONLINE 16gBlk. Around like 7:30am got my confirmation email around 7pm and they charged my card delivers on the 24th :-) well that's what it's says soo hopefully!!!!

I reserved my at best buy , I'm number one in the list so I hope they get at least a couple in... Didn't apple said best buy and radio shack would join the apple stores launching the phone? All I hope is they get at least one lol

Received an official order confirmation yesterday for the iphone4 16gb thru att premier. Had some slowish loading but went through. Hopefully will have it on the 24th as planned

Started trying to pre-order at 7:30am eastern yesterday, the 15th. I was on the apple website ALL DAY and finally got my preorder for delivery at about 7:30pm eastern, for delivery on June 24th...THANK GOD!!!1

I chose the 32GB because I want to use it in place of a Flip camera, and I want to be able to store as much video as possible.
I placed my order at around 8pm EST and got a confirmation at 1am that it would ship June 24th.
If enough people are ordering online that it crashes the order system, the lines in the stores are going to be ridiculous. Delivery was the obvious choice so I don't have to wait.

Got mine but I truly feel sorry for those that got screwed. It's truly difficult to out do oneself sometime Apple. Delivered on everything but the service experience aspect for the early adopters.

So I ordered one through AT&T, saw a confirmation page, but never got a confirmation e-mail. If I look up my order on AT&T's website, the order shows up. My credit card has even been charges already, so I think I'm OK. I just wish AT&T would send me an e-mail already!

I ordered my black 32 gb on Apple's site. I started trying at 5 am and finally made it through the process at 9:30 am. The confirmation email showed up around 7 pm. Perserverance...

Interesting, I assumed an order within the first few days would make the June 24 mark. A few failed tries during the day made me want to wait, but for fun I gave it one last shot at 10:30 PM and managed to get through for a first run/24th delivery. I must have been one of the last to get in. Not long after there was news of July 2 orders.
Mixed emotions - I'm happy for Apple and a little sad for us long time Mac users. In the old days, Mac Fanatic was a casual term.

Tried originally at 6:30am EST. Didn't get my order thru the Apple store until 8:00pm. Confirmation email was recieved around 9:00pm. Helluva day.

Ordered in person at AT&T store(6th in line) They had to do everything by hand due to Apples servers being HOSED.
Got a call from manager of store at 8pm double checking order details..he said it went through.
I guess I will find out on June 24. Pick up at store was only option.

Preordered/with delivery mine after 7 hours of trying. Never before have I had to work so hard to give a company my money!

Just got a cancelation email from at&t!!!! I got a confirmation page and order number yesterday, but today got an email canceling it for no reason! This is outrageous, at the very least they could have just moved the order to the next batch of pre-orders!
I know that this has happened to a lot of other people as well, at&t admitted it when I called customer service.

I have a reservation for the 24th but according to Apple chat, that doesn't mean I'll get one:
• Juanita W: Good morning.
• Juanita W: How are you today?
• You: Good morning. I have a reservation for next Thursday at an Apple store to get the new iPhone. I noticed that there is no confirmation number on the email, and it says this at the bottom: "Pre-authorization does not guarantee iPhone availability at an Apple Retail Store. iPhone is sold on a first-come, first-served basis.". Will they have a phone for me or not?
• Juanita W: I can not guarantee that they will.
• Juanita W: It will be on a first come first serve basis.
• Juanita W: Is there any reason why you would not like to pre order the iPhone online today and receive free shipping right to your door?
• You: Then what is the reservation for? I made the reservation yesterday morning and then tried for 12 hours to order online so I could have it on launch day.
• You: I finally got an order in for my wife late last night but it says it won't ship until July 2.
• Juanita W: That is correct, the IPhone will ship by July 2.
• Juanita W: The reservation is to hold the iPhone for you, however it is on a first come first serve basis.
• You: That is contradictory. If it is held for ME, how can it be first come first serve? There is only one ME.
• Juanita W: It reserves one for you in oppose as if you did not have a reservation and was trying to pick one up.
• Juanita W: However, it is still on a first come first serve basis.
• Juanita W: So say if the first person in line that day did not have a reservation, they could not get the iPhone before you because you have a reservation.

I reserved one for pick up but never got a confirmation. I called my local Apple store today and they confirmed my reservation. Whew!

After hours and hours of trying to get through on and, a little birdie told me that someone they knew had success with the Apple Store iPhone app.
I tried that out, and was able to reserve for pickup at my local Apple Store (5 minute walk away from work). I wanted delivery but it sort of shot me directly into a "pick your nearest Apple Store" list. Since the Store is pretty convenient for me, I rolled with it.
I got the 32GB to replace my 32GB 3GS.

i got two for order confirmation and the other for phone number card charged with june 24th delivery, hopefully!

iPhone reservation for pick up at the Apple retail store is a joke. It is on a first come first serve basis. For those of you who reserved the iPhone you better of wait in line very early in the morning, say 3:00am. Number of pre orders is WAY more than iPhone 4 stock in each store.

