Customers Still Flocking to AT&T for iPhone


Even with all of the negative things said about AT&T, people still love Apple's iPhone. According to a new report from ChangeWave, customers are still leaving their current cell carrier to flock to AT&T's network just to purchase an iPhone.

According to this report, within the next 6 months 13% of the people polled are looking to bail out on their current carrier and 33% of those people said they will be headed to AT&T for an iPhone. These numbers are the highest since this question was first asked back in 2005. As for AT&T's competition, namely Verizon, 24% will be going in that direction.

If you'd like to take it one step further you will find out that current AT&T customers are less likely to ditch the Evil Empire compared to 11% ready to leave Verizon. Now for all of you Verizon fans, they did beat out AT&T in terms of the quality of service customers are getting from the carrier. 50% of Verizon customers reported they were "very satisfied" while AT&T was tied with the likes of T-Mobile and Sprint at 31%.

This just emphasizes exactly how important it is that AT&T keep the iPhone out of Verizon customer hands.

[Via AppleInsider via ChangeWave]

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Reader comments

Customers Still Flocking to AT&T for iPhone


I see this quite a bit in the real world; at least a few times a week, I get asked iPhone questions from either friends, family, or a co-worker looking to switch over to AT&T. Just yesterday, my uncle and cousin were inquiring about iPhone features, data plan, how I'm liking it, etc.

Previous winners include Xerox: "We'll never sell anything called a "mouse", let Apple have it..." And Sony: "We'll own MP3 like we did walkman! Now let's force-install DRM and root-kits!"

Curious to see if/how these trends change in comparison to Sprint, especially with the Pre coming out next week.

Yeah, the Pre will do well (and well enough to rejuvenate Palm), but it won't affect Apple's sales (at least not in any significant way). The iPhone is a household name...that's all re media is going to be talking about after WWDC. Still my hats off to the Pre for actually giving the iPhone some semblance of competition (I thought the BB Bold would do that; guess I was wrong). So props to Palm on that front. Otherwise we might NEVER have gotten TBT GPS! ;)

As soon as the 32GB iphone comes out, my wife and I are joining the flock. Our current phones (Moguls) are trashed and Sprint took away two of our plan discounts. They are no longer "so cheap we can't leave".
I sure hope it's a June release and not July or August. I haven't been able to use the down button on my Mogul for over a month already :).

I left Sprint for AT&T when I had a employee line, from a friend, for $15.00 a month - that included 500 minutes and unlimited everything else. The service just got to be so poor in my area for whatever reason I could not take it. Been with AT&T and have had perfect reception.


I don't think I'd go with Verizon either, but I wouldn't mind seeing them get the iphone. It could mean big savings as the two companies fight for iphone customers.
Still, I don't see it happening

At&t should not be charging $200 more to existing customers wanting to upgrading to the new iphone. I left Nextel for this same reason and I guess I will drop then for the same reason