Creep out your family this Christmas with a sweater and your iPhone

The folks at Digital Dudz have added a modern twist on that classic Christmas 'present' that is sure to creep out your family around the dinner table. At first glance it's a regular old Christmas sweater, but this one has the ugly, creepy treatment in the form of a pair of moving Santa's eyes supplied by your iPhone or an Android smartphone.

You download the Digital Dudz application from the App Store, strap your phone into the secure pocket on the inside, and you're all set to freak out your family. There's actually a choice of 5 different sweaters, with cute little cats and crackling fireplaces among them. But lets face it, creepy Santa that "knows when you are sleeping" takes the win.

The sweaters cost £34.99 or £39.99 depending on which you spring for and the app is a free download. Anyone springing for a creepy Santa sweater this Christmas?! Find out more at the source link below.

Source: MorphSuits via Pocket-Lint

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Creep out your family this Christmas with a sweater and your iPhone