Curiosity: The cube is opened and the winner becomes a 'gaming God'

Curiosity, the social experiment game from 22 Cans, has come to its conclusion, and the winner has their prize; to become a gaming God. After several months of chipping away at the giant cube, the winner, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, will become the God of 22 Cans' forthcoming title, Godus.

The end was teased earlier today on Twitter, with 22 Cans informing players that the cube was down to the final layer. Once verified, the winner was sent the above video, which he has since asked 22 Cans to share with the world. So, all that chipping away rewards with being the God of a new game, wherein Mr Henderson will now "decide on the rules that the game is played by". But, what about the life-changing part that was promised?

Mr Henderson will not just become the overload of Godus, he will also benefit financially from the game. As Peter Molyneux states in the video, every time someone spends money in Godus, the winner will get a small part of that.

I know I've spent some hours participating in Curiosity, as I'm sure many of you have. What do you think of the prize at the end? A giant publicity stunt, or something genuinely unique that captured the imagination of masses of people?

Source: 22 Cans (Twitter)

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Reader comments

Curiosity: The cube is opened and the winner becomes a 'gaming God'


Genius marketing for an interesting concept, I didn't know anything about it until the articles for the game almost being over. It might be a great reward depending on what world rules he's allowed to establish and manipulate. For me it was a publicity stunt, a good one, and fairly inexpensive as far as rewards go. Generate the free buzz, and share a small portion of it, which generates more buzz for the next project. Curiosity indeed...
So do you create an environment that encourages purchases, or passive aggressively demands it?
You'd be attempting to excite and involve players in a way that you don't turn players off altogether? It would be an interesting concept for the next step if the next winner is the one that kills this new god? As the current deity then you'd encourage them to spend money trying, but not enough to actually succeed.
They got my attention. Can we get weekly breakdown, webisodes?

Ha, Interesting - what more, I now want to play this Godus; just to see what the winner does with it, curiosity.

I was expecting some kind of tie-in with Godus. You usually don't see a company undercut its own experiment with another reveal unless they're connected. But I agree, this makes me more interested in Godus.