Consumer Interest in iPad Dwindling?


According to a study by Retrevo of more than 1000 randomly selected individuals, it seems as if the consumers interest in Apple's iPad has dwindled considerably since it was announced back on January 26th.

"As we like to say, it’s the apps that sell smartphones like the iPhone and it could very well be those same apps that motivate buyers to run down to the Apple Store and get in line to buy a shiny new iPad. Whether this device becomes a big hit is anyone’s guess but based on this study it sure looks doubtful."

Daring Fireball reminds us all to keep in mind Retrevo's not so perfect track record so take their latest survey with a heavy grain of salt. With that being said, Retrevo found that 52 percent of participants have heard of Apple's latest creation, but are not interested in making the purchase. While another 18 percent said they had not heard of the iPad and also were not interested. At least things are looking better for iPad in the business sector.

While most analysts believe the iPad will be a moderate success at launch, one can't help but wonder what will happen if some of those missing features such as multitasking turn up before the product launches, or in an iPhone 4.0 OS update shortly thereafter...


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Consumer Interest in iPad Dwindling?


Inability to sync with iTunes or iPhone is a HUGE mistake. Most people with an iPhone probably have a laptop.. (me a 13" MacBook Pro). The iPad doesn't fill any need of which my iPhone or my MacBook can't already do.

The iPad does sync with iTunes, I just pulled the below straight from Apple's website, I really wish that people weren't as stupid as they are. Do some research about something before making accusations. And the iPad isn't aimed at people that want a MacBook or a PowerMac, it is aimed at the Netbook market.
A tap of the iTunes icon lets you browse and buy music, TV shows, and podcasts — or buy and rent movies — wirelessly, right from your iPad. Choose from thousands of movies and TV shows (in both standard and high definition), along with thousands of podcasts and millions of songs. Preview songs before you buy them. Or just sync iPad with the content you already have in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC.

Entertainment72. Never mind. I think this survey is both accurate and pointless: until the device ships and whatever iPhone OS 4.0 adds is revealed, no one quite knows what they're buying. When thei Phone was announced, it clearly really had no competition and people drooled over it's possibilities even at an exhorbitant price -- in this case, until the posibilities of the iPad are demonstrated, people could always just get an iPhone or iPod Touch, even tho the price point in the iPad is quite reasonable. This is a steeper climbthan the iPhone, but the summit, when reached, could be far higher.

@ dan I agree people always assume they know everthing,comment on something or even put something 6 ft deep without reading about it or even touching it.Funny thing is all this stuff was said when the iphone came out. We all know how that worked out.
@Entertainment72 and Patrick Pennza Please read the above. Of course it syncs how do you think you get all the apps, music, movies etc on there. With a magic wand?

If any reason why interest in the iPad would be waning, I have two insights.

  1. We've been on 3.1.2 (and just recently 3.1.3) for a while, with nothing new to play with. And some of the issues we continue to have, such as lack of full AVRCP for Bluetooth, or folders for app icons, or whatever, have us just nothing more than "blah" for anything right now. Top that off with stagnant support for AppleTV, how do you expect us to feel?
  2. 60 to 90 days. That's quite a while for something we can't even play with or touch in the store or get excited about. The iPhone was a different story, since it was such a unique experience for Apple and its users, but the iPad, despite all its recent previews and hype, isn't much more than a value-sized iPod touch on crack. I'm waiting for the 3G version just so I can get the GPS and the ability to go on the road, so I'll even have to wait longer.
  3. You have to be dumb as a bag of rocks to think there won't be a fourth-generation iPhone, possibly with the same A4 chip and even a front-facing camera. That has to steal away some thunder (and potential pocket money) from the iPad, especially if they're allegedly due to release within a couple months of each other.
  4. It's lacking that one feature. Whether it be multitasking, a front or rear-facing camera, or some weird integration with your desktop iMac or MacBook, it's always that one little thing that's big enough to hold someone back. Couple that with all of the above, and you can see why interest would dwindle. Oh, what it would be if they upped the specs at last minute and said, "oh, and we were able to squeeze in a camera" just like they said when they announced that the iPhone would have a glass front at last minute - remember that incident?

That being said, I'll get the 16GB iPad+3G when it comes out, but I won't be standing on line for it like I would for an iPhone 4. I don't think it'll be a dud, but dammit, they could have at least put a camera on it. Real estate agents, doctors, and dorming students could have made it fly.

Mobile phones are an established market and the iPhone is one of the better smartphones (if not best) out there so of course it is going to sell. I don't think iPhone sales have that much to do with Apps since the original iPhone sold well in the first year while there was no App store.
The iPad, however, has no established market and is seen as a luxury gadget. If Apple came out with something that made people think "I could really use one of those" like say something that could truly bring about the mythical paperless office then they could have been on a sure winner IMHO.
I love my iPhone and finger-only input works on it, but the iPad's larger screen shouts out for a secondary stylus input with a responsive UI that could really replace pen and paper and printed documents.

Another WS manufactured story. Now in another story they have experts clOning the device will be bad for posture. They are throwing everything icluding the kitchen sink at apple.
These masters of the universe are protecting their friends and of course themselves. They are probably thecall writers and are keeping the stock price down. They are Aldo hoping that the stories catch on and do impact the first weekend of sales.
These shysters know that in western Europe, the iPhone is probably approaching 10percent of all mobile sales. In a couple of Qs, iPhones will probably be a third of all mobile phone sales in Europe (same will happenwhen the iPhone is carried by all the other carriers). This is the iPod redux.
WS is salivating. They want a part of the cash hoard. Mind you, they want a buybaack not a dividend. They want to collect two ways, manipulate the stock on pre and post buyback transactions and collect on the service fees.
Nut above all else, they want to destroy apple and kill the iPhone.

