Cygnett Cases for iPad hands-on

Cygnett makes a wide variety of cases for the iPad, and I recently had a chance to look at and try out a bunch of them.

  • The Lavish Earth Collection makes it easy to put your iPad in, secure it beautifully with velcro, prop it up with the multiview stand, and close it back again with magnetic smart cover action.

  • The Glam is also magnetic. Cygnett products are always beautiful and the Glam is soft and velvety. It's like the Lavish Earth but with a sheen. It's stitched all the way through, so it's built to last.

  • Alumi comes in a multitude of colors. It has a beautiful, soft finish, but also has a nice, handy pocket. It's also got the magnetic smart cover action.

Any of these strike your fancy?

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Cygnett Cases for iPad hands-on