Anyone else get this email from ATT ?? I had this sent to me this morning . I ordered my iphone 4 at an att store yesterday at 5:40 pm EST..
AT&T - iPhone Wireless Order Confirmation
Thank you for ordering iPhone 4 from AT&T. Your device has been reserved. Today was the busiest sales day in our history. Because of the incredible volume of orders we received, there is a slight chance that some customers may receive their devices between June 25 and June 28. Rest assured, we are doing all we can to ship devices to customers for delivery on the 24th. You do not need to take any action at this point.
As soon as your device ships, we will send an email confirmation including a tracking number for your convenience. In the meantime, you can check the status of your order on our website at any time by clicking here or by calling our automated system at 1-877-782-8870.
Here are your order details:

I thought i was confirmed.. according to my local apple store it didnt go through... man this sucks... i guess im waiting in line

Tried to order from 1:30 am. PST when I first saw Apple was taking orders. Many times got to the point of adding to basket but always timed out. Started again early AM and about every half hour. Finally placed order about 6 or 7 PM. Got the July 6th-8th delivery date. Not to happy.

I ordered through AT&T at 11:37PST. Like others here, I received a confirmation number, but no e-mail and my CC has not been charged yet. I just fot off the phone with AT&T after more than 20 minutes on hold. The guy had no clue. He said I didn't need an email and that they don't charge cards until the phone is shipped. He said the order was in progress but he couldn't confirm that I would receive it by the 24. Bummer!! AT&T is really, really bad. I live in downtown LA and I have really crappy service: dropped calls, network re-setting every now and then, inability to make or receive calls at least one or twice a day. Terrible!!
I don't know what Apple is waiting to execute some of the clauses on the contract that could open other carriers like Verizon. I'm sure they have exit clauses when one of the parties can't comply with their responsibilities. Moreover, you don't want unhappy customers. Well, I am unhappy. The thing with Apple is that you forget all this pain once you have the new phone in your hands.

Ordered via AT&T Premier. Took over 2 hours of trying starting at 10:30am. Got a order confirmation email, but no details. Not even a delivery date.
Not even sure they properly processed it as a upgrade rather then new service, as it required me to select a data plan. I expect to be on the phone to them confirming the account status when I do receive it.

They probally processed it properly as an upgrade, the reason you had to select a new data plan is that they are no longer offering the unlimited data as they used to. I am unawary if this will affect current 3GS owners or if it will only affect iPhone 4 buyers. either way it sucks

Used Apple Store App from my current iPhone without a problem. After numerous failed attempts from apple site at part where it needed to check eligibility with AT&T.

@ Paola:
You know whats funny? In my experience and through others, its Verizon that has sucky service and sucky reception. I love telling this story because it just proves my point: My brother and me were at the top of a parking garage in downtown LA, he has VW, I have AT&T... WE WERE STANDING THERE LOOKING UP AT THE VERIZON BUILDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF US... and he had zero bars and no reception... I was perfect on my iPhone... HAHAHA... I was almost in tears laughing at him! He got all pissed off. Ya.. VERIZON SUCKS.

Contacted an AT&T customer service rep after not getting an email and she confirmed my order.....

I got mine ordered minutes after it was available, but since AT&T's servers were down, my confirmation email has me listed at purchasing at the full price of $699. I am eligible for an upgrade, so we'll see how smoothly the 24th goes for me!

Got 2... got the 1st after 2 and a half hours of non stop trying, and the 2nd after 9 and a half hours of non stop trying... glad I have a laid back job that I can sit and hit refresh on a website all day :)

Placed my order the afternoon of the 15th. I talked with AT&T today to confirm my order was recieved but no time table for a ship date.

Pre-ordered successfully at 8am June 15th through AT&T site and just received confirmation email at 9:15pm June 16th.

Got a reservation first, then was finally able to get an order through at around 7:30 p.m. Eastern. Immediately canceled the reservation so it wouldn't mess with my delivery order. Just got the confirmation email from Apple a few minutes ago (over a day later.) Everything looks in order for delivery on the 24th. They better start packing phones now. Can you imagine how much time it's going to take to get all of those phones packed and ready to fly?

I placed my order on the AT&T site at 5:30 AM CT and immediatly received my order confirmation number - and on the AT&T site it shows my order as "In progress". Finally today (16th) at 8 PM CT I received the following email - "Thank you for your order. Your iPhone4 pre-order has been received and is being processed
in the order it was received. You do not need to take any action. You will receive an email from
us if we need any additional information.". So I know AT&T has my order but when will I receive the phone is still in question???

I was able to get through on Pre-Order day and got my confirmation. AT&T now, today, AT&T just tried to charge my card and my CC company put my account on hold. I called AT&T and they can't find my order and said that they are still entering orders from Tuesday. They told me I will get a text or email if there were any issues with my order. Let's hope I don't drop to the end of the pre-order list now....

I tried a few times on Apple's site 6/15 around 7:30pm Eastern and had to give up due to frustration. My boyfriend, being tech addicted as he is (and he has a blackberry lol), kept trying for me after 45 minutes of multiple time-outs he finally got my order through for delivery 6/24! He earned brownie points for that one!