Siri gets extra sassy with Cortana on Arsenio

You think Siri is going to sit back and take whatever this imposter, Cortana, has to say? Pshh.

Be sure to check out our real hands-on with Cortana to see what Microsoft's take on voice control is all about, and whether or not it stacks up to the original.

Via: @gcaughey

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Reader comments

Siri gets extra sassy with Cortana on Arsenio


Being both an iOS and Windows Phone fan, I thoroughly enjoyed that video. If only both personal assistants could be that sassy in real life (technically Microsoft still has time to add that to Cortana before release).

I'm very excited about Cortana. Every review online that I've seen has been talking about how it apparently dominates Siri in every way, shape, or form. In a couple of days, we'll know.

I don't get why if somebody is launching something like an assistant, on a different OS its considered to be a copy of Siri. C'mon people...

Apple was also inspiring from different sources and then making their own product...maybe better than others.

Now why would you call this ok when apple does it, but not ok when others are doing it..

Silly people... Childish Apple.

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