CrackBerry Kevin reviews the Typo Keyboard for iPhone at #CESlive

CrackBerry's fearless leader Kevin Michaluk loves a good keyboard on his smartphone, so who better to review the much talked about Typo Keyboard for iPhone. It's gaining a lot of attention – for better or for worse – with backing from Ryan Seacrest, and potential BlackBerry instigated lawsuits. But, whether it's a total ripoff or not (though it really looks like it is!) is it actually any good at what it sets out to do?

Well, I don't want to spoil the review, but you should definitely check it out. If Typo has just ripped off the BlackBerry keyboard, then at least it ripped off the best. What the future may hold for Typo, only time will tell, but right now there's plenty of folks talking about it. So, check out the video, head on over to CrackBerry for the full review, and let me know what you think of the Typo for iPhone.

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Reader comments

CrackBerry Kevin reviews the Typo Keyboard for iPhone at #CESlive


What you call unnecessary junk, I call a welcome option. I really would like a keyboard accessory for my 5C if I could get one (this looks 5S only...). Sounds like it'll get shut down before I could ever acquire one.

Hm, I figured the slightly thicker dimensions of the 5C would preclude it. Do you have a source?

I love that Kevin has to feature his disdain for the iPhone and the "ripoff" the Typo keyboard perpetrated so prominently in his review. hard to take it seriously when the bias is so obvious and strong.

When I heard about that, it changed my whole impression of Kevin, and his attitude towards Apple. He is less bias to Blackberry than I originally thought.

You should read my full review. Most people are calling me an iPhone lover because I kinda like the Typo a lot. Couldn't have less biased. :)

The Typo would be my next case if it were not for a few things you mentioned.. I love my Touch ID and I use control center A LOT. Hard to overlook those 2 things for me.

I'm also expecting a form-factor change for Apple this 2014 (Larger phone) and I'm all in when it happens.. don't want to spend $99 for a case and use it for less than a year... All adds up to a no for me.

I thought this was a thorough and partial product review Kevin, well done.
I'll never buy one because I feel it's a superfluous add-on that only complicates the iPhone experience, but it looks like people interested in this won't be disappointed.

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I really like the idea of a physical keyboard on an iPhone but I imagine the inability to use the Control Center is a huge no-no for me. I use it all the time. Plus, based from the CrackBerry site, the sample Typo they tested had wore out in 72 hours of use. Though it was also stated that there have been some improvements on the newly manufactured Typos.
I almost forgot, GO BLACKBERRY!!

I own a typo keyboard and I love it. I can type with my iphone as fast as I used to type with my bb. Moreover I can even type without looking at the screen as the keys reminds a lot those of blackberry. All in all, great experience so far.