Can you sync iTunes with your iPhone? "Preview songs before you buy them. Or just sync iPad with the content you already have in your iTunes library on your Mac or PC."
I stand corrected about iTunes but I'm curious to see if it syncs with iPhone.

Regardless count me in that survey.. I was excited before the event.. now could care less about it. The iPad may fill in the netbook need (should people not have a reasonably sized laptop).. but then again my 13" MacBook or even 14" PC latop is so easy to travel with and carry it kills the purpose of the iPad while doing much more.

Hmm, that's weird; I keep trying to post something and it's not working, no matter what I do. Nothing's wrong with my iMac; maybe something's up with this site. Oh well, moving on...

@analog spirit:
Yeah, it is weird because I keep trying to reply to you and it's not working either... :shock:

@fastlane: LOL... Well, I was trying to post a link that leads to another site, but then I was thinking maybe that's not allowed in here or something. But then I noticed that my last post (and obviously yours) worked, when I omitted the link I had been trying to post. I'm still new here, so I'm still learning how these sites work...

I'm also among those who was eagerly anticipating this iPad and then when it was released, it seemed relatively underwhelming.
I love Apple products, I really do, but I'm not so in love with Apple that I lose my common sense and realize that this is just not a product I need.
You can argue that nobody thought they "needed" the iPod and that Apple will stun us all and make us realize that we "need" this, but I'm just incredibly underwhelmed. The problem lies in all the hype that led up to the release. I knew it wouldn't live up to the hype, but if it had at least lived up to 50% of the hype it'd have been a more exciting product than this.
I can't understand how everyone is making such a big to-do about the iBook feature. All these companies are jumping on the ebook bandwagon, meanwhile, unlike music, many people genuinely do not read. I love to read so I'm not one of them, but the average person doesn't read much. And I don't think a bright shiny screen is the best way to get people excited about reading again either.
This thing really IS a big iPhone. I don't understand why I would want to part with my money for an iPad, because I have an iPhone and a MacBook.
I'm not saying it's crap or that people who buy one are stupid. I am a little wary though of all the Apple loving people who are acting like saying something negative about the iPad is blasphemous and have something out for Apple. The bottom line is, if I were Steve Jobs, I don't know how he didn't expect people wouldn't be unimpressed after all the hype, including the hype coming out of his own mouth.
Maybe it'll pan out to be a bestseller like the iPod and prove to be very useful. I'm just not going to be lining up to throw my money away on this one until I see more potential being actualized, maybe in a future generation.

@Raphaël: Well said; I'd also rather wait for the next generation of iPads and see how they turn out than get one now. It's actually more of a scaled-up iPod Touch, and as big as it is, I think they should've at least given it a USB port or two. PEACE

Either way it still doesn't look like the ipad will be a huge seller when it first arrives on shelves. What am I referencing that from? Well I remember when the iPod 2g came out and heard everyones comments and comparing it to what I've been hearing people say about the ipad it just doesn't look good. I think it's a matter of the ipad feeling like the same old thing without any innovation. Most people seem to feel its just a less mobile and therefore less useful version of the iPod/iPhone.
Me personally, if it had flash I'd buy one in a second. I would also have liked to see more innovation or at least useful additions like sd card slot or USB slot. At this price point it just doesn't make sense for me to buy one. I've seen how apple tends to lower the price after the first generation, and add features at the same time so if anything I'll be waiting until 2g. The only thing that could really change my mind at this point is the price being dramatically lowered.

@Raphaël: I gotta agree about the ebooks. I never really understood all the hype about these electronic book readers like the kindle. The problem, IMO, is that the pricing just doesn't make sense. I've seen time and time again where the kindle version of a book will cost at or near the same price as the book itself. I don't see why anyone would be willing to pay the same price for an ebook that costs amazon nothing to create as a real paper book. If they were half price or less then maybe you can make an arguement for it being a bargain but even then the kindle version can't compete with super cheap used books on amazon.
I just don't see ebooks being much of a selling point for these and I think the industry has a long way to go before the pricing makes sense. Just like the music industry had to get used to $.99 songs, the book industry will have to realize that they're going to need to lower the ebooks to less than $5 otherwise this fad will be over in no time.
Besides the pricing, there is just something unappealing about reading a book on a computer screen. Hard to pinpoint the reason though.

Holy Cow, Macalipe's right - Retrevo can't read their own survey results. 37% want an iPad or are interested. 37% of the population in general would be 80 million plus. Think about it.

The numbers actually look very favorable for a new product category 2 months before release during a terrible recession.

Mike, I think you are right. Why buy a "reader" for upwards of $800.00 and then have to pay $14.99 for a "book" to put on it?? If the price of a song on iTunes was $3.99 each, does anybody think it would have worked?? And, I would have to venture a guess that most people that do read books on a regular basis actually WANT to own the book. They have vast collections. I think the problem lies in the publishing end of this. Authors are paid huge sums for their works, and "renting" them for $3.99 a copy won't cut it. They will never re-coup their money. A band can put a song on iTunes, and "sell" thousands of copies, along with a CD, and a tour. They have more avenues to make money from their work. I just don't see what this does that requires a person to have one. It's not a phone (so STOP saying it is a big iPhone), not a computer, it's not an anything. Jobs said with the iPhone, it was the last device you would need. That may well come back to haunt him.

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