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Crazy Screenshot Friday: iPhone to Get Direct TV and Movie Downloads?

rumored direct movie download screenshot

Unsubstantiated rumor? Check. First time source? Check. Friend who wants to remain nameless? Check. That's it then it's crazy iPhone screenshot time!

The above come from Kwame Jones via Ars Technica and while I'm perfectly willing to believe Apple would extend their on-device music and podcast (including video podcast) download service to include movies and TV shows, and that we'd get early warning by way of leaked screenshots, I just can't bring myself to believe this part of the story:

This revelation, (again at least to me) comes by way of an advertisement in the new ad supported version of the app Twitterfon released on 5/15/09. Three ads, stumbled upon by a geeky friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of the powerful arms of the Apple legal department, scrolling across the top of the app were for ‘iTunes Movies’, ‘iTunes TV’ and ‘iTunes Movie Rentals’.

Could Apple accidentally post content pre-official release? Sure, happens to everyone. But to advertise it through a network placement pre-release? Not since Steve Jobs walked the MobileMe hallways with a flamethrower, I'd wager.

If the service is for real, AT&T would no doubt impose the usual 10MB cap on 3G downloads, though Wi-Fi would work. 3G streaming, like with SlingPlayer Mobile, might just bring the network down like the towers of paper antenna it's thus far proven to be.

Ifs, ands, and buts, aside, would you want on-device downloads for your TV and movies?

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

Frank says:

I don't see this happening for a long time.
We JUST got the whole sling player thing finally and now this?
I'm not saying this isn't possible. I've been to Japan and Korea and I've certainly seen all of this. Mind you it was IN a subway so it's all possible. BUT we're far behind because of the massive land we have and for that I don't think we should hold our breath.
My 3G still skimps out and sometimes "fails" when I have 5 damn bars so yea...... not for a loooooooong time.

The Reptile says:

The Shocking: Posting the information pre-launch. The Insanely Great Leader will have someone's head on a spit.
The Unshocking: Movie & TV Downloads. Why this has not happened sooner is beyond explanation. We currently have the ability to download video Podcasts. Under 10 MB - via AT&T. Over 10 MB - you get a message to connect to WiFi. Paid content should be no different than the freebies. My guess is that the video Podcast release was a beta to prepare both Apple and more importantly AT&T for what's coming.

Freiteez says:

I believe it, why not? who wouldnt like to be like "i wanna rent and watch insert movie title here" and boom, instantly downloading. sure it might take awhile but it could happen

Parishyoung says:

Not sure about direct to phone, but I'd love to be able to order a movie on my phone, and then, have Apple TV download it for when I get in.

icebike says:

This thing (should it exist) could easily be limited to WIFI, which makes any Carrier or 3G limitations go away, and would be perfect for the Touch users as well as the iPhone users. This image appears to be from a Touch, not an iphone.
I have no reason to believe this is not a faked up screen shot, but not because the service is not believable, simply because there would be nothing to download yet.

oneAwake says:

Why did you delete my post?

inick says:

"I have no reason to believe this is not a faked up screen shot, but not because the service is not believable, simply because there would be nothing to download yet."
took the words right out my mouth.

fauzan says:

flabbergast visiting this blog. Many knowledge that I gained from reading the article in this blog. I like this blog, good

NickWL says:

... and will Apple censor our viewing content the way they've (tried to) censor our reading?