Cuddle up next to a fire with A Very Cozy Fireplace for iPhone and iPad

Don't have access to The Fireplace Channel but jealous of everyone who does? Now you can pick up A Very Cozy Fireplace and have your very own fire wherever you go. The video is of a real wood burning fireplace with professionally recorded audio of the actual crackling sounds of the fire.

Bring some atmosphere or a conversation starter to a Christmas party. Maybe you'd like to relax with a book and your iPad or iPhone close by, giving off the soft flickering glow and comforting feeling only a virtual fire can give. Even add your favorite holiday tunes from your own iPod library!

  • Universal app for iPhones and iPad
  • Shot in HD and encoded for 720p HD playback
  • Stream the video in HD wirelessly to your Apple TV using Airplay
  • Pick songs from your iPod library to play in the background or select the built-in music track
  • Small download size - under 20MB!
  • Fireplace loops seamlessly for continual playback
  • Incredibly relaxing sound of the crackling fire as it was recorded.
  • Sleep timer allows the fire to stop playing at a specified time and lets you drift off to sleep with the comfort of your own cozy fire.

A Very Cozy Fireplace is available on the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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Cuddle up next to a fire with A Very Cozy Fireplace for iPhone and iPad


Haha. Awesome! I love the sounds of fire burning. I actually have a track that is noise for sleeping that is called Campfire and that's exactly what it is. With a little extra ~wild life sounds added in.