Your crazy CDMA iPhone 4, 7-inch iPad with ARM Cortex A9, AMD and iOS Apple TV, rumors of the day


Digitimes, which should always be taken with a huge honking grain of salt, is reporting that Apple is readying CDMA iPhone 4, a 7-inch Cortex A9-based iPad 2, and only Jobs knows what else:

  • Apple is set launch an upgraded 9.7-inch iPad adopting a new ARM Cortex-A9-based processor and 512MB RAM in the first quarter of 2011. Meanwhile, the company will also launch a 7-inch iPad using the Cortex-A9 processor and an IPS panel with a resolution of 1024×768

  • As for the CDMA iPhone, Pegatron Technology is expected to start mass production in December and will supply to both US-based Verizon Wireless and China-based China Telecom

  • The CDMA iPhone's back plate will be forged from metal materials and will feature an integrated antenna, according to Digitimes Research.

  • Apple is also set to launch a new Apple TV using AMD's Fusion solution and will not include a hard drive.

ARM's Cortex A9 is the next-generation version of the current Apple A4 chipset's CPU used in iPad and iPhone. With multi-core capabilities, it's an obvious upgrade to make. Verizon iPhone rumors have been on the rise again in recent weeks, though CDMA can mean different things in different reasons. I still think Apple won't fracture the brand new iPad market with a 7-inch iPad any time soon. It's not about matching resolution, it's about pixel density -- a 7" 1024x768 screen would need a whole new UI for the buttons and other UI elements to remain usable by fingers. Apple TV running iOS would be great -- but why AMD's Fusion and not Apple's own chipsets?

[Digitimes, thanks everyone who sent it in]

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Your crazy CDMA iPhone 4, 7-inch iPad with ARM Cortex A9, AMD and iOS Apple TV, rumors of the day


The apple tv part I don't buy at all.... EVERY other iOS device has internal storage built in... I would hate to think that they would think that streaming would suffice...

Wow, new iPads and a possible iPhone 4 on Verizon. iPad I'm sure will materialize, the iPhone 4 on Verizon however, will take much more time and there still hasn't been any confirmation/comment from either Apple nor Verizon Wireless.

I completely believe the iPhone Verizon rumor. Ever since I read the TipB article about a possible early iPhone release in January and came across the engadget article highlighting Verizon's CEO being added to the CES 2011 keynote - I decided it was time to believe the rumors! As for iPad, hmm...not so sure about that. And I could care less abut Apple TV until they start promoting it actively.

The Apple TV could have flash storage instead of a hard drive; with networking to computers running iTunes and NAS compatibility, the hard drive wouldn't be missed much. Flash storage would decrease power consumption, noise, and hardware failure.
Apple will start promoting Apple TV actively when they announce it, but rumors and leaked photos will lead the charge, as usual.

Personally, I think the CDMA chips are for the new iPad. There is no exclusivity with the iPad meaning it could go to other networks without needing a war with AT&T.

omg. really, it's beyond annoying now. what can't you (Rene) understand that there is a contract in place between apple and AT&T? it runs out in 2012. this means that there will be NO IPHONE ON VERIZONS NETWORK UNTIL 2012. this is not rocket science, and all of your posturing, praying, hoping will have no bearing on this happening any time before hand. so damn annoying


  1. No one outside high level Apple and AT&T knows when the latest, last revised contract ends.
  2. We're covering rumors, annoying rumors, but rumors.
  3. I'm in Canada with 3+ carriers already and an officially unlocked iPhone 4. I have no horse in that race.
  4. Next time, chiggidity-check-yo'self :p

Yes it's annoying to hear about Verizon but it will continue until Verizon gets an iDevice in some form. Normally I'd rule it out but with Verizon's LTE coverage I would say that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

@crisco, I'd love some
@Rene. sorry to call you out, it just smells like the old "if there's no news, make some." sorry that I called you out, but if apple was moving to verizon, wouldn't they wait for lte to go live rather than make one phone with CDMA? just a question

why would they release a new ipad so soon? the current one is selling like hot-cakes why would they need a reboot in under a year?

I'm so sick and tired of these stupid posts about verizon getting the iPhone!! I wish there was a way to block every single one of them until they can be verified.

Hmm. I can't wait for the iPhone to go to verizon lol. I mean i will stick with AT&T but I just don't want to hear the rumors anymore. I see why their there. As for apples exclusivity deal with AT&T til 2012. Who knows maybe somehow something changed with it. Apple did order a bunch of CDMA chips and that's not for AT&T. Unless maybe thief goin for the whole verizon iPad thing which I can believe. I mean AT&T did cut out the unlimited data plans whereas I believe the unlimited data plans are still in place with verizon. I can't imagine that apple would be too happy about no more unlimited data and with AT&T with their iPad. I mean their high end iPad model is the 3G model. So I believe a verizon iPad is far more likly than a verizon iPhone. When that day comes we will see it revealed at the wwdc along with a new iPhone. Until then AT&T will be the only carrier. There will be no new carrier release in january or December.

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