Consume 1.6 Hits App Store, Goes on Sale


Consume [$0.99 on sale - iTunes link] is the awesome little app for the those of us who don't have unlimited anything on our iPhones... or ISPs. Yes, tiered data is a reality in some parts of the world, and we have to watch our MBs/GBs as closely as we watch our voice minutes. While I've been using Consume to do that on Rogers for a while now, their latest update -- version 1.6 -- improves support for existing providers and adds support for:

  • Comcast in the US
  • T-Mobile (Vertrag) in Germany
  • Vodafone (Pay Monthly), T-Mobile (Pas As You Go), Tesco Clubcard in the UK
  • Airtel Mobile (Postpaid), Airtel Broadband, Airtel Landline in India
  • Bell (Broadband) in Canada
  • Simyo (Prepaid) in France
  • XNet, Snap (Prepaid), Subway Subcard in New Zealand
  • SJ in Sweden
  • Easy Way Tea's in Australia

They've also added a new "Package Tracking" category for USPS, AAE (Australia), TNT Express (Australia), and Apple Order Status (now if Apple would just release those new MacBooks for us to track!)

And yes, it's made by Bjango who do the great iStat [$0.99 also on sale - iTunes link] app (among others) for iPhone, and widget and menu system for the Mac. If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Consume 1.6 Hits App Store, Goes on Sale


I will give them that they have made a very sexy apps and it can be used on more networks than just at&t. At&t is just delivered a decent app for most of us and we can even pay our bill from it. Bjango makes some nice stuff.
I tend not to care too much about my minutes cause I usually never ever ever go over. I must say I hate using my roll over minutes...they are old and don't works as good. I tend to just throw them away. ;)

Rogers has a free app too but it doesn't work on Corporate or Prepaid according to description so I didn't bother checking it out. Going to check it out before I check this $0.99 one but its probably worth the $0.99 by the looks of it.

Well just installed the Rogers app, and it does work on my corporate account. but the app only works over data and not wifi. It uses your connection to identify you automatically and displays your info. I think i'll pass on that $0.99 app. thanks for pushing me to get the free one though :)

This is great, I like it much better than the Rogers app and Mobile Minutes app. However both of them are free

I'm starting to see the corporate schilling this website pays to. I have a program called cell tracker that's also free. Works with AT&T. Consume may work for a select few people for where the free alternatives don't work or don't work well enough, this article makes no attempt to point them out or compare... up front just gives us a app that we have to pay for.
I guess there is a reason why you shouldn't read news associated to a website that also sells stuff... it's just about the money :(
Try free apps first before buying.

how frustrating it must be watching every minute, mb etc.
i am so glad i do not have to worry about stuff like that.

Are you a competitor of Consume? If so, just send us your app and we're happy to look at it as well.
We don't "schill" and we don't sell apps, and anything that is ever sponsored is clearly marked as such and disclaimed.
And seriously, $0.99 and people complain it isn't free? I'd pay a lot more than that for a great app and consider "free" far too expensive in terms of my time and poor user experience unless it was equally great.
Great developers put a lot of effort into their apps and App Store prices are low enough. Someone could likely find an intern or outsource any of our jobs "for free", does that mean we don't deserve to get paid for our work either.
$0.99? Seriously? Complaints about that = just another reason great devs won't make great apps for this market :(

Posted Lite is more feature-rich if you want to track parcels. Its free and supports many many more (mostly Australian) providers than Consume does.
It also gives you more details about the package than Consume.

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