Adobe users still locked out of Creative Cloud after 24 hours

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Adobe's Creative Cloud service has been down for a little over a day now and the company is hard at work on restoring the ability to log in and access to Creative Cloud. Stranded users have been reaching out to Adobe with pleas for help as well as venting their frustration on Twitter since the outage began yesterday.

According to Adobe, the issue is due to Creative Cloud being "impacted by [an] Adobe login issue."

Creative Cloud is a set of online tools that are available online when Adobe migrated its Creative Suite software online. As Creative Cloud is relied upon by creative professionals, including photographers and web designers, the issue means delays and missed deadlines, resulting in agitated users.

One user tweeted the @AdobeCare Twitter handle saying that they had "missed a huge deadline today because your products are not working... This makes me and my business look incompetent." Others are also asking Adobe to compensate them for lost wages, with Adobe responding by saying that it "cannot offer compensation for the outage" and apologizing for the frustration.

At this point, Adobe says that it is making progress on restoring log-in services.

"We are making progress on restoring Adobe login services, and will share more info as it becomes available," the company wrote on Twitter. The company also directed users to a support page as well in the interim.

Beyond the loss of access to apps like Photoshop, UK publication Mac User is reporting that fonts were also inaccessible.

"Users were also surprised by the loss of Typekit desktop fonts," the site wrote. "Although these fonts are effectively installed on the user's Mac or PC, and available offline to all Adobe apps, what users hadn't appreciated was that a failure to check in with the Adobe server could instantly render them inaccessible."

You can also follow the system status updates that Adobe is posting on its Creative Cloud portal as well for the latest news on the outage.

Via: Mac User; source: Adobe Care

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Reader comments

Adobe users still locked out of Creative Cloud after 24 hours


Not sure why anyone would put their livelihood at risk let alone their data, information tool, etc to someone else's equipment let alone employees.

Wow I am using Adobe cs5 and have not uses adobe clouds service . Another reason not to use it.

Posted via the Android iMore App!

The very reason I don't "CLOUD" anything.
You buy, you own it, they control it.
You're at their mercy.
Cloud services break down just like everyday people do...

I would rather pay to have the full app. taking up space on my hard-drive and have access to it offline rather than risk having no access to it. This just gives me another reason to agree with my decision, because it is in effect - "renting" the programme.