CSS Animation hits Kickstarter: Back your way to better websites now!

CSS Animation hits Kickstarter: Back your way to better websites now!

Vicki Murley worked on the iPhone and was Apple's Safari Technology Evangelist before leaving to start her own book company. Her first project, CSS Transforms, was marvelous, and her follow up, CSS Animations, looks to be even better. This time, however, she needs our help to make it a reality. Kickstarter:

Hello there! I'm Vicki Murley, and I'm creating an ebook that teaches web programming — specifically, one that shows you how to create simple transition animations and more complex keyframe animations using CSS. The goal of my book is to combine beautiful imagery with hands-on interactivity to create something that is less like a conventional ebook, and more like an immersive, responsive learning tool.

It was an insta-backing for me, and for the sake of websites everywhere, I hope you'll consider backing it as well.

Rene Ritchie

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asuperstarr says:

This appears to be a great book for designers.

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Rene Ritchie says:

This first one was fantastic. I expect no less from this one. Given the source, there's no way it won't be stellar :)