Bytafont, Barrel, Scrollingboard, and more Cydia iPhone app updates! [Jailbreak]

As everyone waits patiently for an untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak, I thought I'd let you know about some popular Cydia iPhone app updates including Bytafont, Barrel, Scrollingboard and more. Read on for the updates!

Bytafont 1.1

Bytafont got a much needed update and is now the app that most were hoping would be released. As with fontswap before it, this app can now individually skin different parts of your device (System, Lockscreen Clock, Notes, etc.) with the font of your choice. Simply download fonts from Cydia and skin away! This app is free on Cydia! Note: This app is NOT 4.2.1 compliant. If you are on this firmware hold off until an update is released!

Barrel 1.1

This springboard tweak gives your springboard pages a 3D cube transition and has now been updated with two new modes: Scroll down and scroll up. This app is available on Cydia for $2.99.

Scrollingboard 1.14

This extremely powerful springboard app allows for scrolling folders and dock apps similar to infinifolders and infinidock respectively. It has been updated to allow for custom dock icons which would allow you to place Sbsettings toggles directly in your dock! This app is available on Cydia for $1.49.


Some other apps that are now 4.2.1 compliant: Infiniboard, Gridlock, Infinifolders, Infinidock, DisplayOut, MyWi

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Reader comments

Bytafont, Barrel, Scrollingboard, and more Cydia iPhone app updates! [Jailbreak]


Don't forget CallLock...its my new favorite app! No longer yelling at my proximity sensor!

Tlert is another one. As a fan of bitesms's quick reply I was really heartbroken to see that it no longer works (and that my phone was continuing to crash). Tlert works great.
(I was actually dumb enough to install quickreply--knowing it was deprecated--and my ios 4.2.1 phone was almost completely bricked. It took 3 hard resets and 30 long minutes to finally restart. Luckily it did ao in safemode so I could uninstall the app with Wifi.)

Why would you laugh at Corinne because she did not know something you know? I know a lot of things you don't know. Should I laugh at you? I am guessing you're 12 to 14 years old? LOL

@Justin + Corinne: I second that motion. biteSMS works great on my jailbroken OS 4.1.
I'm getting my 2nd gen. Apple TV today or tomorrow and I wish I could get OS 4.2 already for the AirPlay functionality.
I keep thinking of doing the tethered jailbreak. I don't really find myself rebooting a whole lot and my iPhone 4 never crashes (furiously pounding wood). What say you, guys?

I would stay away from a tethered Jailbreak. I helped a friend with an iphone 3Gs on 4.2.1 and some Cydia apps force a reboot after installing a new jailbreak app. Also some apps were not compatible and caused the phone to lock up and have to reboot to fix it.

Infinidock is most certainly not 4.2.1 compliant and says so on its installation page. You won't be able to add icons beyond the usual 4 to the dock when it's installed even though it doesn't crash the phone.