Cut the Rope updated with new Buzz Box and iCloud support

Cut the Rope has been updated with a new Buzz Box and support for iCloud syncing. There is also a new hidden Om Nom drawing for you to collect.

I am so excited about iCloud support! I have both the iPhone and iPad version of Cut the Rope, but only play the iPhone version because I don't want to redo all the levels on my iPad. With this update, both devices with stay in sync!

  • New Buzz Box featuring the rope moving Bees
  • New hidden Om Nom drawing to collect
  • Optimized for iOS 5 – including iCloud support to save game data across all iOS devices
  • Reordered level boxes - to ensure better playing experience
  • Various optimizations and fixes

Cut the Rope is available on the iPhone for $0.99 and on the iPad for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Cut the Rope updated with new Buzz Box and iCloud support


Sorry to dissapoint you but the iCloud saving is next to useless on this occasion. The game is not universal and the save doesn't work across standard/hd versions. I contacted the dev to ask just that question and the reply confirmed my fears, ie it doesn't work across versions. It's therefore useless unless you play in x2 mode on iPad with standard version or u play on a touch as well as an iPhone.