Daily Apps: Commit, Calendarium, Affogato, Budget with Back in Black, FabuList

Commit: To really get good at something you need to do it everyday. Commit helps you form these habits in order to become fit, learn to draw, or learn a language.

Calendarium: A new, easy to use calendar which gives you a new way to discover many interesting things about this day including historical events, times of sunrise/sunset, number of week, day, day length, moon phase and more.

Affogato: Lets you browse through over 30 different types of coffee and get to grips with the daunting world of coffee-shop lingo as well as master the major brewing methods.

Budget with Back in Black: Will help you understand and take control of your personal finances, one month at a time. It boils your finances down to the essentials: how much money you earn and spend every month, and where your money is going, to get you Back in the Black!

FabuList: Free your mind from the endless mental notes and reminders of all the things you need to do. Clear your mind of those to-do things, and get them onto your device with ease.

Any other big app or game releases or updates today?

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Daily Apps: Commit, Calendarium, Affogato, Budget with Back in Black, FabuList


OMG! Affogato!
I really love this application and I use it every day. Its really good. MUST BUY FOR ALL COFFEE LOVERS!
And Commit, What an app! Another must buy!!