CrackBerry Kevin and the $500 clock app misadventure

While we often complain about Apple's over-curation of the App Store, here's a cautionary tale about what happens when a $500 BlackBerry App World "app" meets a founder left alone in Vegas with adult supervision.

I'll save the back story of how I decided I needed to buy the app for our next CrackBerry Podcast (for now let's just say I was triple dog dared into it), but buy it I did. And you know what they say, What happens in Vegas ends up on Youtube, so check out the video above to see this Limited Edition desktop clock app get purchased and installed onto my BlackBerry Bold 9900. While at the time of purchase I thought this was the most expensive app in App World, turns out there are quite a few overpriced clock apps in there. And while I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world to have bought the Cesar HQ app, looking at the other clock apps I discovered one review by another person on another $600 clock app, so it looks like there is at least one other sucker out there.

Apple yanked the notorious I Am Rich app from the App Store a short time after it launched and has made it a policy not to allow similar apps since. While RIM evidently doesn't enforce similar restrictions, and it was nice of Kevin to single-handily double App World sales last night, bottom line, Adam is never allowed leaving Vegas before Kevin does again.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Kevin and the $500 clock app misadventure


WTF?? I were in hell and buying this app were the only choice i have to be forgiven by God i still ain't buying this sh**!

Who cares about the app. Why the eff do you still hold a Blackberry? Do they still make those? You suck at technology.

Lol for those that don't know who "the guy" is...he is Kevin from Biggest blackberry site their is. I'm sure 500 bucks is nothing to him...not saying I agree for him buying the app, or having a blackberry that still looks like 2001...but ya.

I want to hear imores take on motorola winning their court case against apple. Why does imore post pro apple storiea the second they happen but wjen its a apple loses story they never post it. At least androidcentral .posts all amdroid stories good and bad

And on second though you guus jealous tjat he can blow 500 on an app? Or are you mad apple dosent allow these apps anymore?

i'll admit it....I'm jealous Crackberry Kevin could drop that much on an app with probably no second thought to it... Even though throughout my 4 years with iOS I've definitely dropped more than that total on all my apps. I won't even go into music from iTunes....

If you go to the BB site apple sucks if you go to the apple site BB sucks. Kinda gay.
The clock. anyone who buys a 500.00 virtual clock needs their head examined unless of course you have been triple dog dared. Good job Kevin

Proof positive that Mobile Nations websites is making way too much money for Kevin. lol
Let's all say thanks to those who made Crackberry the big ass site that it became... when it was still fun before it turned into add heaven each and every other post in the forum. :rolleyes:

I triple dog dare to you to throw that pile of crap BB in the garbage and pick up a real phone... an iPhone!

Got a headache watching all those clicks. Think Kevin is to proud to admit Blackberrys time has passed.

I always knew Kevin was "simple" when it comes to RIM/BB's & this confirms it! BB's SUCK!! The fact that you would waste ANY money on their TERRIBLE apps is beyond understanding! They're using JavaScript for crying out loud! Talk about "dinosaur" GUI graphics. RIM is dead & apparently Kevin is determined to go down with the ship like the two "genius" CEO's!!

i dont even understand why this article is on imore...let alone the fact that the hate comments make us ios users seem more like fanboys.