CrackBerry Kevin single-handedly makes Google Play profitable

Not content to merely put BlackBerry App World in the black by buying $500 clock apps, found and Mobile Nations chief-of-chiefs Kevin Michaluk has now turned his attention to Google Play... and bought a $200 vuvuzela app.


What makes it worth $200 more than all the free vuvuzela apps littering the former Android Market?

Surprisingly enough, the answer to that question is that the app features a picture of an iPhone holding a Vuvuzela! Hilarious. The developers really should be ashamed of themselves for this one. I also found the app crashed a lot, and though it looked like there was a menu for more options, it never opened.


Lucky for Kevin, Google Play currently caps apps at $200, or he could have been out the downpayment for a Winnipeg house.

Can't wait to see what Kevin buys when his Mobile Nations World Tour hits iOS and iMore.

Source: Android Central

CrackBerry Kevin single-handedly makes Google Play profitable

Rene Ritchie

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NorthGuy798 says:

For $200 you got yourself an advanced preview of the new iPhone 5... apparently it will have a kickstand in the form of arms and legs and a Vuvuzela ring tone. $200, well spent. :)

Amazing! says:

DLP Mobile hopes for idiots like Kevin and apparently they found 50+ so far. The world and country is in the worst economic state since the Great Depression, millions of people are unemployed. Millions will fall asleep tonight hungry. But this idiot blows $200 on complete bs. Way to go. Why don't you post a video of yourself donating $200 if you have so much money to blow?

Jim says:

Nailed it with the last part. The $500 blackberry app was funny at first, but now its becoming pretty clear somebody just likes to flaunt his money.

Amazing! says:

Oh and since we are having so much silly fun, why don't we see how many people can unsubscribe to their Twitter/Facebook/YouTube etc. Here is 1!

LVMHgirl says:

O-tay! Well, at least Kevin's team won! ;-)

siddharthbandhu says:

Man I could have bought a new phone with that money!

User123 says:

Most money a dev ever made at the Play Store, lol :D.

Esop says:

A fool and his money are soon parted...