Create a photo greeting card with Om Nom with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift has been updated with a new greeting card feature that lets you add Cut the Rope clip art to your photos - including Om Nom himself!

Om Nom and I are best friends.

ZeptoLab wants to thank all you Om Nom fans out there by giving you this all new Holiday Gift featuring a great new stocking feature that magically shoots the Candy round the box. You guys rock, Happy Holidays! Oh, and shake your iPhone for a special surprise!

  • New feature: Create a Photo Greeting Card with Om Nom
  • The final level now has ROCKETS!
  • New Om Nom animations
  • Improvements for iOS5, including iCloud support
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

Cut the Rope: Experiments for iPhone has also been updated with new levels and iCloud support.

  • 25 new levels
  • New gameplay element – the Rocket
  • New voice commentary from the Professor
  • New photo of Om Nom in the Professor’s Album
  • New achievements and leaderboard – including "perfect" mark for fully completed level packs
  • Optimized for iOS 5 – including iCloud support to save game data across all iOS devices

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is available on the iPhone and iPad for free. Cut the Rope: Experiments is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

[Holiday Gift App Store link] [Experiments for iPhone App Store link]

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Icebox93 says:

The greeting card feature is neat. I found um nun had gotten into our candy at home, very bad news.

BizarreFoodie says:

Om Nom is just soooo damn cute, even when he's making his sad face at not getting his candy!

Allyssa says:

He is reaaaaaaally cute and Om Nom came to my house.

Bita says:

its so cute i looovvve it

Lara says:

awesome, but please release them for android also!